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My Valentine's Day Wish List 2018

Hi, Darlings. with valentines day just tomorrow, I know this valentine's wishlist is a little on the late side but that's typical of me leaving things till the last minute, I'm the same during Christmas too haha. Anyways even though my partner doesn't really believe in buying valentines day gifts as he finds it too commercial I still love all the themed products and you know something I have my fingers crossed he will get me something this year.

I know the usual products that are valentines day are flowers and chocolates I made a little list of other products which I would think are also a perfect gift too.

Love is in the air! 
valentines day wish list
Lush Lots of Love Gift // £57.50 
Even though I love the way this product is wrapped I would probably just buy these valentines themed products inside separately because if you bought all the items separately it would be £10 less, so a box worth £10? I think not. I love all the valentines day themed products at lush this year but I haven't got round to trying them yet, unfortunately.

I really want to buy unicorn horn and rose bombshell because they are old favourites of mine and they have definitely changed a little over the years.

Superdrug Limited Edition Lubes // £3.99 each *
I love these because they work very well and very affordable compared to other brands I usually buy. I love the fact they are named after the UK's top euphemisms just in time for valentines day including hanky-panky and also getting lucky.

These are available online and also in stores. They are cruelty-free and also vegan-friendly too. 

Firebox Unicron Tears Pink Gin Liqueur Miniature //  £8.99
Unicorns are everywhere at the moment and I just love that. At the moment my home has a unicorn diffuser, mug and book. This gin is a lovely shimmery pink and holds a double measuring of gin so its perfect for sharing or if you're like me keeping it too yourself 😉

Apparently, this mythical spirit is the tears of lovesick unicorns.

Heart Shaped Chocolate Box from Hotel Chocolat  // £40
I love chocolate all year round no matter the occasion but I just love getting chocolate in a heart-shaped box, I just think its so sweet. Hotel Chocolat has the most delicious luxury chocolate and this box contains the most lovely different varieties of chocolate including; blueberry and champagne truffle which sounds delicious. 

This box has 35 chocolates and is also vegetarian-friendly.

The Body Shop Japenese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss Eau De Toilette // £15 
This perfume comes in a retro style perfume bottle and has the fragrance of Japanese cherry blossom with notes of strawberry, peony and amber which gives this perfume a sweet yet floral scent. I haven't seen this perfume before but it definitely sounds perfect for me as I love floral scents.

The body shop is cruelty-free and this perfume is also vegan-friendly.

What are you hoping to get for Valentine's Day?
Melissa x 

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