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January Beauty Favourites

Hello, Darlings! I am actually proud of myself that I actually remembered to do a Beauty Favourites post as I usually forget till its too late, I am definitely hoping to keep up the trend for the rest of the year 'fingers crossed that is'.

So what did I love using last month?

My choices were pretty simple really! They are all products I used a lot and also products that exceeded expectations and stood out. 
January Beauty favourites
So what are my favourites? 

Vatika Olive Enriched Hair Oil
My hair has been dyed and changed so many times that I have actually lost count! With that being said my hair needs a bit of extra TLC to keep it from getting dry and also reducing the amount of damage I get when I dry and straighten my hair. 

My partner recommends this to me as his mum used to use it on his hair and she still uses it now to keep her hair soft. We like to apply it to our hair and scalps the night before we wash our hair and it is so relaxing when you apply this to your scalp. Once we wash this out and do our typical hair washing routine we can definitely feel the difference in our hair, its smoother and much easier to style. 

This perfume was on my wishlist for ages and it definitely didn't disappoint when I finally got this. It comes in the most gorgeous gem bottle that looks outta this world. The fragrance is super long lasting which is very impressive and the scent is woody and floral with sambac jasmine, cashmeran wood and white amber. 

This fragrance is quite strong but I love it. I like to apply this to my neck and also on my wrists.
January Beauty Favourites
I first got introduced to beauty sponges when I got a beauty blender in a subscription box a few years back. I loved the beauty blender but I did think they were a little on the expensive side so I wanted to find a cheaper alternative that worked just as well and that's when I found this real techniques miracle sponge. 

This sponge is roughly around £10 cheaper than the beauty blender which is great value especially when you need to change them every 3 months. These sponges come in variey of sizes and colours and they work amazingly well. These apply foundation and concealer on effortlessly and also give even finish too! I can't praise these sponges enough, they are fab!  

I may only have 3 MAC lipsticks but I just love them all! I love it when they have themed products such as the viva glam or celebrity inspired but the usual lipsticks are just as stunning too. I love how well made the bullets are and also the amount of lipstick you get in the tube is quite generous for a premium lipstick. 

I can't wait to add more MAC lipsticks to my collection in the near future, I would love some recommendations, which are your favourites?
Mac cosmetics lipstick
I have heard about this lotion for months now and it was about time I tried it for myself and it sure didn't disappoint me. Sleepy is a lotion that smells like lavender which helps you to relax which is brilliant if you've had a long day or you just want to relax. 

I like to use this after a bath/shower as the smell is just lovely especially combined with fresh pyjamas. Its one of my favourite parts of my night time routine.

What are you're favourites in January?
Melissa x 

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