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Benefit Badgal Bang Mascara | Review

benefit badgal bang review
The buzz for this mascara has been going on for a while now and lots of beauty fans have been excited to try this including me. Benefit has many amazing products including a few mascaras in their range such as Rollerlash and Badgal mascara. 

Now this mascara claims to do everything in the book including; volume, length and lift - a lot of things for one product. On the box, it says 36-hour lift which sounds a bit dramatic to say the least but you know best try out beforehand. It also says its weightless formula made with aero-particles and the wand is lightweight and very flexible.

Are you ready for lift off?
benefit badgal bang
 I honestly couldn't wait for this mascara to come out that I saved my look fantastic points so I could get money off to try it. I bought it and I got a free makeup bag with it, doesn't it look gorgeous? Anyways when my mascara came I was pretty impressed with the packaging, it's black and pink with a fabulous out of space design.

Applying this was a breeze with the flexible wand but for me personally, it just made my lashes look more clumped than anything which is quite disappointing since it costs over £20! Now I can't lie it did add a little bit of volume but nothing dramatic like the way it been boasted about on the packaging. Another thing I noticed is that it did flake a little after a long days wear which wasn't very comfortable to say the slightest.
benefit badgal bang review
Now it may sound like I don't like this mascara but I do like it in a way but it's definitely not replacing my favourites. You can definitely see the difference once applied and it is weightless but for me, it's not up to expectations, now I know many will disagree with me with this because we all have different favourites.

Below is a picture of my left eye with Badgal Bang and my other eye with no mascara and you can definitely see the difference and you can see that it works to some extent but the clumps aren't the eaiset to work with and I have used this a few times after this.
benefit badgal bang on lashes
Benefit Badgal Bang is £21.50 for full size and £10.50 for the min
For more info check out the Benefit website below

I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed posting it. I will definitely be trying more Benefit products in the near future, what are favourites/suggestions?

Melissa x

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