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Pizza Punks Glasgow | Review

Hello, Darlings! Its finally the weekend thankfully, this week has been a long one but at least its now February. This past week started off rough as I had the flu so I and my partner decided to go to a restaurant and some shopping to cheer me up on Tuesday. We decided to go to Pizza Punks which is a pizza restaurant we've been wanting to go to for ages. 

Pizza Punks is situated in st vincent street in Glasgow. The restaurant sells mostly pizza with lots of toppings options including halal and vegan options too. 
pizza punks glasgow
As soon as we went inside the restaurant we noticed that it definitely has a 70s punk vibe to it with lots of retro furniture and neon lights on the walls. It also has nice lighting and bar with lots of drinks options including cocktails. 

We didn't wait long to get shown to a table of our choosing, the restaurant was a little bit busy at lunch time but they had lots of comfy chairs to choose from. Whilst at they table the friendly waitress told us about the pizza options we could choose from and you could even order your own custom pizza with as many toppings as you want for only £10.

I decided to go for margarita pizza and my partner ordered the buffalo pizza which is basically red sauce, spicy chicken,  franks hot sauce and blue cheese. We also decied to get some garlic focaccia.
pizza punks glasgow review
What is Pizza Punks pizza?
Well is basically fresh wood-fired pizza, you can even see them being made freshly for you!

What options do they have?
They may not have lots on the menu but they do cater for vegetarians, vegans and halal too. They also make gluten free pizza bases too.

Do they deliver?
They do deliver to a certain distance which you can check on their website and you can also book a table here too.

pizza punks glasgow
Our Thoughts
It took about 2 minutes for our drinks to come and about 10 minutes for our pizzas to come which is pretty impressive seeing as it was a little busy and they are handmade. They come on a plate roughly the same size as the pizza and also a very good quality pizza cutter.

Our pizzas bases were very thin and we had a decent amount of cheese on our pizza with flavourings. I did enjoy my pizza a lot and you can tell it was cooked on a wood as it has a smoky edge to it. I cant say it was my favourite pizza ever but maybe I need to try more toppings next time? But saying that it was a nice experience for me to try new things.
My partner loved his pizza and ate most of his pizza in one sitting. He loved the spicy edge to it and he loved the creaminess of the blue cheese and kick from the chicken. The focaccia had tons of cheese on it as tasted very nice with a slight kick of garlic in it.

We couldn't complete it all but they were very happy to box it up for us to take home with us. The boxes they came in were the perfect size for our leftovers. Our meal came in at just over £22 which I think is pretty good value especially for a restaurant near town.

I would just like to mention that we paid for this meal ourselves and this review was done because I love to document my food journeys.

Where is Pizza Punks?
90 st vincents street

0141 237 8020

more info 

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