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Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer | Review

Hello darlings, I hope you are all well?  Over the years I have tried a variety of different foundations and concealers but I always seem to keep coming back to my old favourites of mine Boujois Healthy Mix. I first discovered the brand Bourjois way back when I was 15 and I just loved the lipgloss and eyeshadows back then; fast forward to age 19 I tried their concealer with the foundation and I fell in love, It was was premium quality and I like paying less for a good product.

Its been a while since I last bought Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation and concealer and since then they have changed the packaging a little bit and also the formula of the product. Seeing as they changed it a little I wanted to see if I love it as much now as I have done over the years.
bourjois healthy mix
The first thing I noticed about them both of them is wow they are very fragranced! I am not saying the scent is bad because its not, it's a nice floral scent but I much prefer a delicate fragrance for my face or none at all because this can be a little overpowering.

I do like the packaging for both of the products and I think they are very nicely presented but getting off the wrapper was a right pain! It's so sticky and even now as you can see below in the picture it doesn't look perfect and I know it shouldn't be something to worry about but for me, I like presenting my makeup and I am not too happy getting sticky fingers getting the lid off my foundation.
Bourjois healthy mixBefore anything I put a primer on my face which gives my skin a smooth base then I applied the concealer I put 3 vertical lines and I also put some on my nose and also on top of my lids too as I tend to look tired a lot. It blended very nicely with little effort with my Superdrug concealer makeup brush. After putting the concealer I put some foundation of my real techniques sponge and applied to my face and to get full coverage for my face and neck I used about 2 pumps of product which I think is quite good in performance as I usually use more with budget-friendly foundations. 

The finish of this foundation is natural semi-matte finish which in my opinion gives me a dewy glow in which I love! It also feels quite light on the skin which is win-win for me as it makes wearing it all day effortless for me and I just forget about it until its time to remove my makeup.

This foundation states that its 16 hours hydration and 24 hours hydration which I nearly completely agree with. It does last a good 10-12 hours for me but only if I apply a primer and a makeup setting spray, it doesn't last as long without but its still impressive either way. I did notice my skin wasn't as dry after using this foundation and concealer as I usually get a dry skin with a lot of foundations and concealers but this one actually did the opposite and hydrated my skin.
bourjois healthy mix foundation and concealer review
Healthy mix foundation gives a natural glow and contains vitamins; C, B and E5 which helps reduce the signs of fatigue and boost skins radiance while giving it a smooth finish too. I love the name of these products and I think the new formula is wonderful but the overpowering fragrance isn't my cup of tea which is a shame but I will definitely continue buying both of these products because they work wonderfully well and are so easy to blend and build up from a light to a medium finish.

Below is my everyday makeup I like to wear and in it, I am wearing both the concealer and the foundation.
bourjois healthy mix foundation
These products are quite easy to find in-store and online. I bought mine in Superdrug on a 3 for 2 offer because I do love a bargain and saving money whenever I can.

Concealer: £8.99
Foundation: £9.99

What are your thoughts on the healthy mix range? 

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