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Mugler Alien Perfume | Review

Hello darlings, I just love perfumes but I don't tend to get them that often as I like to wear my usual lush perfumes but I was pleasantly surprised to receive this perfume for Christmas, this has been on my wishlist for a few years now so you can imagine my face when I finally got this to try; I had everything crossed that I would adore the scent more often than the usual of just trying it out like a sample in store.

Mugler was founded by the French fashion designer and perfume designer Thierry Mugler. The first perfume by Mugler was an instant success and I am sure we have all heard about it and its called 'Angel' It has many celebrity fans such as Diana Ross and Eve Mendes. Since the success of his first perfume in 1992, they have been a few perfumes released including a men's version of the Angel fragrance and also this perfume called Alien. 
Mugler Alien Perfume review
The packaging is just gorgeous! It has a solidly made box with the embossed words of Mugler and the name of the perfume Alien. The bottles itself is stunning and looks like a huge gem with jewel-like facets that you could only imagine in your dreams. I love the glowing purple with the gold, it justs adds a little mystery to the bottle and works so well with the name Alien.

Fragrance Notes 
Sambac Jasmine
Cashmeran Wood
White Amber

First Impressions 
Love! I just love how the perfume is presented and you kinda expect that especially when you pay top dollar for it. I was kinda a little shocked that the price of this perfume as the prices starts at £56 for 30ml. Once I actually smelt the perfume I could tell it was a quality fragrance unlike any perfume I have ever tried before, it has a mysterious side to it that makes me want to use it every day.
Mugler Alien perfume review
My Thoughts 
I love this perfume and I am so grateful that I got it for Christmas. Not only does Alien have a stunningly mysterious bottle it also has a seductive scent that's woody but very feminine at the same time. The fragrance has to be the most long lasting perfume I own, I only put like 2 squirts of this on my neck and my wrists and the fragrance lasts strongly all day which is super impressive as other perfumes I have tried tend to lose scent over time this one, on the other hand, smells as strong and beautiful at the end of the day. 

Now I can imagine the fragrance won't be to everyone's taste as it is a little on the powerful side but I just love it myself as I prefer stronger smelling fragrances. 

This bottle is refillable which makes it more eco-friendly which is just great don't you think?

I am very pleased with Alien and I have very good first impressions of Mugler fragrances and I can't wait to try more of them in the future. I really want to try Aura Mugler in the very near future as I just love the green emerald bottle.

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