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Meet my guinea pigs

Hi Darlings! 
It is no secret when I say I love guinea pigs! I have grown up with lots of guinea pigs in my household since I was about 10 years old. I remember when my mum got me and my sister our first guinea pigs, Bella and Daisy. Prior to getting our guinea pigs we used to own hamsters who didn't get along unfortunately and the lifespan of hamsters isn't brilliant so my mum wanted to get us a rodent that has a longer lifespan. 

After getting Bella and Daisy we ended up with a few more guinea pigs that my step-dad beefy ended up building a shed dedicated to them and also little outside cages so they could graze on the grass. I don't remember all of their names but we did have a rogue guinea pig called Cedric who managed to escape his cage and get to the female guinea pigs and a few of them ended up pregnant which was a big shock that we had to change where the males lived because they can do a Houdini if not careful. 

I and my sister would say growing up with guinea pigs was very rewarding because they are very calm and timid pets who make such cute noises especially when cuddles or tickled under the chin. We learnt many important things about owning guinea pigs including how to look after them ourselves, clean cage and making sure they are happy.

It took me 10 years nearly for me to get guinea pigs again  I have been wanting to get guinea pigs again for years and I am so happy I have them in my life. 

Arthur is now nearly a year old and is a little shy at times but once you give him so food he starts popping like popcorn around the cage and enjoys making bur noises. He loves his chin tickled and his favourite food is coriander.

I am so tempted to get another guinea pig and call it Merlin haha ( never say never)

He is the younger guinea pig by a couple of months and he is a long-haired guinea pig so he needs more care like baths and his hair brushed which he enjoys. Gordon loves everyone and loves to be stroked and as soon as you go in the room he wants to be held or stroked. He oinks like mind when they are food or nibbles on the go.

Have you got any pets?

Melissa x 


Charlotte Tilbury Hel's Bells Hot Lips Lipstick | Review

Hi, lovelies! I have been wanting to order from Charlotte Tilbury like forever and guess what darlings? I finally got my first order and my goodness it wasn't easy to choose as the choice is enormous and everything looks amazing. I ended up picking a lipstick seeing that everyone raves about them and I wanted to give it a try. 

Charlotte Tilbury is a makeup artist who founded her beauty company back in 2013 but she is no new newbie to makeup she has a long career as a makeup artist with many celebrity clients and magazine publications. 
charlotte tilbury hot lips hell's bells review
Now choosing which shade of lipstick was a different story, they are so many I want that I let my mum decide which one I should get first. I said all the lipstick names out and she chose Hel's Bells as it reminded her of the hilarious film carry on abroad. 

They have a variety of lip product from lipsticks, lip liners and lipgloss.
charlotte tilbury hel's bells lipstick review
Hel's Bells is from hot lips range and has a lovely matte finish. The shade is a stunning deep berry and wow it sure looks stunning on the lips. I love the packaging for this lipstick it feels heavy and very much like a luxury product with its lovely rose gold casing and embossed lipstick.

The lipstick itself is designed perfectly and looks very unique compared to many other lipsticks on the market. It has squared inwards sides at the top that match the cupids bow perfectly when you apply to your lips. It has to be my favourite lipstick ever because it is so easy to apply and the formula just feels like luxury and smells lovely too.
charlotte tilbury hot lips lipstick review
The matte finish of this lipstick is just perfection and once it's on the lips I forget it there because it's so comfortable to wear all day. Another thing I love about this lipstick is that it doesn't bleed even if I have a hot drink. 

What makes Hot Lips different?
  • The lipstick features a brilliant light-diffusing pigment for that pert and full-bodied finish.
  • Antioxidant lipstick tree derivative protects from UV damage.
  • It has a special blend waxes that make the lipstick easy apply and give a seamless finish. 
  • 3D glowing pigments to give the illusion of fuller lips.
  •  Gorgeous matte finish that doesn't bleed.

charlotte tilbury hel's bells on lips
This lipstick is such a lovely rich magenta-mulberry shade it was inspired by the amazing actress Helena Bonham-Carter with her dreamy gothic and eccentric looks.

Now the price is £24 and we all know that is very expensive when it comes to a lipstick but honestly, i have no problems with the price, its worth every penny and I am definitely adding more Charlotte Tilbury makeup to my collections, it's just stunning and beautiful luxury to have.

Have you tried Charlotte Tilbury Makeup before?

Melissa x  

Lush March Haul

Hi, Lovelies. I just love Lush and when themed products come out I am straight to my nearest Lush store to see what they have and to fill up my basket. I went recently and honestly, I was spoiled for choice as they had both the valentines day range and also the mothers day range so I decided to buy both ranges and treat myself because damn I deserve it after the month I have had so far, a relaxing bath is a perfect medicine.

I didn't know what to choose in Lush so I decided to buy things that looked appealing to me and something that I haven't tried before and the ones I bought are; Titsy Totsy, madame president and purple drain ( had to get it because I am a big fan of Prince's song purple rain) 💜
lush march haul
I usually have bath products for a fair few weeks before I use them up and need more but I have used them all up under a week and I am glad I did as I needed the relaxation and these all delivered and helped me relax in awful circumstances and I will tell you more about it eventually.

Purple Drain Marbled bubbleroon // Price £4.75
Anyone else thinks this looks like the mirrored cakes that you see all over the internet? I think they do. They look so gorgeous and these come in 3 colours; purple, blue and pink. I ended up getting this as I am a fan of Prince and its only right haha.

The scent of this is clove bud oil, peppermint oil, fair trade shea butter and black pepper oil. All of that and it looks gorgeous with the vibrant purple and the marbled effect of white, red, blue and purple.

Madame President Bath Bomb // Price £4.50
I just love the name of this bath bomb its just #girlpower isn't it? We are strong individuals, aren't we? I love the design of this with the blue and the red and the lovely yellow and white stars. It has to be the most fun to look at bath bomb I have seen in a long time.

The scent of this delight is grapefruit oil and petitgrain oil and wow it was so zesty and fresh! Definitely awakened me.
lush march haul
Titsy Totsy Bath Bomb // Price £3.50
This is from the valentines day range and its sold out online and I am on the verge of crying because I just love this bath bomb the most! I wish I bought 10 honestly. It is cute heart shape with a delicate pink shade. You can smell the rose scent instantly.

Titsy Totsy has 2 rose buds that look amazing in the bath and the scent is rose absolute, jasmine absolute and orris root powder. Fingers crossed my local lush has more of these.

Have you been to Lush lately? 

Melissa x 

Fitness Friday #1

Hello lovelies, technically this isn't like week one of my fitness journey but its the start of my second month of getting back into a fitness routine. I have struggled with many aspects keeping fit and the biggest one for me was not exercising enough and snacking far too much. Snacking will always be a big problem for me but I am converting it into healthy snacking.

I would love to say I am confident with the way my body looks because I have struggled with weight ever since I was a teen but the opposite. When I was a teen I was slim and I ate pretty much what I wanted and I would still be a size 8 but the weight gradually came on over the years and might I add it came on fast at some points and the main culprit for it being PCOS. 
Now I am not doing this to lose weight but just to become healthier because I struggle to run and I actually used to enjoy it so to be able to run long distances again would be amazing.

Ever since my diagnosis I haven't gained any more weight thankfully but since January I have lost just over a stone which I am very happy with but it has taken a lot of hard work and dedication which I hope will stay because it's not easy for me to be motivated at some points.

The past few weeks I have reduced the number of carbs I eat and when I do eat carbs they are complex carbs such as sweet potato or whole grain. I love soda so I can't say I have reduced the amount of cola I have but I avoid diet cola or anything like that. When it comes to snacking I have swapped crisps/chocolate for nuts, fruit or yoghurt. I have a cheat day every Sunday in which I have naughty food and we decided to go to newly opened donner haus (il have a full blog post on our visit on my blog next week sometime)
Songs I loved at the gym this week
A little less conversation - Elvis Presley
Rollin' (Air raid vehicle)  - Limp Bizkit
74 is the new 24 - Giorgio Moroder
You give love a bad name - Bon Jovi

Favourite foods 
Cesar salad

Start weight January 2017 - 190lb 
Current weight - 169lb 

Total loss - 11lb 

. Thanks for reading. I know it a little late but I forgot to post it on Friday

Melissa x

Emily Makes Boutique | First Impressions

Hi lovelies, I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far! We are having a pretty hectic one at the moment because they are so much snow here in Glasgow and the schools have been off for a few days and even my partner can't get to work and not only that so many shops and even shopping centres are shut too, damn the snow is thick. 

Anyways onto today's post. I recently got sent these cute wax melts from the lovely Emily Makes Boutique which is small hand-made business based in Doncaster. They make a variety of candles, wax melts and room sprays. They also make a nice selection of scents such as similar to snow fairy and Mugler Alien. 
Emily Makes Boutique Review
I got sent 6 wax melts to try out and the fragrances I got were; Alien, Daisy and Snow Fairy which are inspired lush and the perfumes. They are all beautifully moulded like hearts and flowers with lots of sparkly sprinkles that add a little bit of charm. 

I used my new Bayliss and Harding wax burner that looks like a little house with lights on when a tealight is inside it. I put 3 of the wax melts into the burner and the combination of the 3 fragrances above was just mindblowing. I could smell snow fairy instantly with side notes of the alien and angel. Honestly, if this was a perfume I would 100% wear it. 
Emily Makes Boutique first impressions
 As soon as these melted it didn't take long for the fragrance to spread to my entire flat, yes you read that correctly my entire flat; I was super impressed. Now I know wax melts are very underestimated because, in my opinion, you get a better and longer lasting fragrance than you would with a glass jar candle. These are honestly are so worth the money and they are so affordable.

Once melted they leave a pool of light purple and once you have finished I would say you could use is a good few more times before the fragrance gets weaker. If you get wax melts I honestly suggest mixing fragrances, its so much fun creating new scents. 
emily makes boutique
 I am honestly a huge Yankee candle fan and it takes a lot for me to want to buy another brand but these have definitely converted me to try more of the brand. The fragrance is spot on for what they are described as and they are very purse friendly. 

I would suggest buying more from a small business because everyone needs a helping hand to get noticed and I 100% recommend giving Emily Makes Boutique a try, I am sure you wouldn't be disappointed. 

Want to know more about Emily Makes Boutique?
Check out their website:

Until next time lovelies 
Melissa x 
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