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Meet my guinea pigs

Hi Darlings! 
It is no secret when I say I love guinea pigs! I have grown up with lots of guinea pigs in my household since I was about 10 years old. I remember when my mum got me and my sister our first guinea pigs, Bella and Daisy. Prior to getting our guinea pigs we used to own hamsters who didn't get along unfortunately and the lifespan of hamsters isn't brilliant so my mum wanted to get us a rodent that has a longer lifespan. 

After getting Bella and Daisy we ended up with a few more guinea pigs that my step-dad beefy ended up building a shed dedicated to them and also little outside cages so they could graze on the grass. I don't remember all of their names but we did have a rogue guinea pig called Cedric who managed to escape his cage and get to the female guinea pigs and a few of them ended up pregnant which was a big shock that we had to change where the males lived because they can do a Houdini if not careful. 

I and my sister would say growing up with guinea pigs was very rewarding because they are very calm and timid pets who make such cute noises especially when cuddles or tickled under the chin. We learnt many important things about owning guinea pigs including how to look after them ourselves, clean cage and making sure they are happy.

It took me 10 years nearly for me to get guinea pigs again  I have been wanting to get guinea pigs again for years and I am so happy I have them in my life. 

Arthur is now nearly a year old and is a little shy at times but once you give him so food he starts popping like popcorn around the cage and enjoys making bur noises. He loves his chin tickled and his favourite food is coriander.

I am so tempted to get another guinea pig and call it Merlin haha ( never say never)

He is the younger guinea pig by a couple of months and he is a long-haired guinea pig so he needs more care like baths and his hair brushed which he enjoys. Gordon loves everyone and loves to be stroked and as soon as you go in the room he wants to be held or stroked. He oinks like mind when they are food or nibbles on the go.

Have you got any pets?

Melissa x 


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