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Emily Makes Boutique | First Impressions

Hi lovelies, I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far! We are having a pretty hectic one at the moment because they are so much snow here in Glasgow and the schools have been off for a few days and even my partner can't get to work and not only that so many shops and even shopping centres are shut too, damn the snow is thick. 

Anyways onto today's post. I recently got sent these cute wax melts from the lovely Emily Makes Boutique which is small hand-made business based in Doncaster. They make a variety of candles, wax melts and room sprays. They also make a nice selection of scents such as similar to snow fairy and Mugler Alien. 
Emily Makes Boutique Review
I got sent 6 wax melts to try out and the fragrances I got were; Alien, Daisy and Snow Fairy which are inspired lush and the perfumes. They are all beautifully moulded like hearts and flowers with lots of sparkly sprinkles that add a little bit of charm. 

I used my new Bayliss and Harding wax burner that looks like a little house with lights on when a tealight is inside it. I put 3 of the wax melts into the burner and the combination of the 3 fragrances above was just mindblowing. I could smell snow fairy instantly with side notes of the alien and angel. Honestly, if this was a perfume I would 100% wear it. 
Emily Makes Boutique first impressions
 As soon as these melted it didn't take long for the fragrance to spread to my entire flat, yes you read that correctly my entire flat; I was super impressed. Now I know wax melts are very underestimated because, in my opinion, you get a better and longer lasting fragrance than you would with a glass jar candle. These are honestly are so worth the money and they are so affordable.

Once melted they leave a pool of light purple and once you have finished I would say you could use is a good few more times before the fragrance gets weaker. If you get wax melts I honestly suggest mixing fragrances, its so much fun creating new scents. 
emily makes boutique
 I am honestly a huge Yankee candle fan and it takes a lot for me to want to buy another brand but these have definitely converted me to try more of the brand. The fragrance is spot on for what they are described as and they are very purse friendly. 

I would suggest buying more from a small business because everyone needs a helping hand to get noticed and I 100% recommend giving Emily Makes Boutique a try, I am sure you wouldn't be disappointed. 

Want to know more about Emily Makes Boutique?
Check out their website:

Until next time lovelies 
Melissa x 

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