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Fitness Friday #1

Hello lovelies, technically this isn't like week one of my fitness journey but its the start of my second month of getting back into a fitness routine. I have struggled with many aspects keeping fit and the biggest one for me was not exercising enough and snacking far too much. Snacking will always be a big problem for me but I am converting it into healthy snacking.

I would love to say I am confident with the way my body looks because I have struggled with weight ever since I was a teen but the opposite. When I was a teen I was slim and I ate pretty much what I wanted and I would still be a size 8 but the weight gradually came on over the years and might I add it came on fast at some points and the main culprit for it being PCOS. 
Now I am not doing this to lose weight but just to become healthier because I struggle to run and I actually used to enjoy it so to be able to run long distances again would be amazing.

Ever since my diagnosis I haven't gained any more weight thankfully but since January I have lost just over a stone which I am very happy with but it has taken a lot of hard work and dedication which I hope will stay because it's not easy for me to be motivated at some points.

The past few weeks I have reduced the number of carbs I eat and when I do eat carbs they are complex carbs such as sweet potato or whole grain. I love soda so I can't say I have reduced the amount of cola I have but I avoid diet cola or anything like that. When it comes to snacking I have swapped crisps/chocolate for nuts, fruit or yoghurt. I have a cheat day every Sunday in which I have naughty food and we decided to go to newly opened donner haus (il have a full blog post on our visit on my blog next week sometime)
Songs I loved at the gym this week
A little less conversation - Elvis Presley
Rollin' (Air raid vehicle)  - Limp Bizkit
74 is the new 24 - Giorgio Moroder
You give love a bad name - Bon Jovi

Favourite foods 
Cesar salad

Start weight January 2017 - 190lb 
Current weight - 169lb 

Total loss - 11lb 

. Thanks for reading. I know it a little late but I forgot to post it on Friday

Melissa x

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