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I Heart Makeup Dragons Heart Highlighter | Review

Hello, darlings! Thank goodness it's nearly the weekend, for me, this week has just dragged on with me having the flu, I have just got over it thankfully. It's now February; yay! January felt like it lasted ages but now I feel like the worst of the winter is over and I'm now looking forward to spring. 

I Heart Makeup is a sister company of Makeup Revolution and I honestly love both of them because they have a good selection of amazing quality makeup at affordable prices. It has been ages since my last haul of budget makeup so I thought it was about time I tried some of their new releases and one that caught my eye was this 'Dragons Heart Highlighter' and the biggest reason I bought it is because it reminds me of game of thrones ( Don't know how I am going to manage till the next season comes out, the waits too long LOL). 
I heart makeup dragons heart review
Omg doesn't it just look stunning? It 100% reminds me of the too faced blushers. The outer box is very nicely designed with gold while the centre has a heart with 2 dragons designed like fire followed by the lettering of the product. The inner box is very similar to the outer box and is made out of a very good quality and hard cardboard.

Where is it for?
I love multi-use products and this highlighter is just that. It can be used to define cheekbones, corner of the eyes, brows or even cupids bow.
I heart makeup dragons heart highlighter review
First Impressions
I love the packaging for this highlighter it looks very nice especially for the price of £5. The highlighter inside is just stunning, it has 5 shades which are all warm and golden which look nice and golden if you apply them all to the skin. 

I like to apply this with my spectrum highlighter brush by simply brushing it across the palette and getting all the shades onto the brush and then applying it with upwards strokes on my cheekbones. I use my smaller real techniques brush to pick out 1 of shades such as the gold to my cupids bow, brows and inner eye. 
I heart makeup dragons heart highlighter
 My Thoughts
I honestly just love this highlighter palette, I just love how versatile it is! I love to use it as a highlighter and sometimes as a bronzer too. The powder is also very pigmented as you can see by swatches below on my fingers and that was only by touching the shades very gently. It is also a very long lasting product and the glow lasted all day for me with the help of my makeup setting spray.

I wish I found it sooner as I just love the golden glow it adds to my skin. You don't need to add lots to your brush ( unless you want to that is) because it delivers lots of pigment with little effort.

Favourite ways to use Dragons Heart 

  • Tip of my nose 
  • cupids bow
  • Each shade can be used as an eyeshadow 
  • coroner of the inner eye
  • Cheekbones 
How amazing does this swatch look! 

I Heart Makeup Dragons Heart Highlighter swatch

Rating: 4.5 / 5 

  • Pigmented 
  • Multiuse 
  • Nice Packaging 
  • Affordable at £5
  • Can have a lot of fallout
More info
Price £5

What are you're thoughts on this highlighter? What are your favourite highlighters? 

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