Hi Lovelies welcome to my blog 'Fruity Flamingo'

I am Melissa and I am a 26 year old and I just love to blog about Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle. I was born in Cumbria but currently live in Glasgow, UK. 

I am a proud mummy of 3 children who are 3,4 and 9 years old. A boy who loves running, reading and playing football. My oldest girl loves singing, barbies and drawing and my youngest girl loves Ghostbusters, dancing and me reading her stories. I also have 3 cats; Kitty, she is a 7 year old tabby cat and she is the mummy of the house, she loves relaxing and cat treats. Salem is 4 year old tom cat, he loves exploring outside and long sleeps. Then we have the youngest Bella, she is 7 months old and is a calico, she enjoys sleeping on blankets and meowing to everyone.

I LOVE wrestling and have done since I was about 9 year old, so yeah a fair few years ago now. I want to train to be a wreslter maybe sometime in the near future. 

I am a vegetarian and I am on a fitness journey to lose 4 stone. On my blog I like to share all sorts reviews on foods and also lifestyle. 

Things I like
Reading books, Watching netflix, The Game of Thrones, Animals, Food, Fitness. 

If you want to talk/contact me message me on my email fruityflamingoinfo@gmail.com or message me on twitter @fruity_flamingo

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  1. you looking awsm.are you using heena hair dry or not