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Sequin Wish-List

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well? Sequins have been a love of mine for as long as I can remember, I just love how they can change with movement and also when the light hits them, it gives me small buzzes of excitement, I am sure I am not the only one who feels that way when it comes to sequins. They are a way to brighten up my day.

When it comes to sequins I just love them in every form including dresses to homeware. In my home at the moment I have a decent collection of things that have sequins, sparkles or that shimmer, they just add a mythical edge to my everyday life. 

Below is some products that I would love to have eventually 

🌟 Don't Be Afraid to Sparkle  🌟
sequin dresses
 At the moment Quiz has the most amazing selection of sequin dresses and I honestly couldn't just choose one to add to my wish-list so I choose my top 3, aren't they gorgeous?

Multi-coloured Sequin Bodycon Dress // Price reduced to £19.99
How gorgeous is this dress, its so shimmery and reminds me of the rainbow, I know I would slay in this for sure.

Rose Gold Sequin Mesh Highneck Fishtail Maxi Dress  // Price £99.99
I know it may look a little expensive but wow the quality of this dress looks stunning. I am so tempted to by this for the wedding I'm going to in July.

Green Sequin Diamante Dress // Price reduced to £24.99
I honestly need this dress in my life it actually reminds me of mermaids and would 100% make me feel like a Disney mermaid princess.

sequin wishlist
Lipsy Pink Sequin Wallpaper // Price £22 per roll
I have always wanted to have a feature wall with sequin paper and to me, this looks stunning and I can imagine this would look gorgeous with light hitting it or when the sun rises.

Skinnydip Kaleidoscope Sequin Washbag // Price £16 
Instead of having my soaps, cotton pads and makeup remover just plonked in the bathroom, this looks like the most stylish solution.

Firebox Personalised Hidden Message Cushion // Price £29.99
Sequin cushions are everywhere at the moment, aren't they? I love the fact this one has a hidden message and I honestly would love this.

Do you love sequins? 


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