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Lush Wigs Haul + Review

Hello, Darlings! I recently started wearing wigs from time to time for the simple reason that my hair has had enough of all the hair dye and bleach, it needs a break. My mum suggested that instead of all the dyes etc why not change your hairstyles by trying different wigs and that's when I looked online for different wig websites and that's where I came across Lush wigs.

The last time I checked Lush wigs was last year when I was interested in doing cosplay but I never got the chance to do it as a lot of things were happening in my life then. 
lush wigs haul and review
I have never worn a wig before so when I was shopping for these I was unsure what to choose at first so I thought why not choose something which is similar to my natural hair colour to start with? I bought 'Milk Tea' which is a honey blonde wavy bob wig and also 'Ice Queen' which is a long white wig that has a game of thrones vibes too it.

After I placed my order I would say it took 5 days to come to my house and by the time they did I was super excited and anxious at the same time as I've never tried wigs before. They were packaging in bags with hair nets to protect them and also a little label next to them with the name of the wigs on them. They look very good quality with sturdy straps inside the wigs for easy adjustment. 

I tend to wear 'Milk Tea' on more casual days as it looks more like my natural hair. I also wore this to the iron bru carnival which is a big fair that comes to Glasgow once a year with lots of thrilling rides. Whilst at the theme park I had so much fun and had no worries about how my wig looked because it felt so comfortable.

I have a more indepth look at the wigs on my youtube below
I adore 'Ice Queen' though as its the wig I get the most compliments with and people ask me all the time where do you get your hair done at? People get surprised when I say its a wig because of its like real hair. I wear this wig usually with a hat or with a scarf as it looks a little fake on the parting but it still looks gorgeous and remains my favourite.

I will definitely be getting more styles in the near future and I will be steering clear of the hair dyes for a long time, my scalp and hair definitely need the break. 
I bought these wigs with my own money and review is 100% honest. I would definitely recommend Lush wigs if you like cosplay or like trying different hairstyles. The quality is amazing and they have many different styles to choose from. 

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