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Miss Patisserie Rainbow River | Review

Hello, Darlings! Every time I manage to get some blogging motivation I end up getting ill which is a right pain especially when I try to get back into my routine, maybe I need to stop planning ahead? Anyways I am feeling way better now thankfully and hopefully, it stays that way so I can get back into my routine that I enjoy so much. 

Let's get on with the post, shall we? 

This post is pretty much my first impressions of Miss Patisserie because its the first time I have tried anything from the brand. The reasoning I bought this was because I was going to go to Lush to get a few things from the Valentines day range but I went to boots beforehand too get some things I needed and while shopping around the store I stumbled across a little section of store which had a brand I have heard of in the blogging world but never got round to actually trying.

Miss Patisserie is brand which has products available online and even has its own shop in Cardiff. They are also available in some boots stores too. Their bath and body products were created for ethical people of today and also their products were created for body and mind which sounds fab.
miss patisserie rainbow river
 So why did I choose Miss Patisserie?
Well, the answer is plain and simple really... I wanted a change. As much as I love Lush products it's nice to give other brands a try. I think the past 4 years I have only ever used Lush and Bomb Cosmetics bath balls/bombs so trying a new brand is a breath of fresh air really.

What did I choose I hear you asking?
Well, the choice in my local boots only had 5 bath balls, 1 slab and some skincare products, you would think I had an easy choice choosing... I never! It was hard because I wanted to give them an honest review and also try to pick the best in the range but they all look fab!
miss patisseries rainbow river review
 First Impressions 
LOVE! Is the short and sweet answer but it deserves more praise than that. Rainbow River is exactly that, its a beautiful blue ball with lots of vibrant colourful splashes everywhere. The label is like a sweet wrapper with the name of the products and also its slogan too which is; honest, vegan skincare.

When I picked it up I was looking everywhere for what the scent was but to no avail. I eventually looked it up online and found out that its fragrance is calming lavender and fresh cotton. The combination of those fragrances is just divine and is definitely completely different from any other bath bomb I have tried before.
miss patisserie rainbow river in bath
 My Thoughts
Once I filled my bath up with warm water I put this in the water and as soon as I did Rainbow River came into its element! It started to fizz and foam a sea of beautiful colours like turquoise, pink, blue and yellow. My partner wanted to know how it would react if it was dropped into the water so he dropped it in from a height and once it hit the water it was foaming and fizzing a rainbow all over my bath; no wonder they call it rainbow river!

This bath bomb took ages to melt completely which is amazing and out of all the bath bombs, I have tried this one had to be the most exciting I have ever tried. The fragrance is just gorgeous and so relaxing when you're in the bath.  I love the combination of cotton and lavender it just works wonderfully together.

I am pleasantly surprised by how amazing Miss Patisserie products are and honestly I wish I discovered them soon because this bath was just heavenly, I've already been adding lots of their products to my wish-list. If you're like me and love lush products I would definitely suggest trying other brands because they are so many lovely brands to choose from including this one.

I won't say I've been converted from using Lush products because they will always have a place in my heart because I have enjoyed so many of their products over their years but I have definitely been made aware of more brands to actually try rather than the same.
Miss Patisserie rainbow river
Rating 5/5 

  • Smells heavenly of calming lavender and fresh cotton
  • Every bath ball looks unique 
  • Gorgeous bath art 
  • Cruelty-Free and Vegan 
  • Its wrapped in plastic which isn't easy to come off. 

More Info
Price: £4.50

Have you tried Miss Patisserie Products before?
Melissa x 

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