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Goodnight Kitty

Hi Darlings 
I bloody hate doing these type of upsetting posts but for me, Kitty deserves her rightful place on my blog because she was more than a cat to me, she was part of our family. Kitty was tragically taken from us at the very young age of 7 years old, we all expected her to live a long life because she was like a mummy figure to everyone and was so loving. It has taken me 6 months to write this post because it is too painful to write. 

Kitty was my first pet that I got myself into adulthood at 19 years old. I saw her at a local pet shop and I couldn't resist and had to buy her, she was a tabby cat with the most adorable pink nose. She was a very playful kitten who loved jumping all over the place and trying to climb the curtains. As she got older she was a much more relaxed cat and liked to relax on blankets and on sunny days she loved going outside to sunbathe and honestly he face was so adorable when she was relaxing in the sunshine. 
As time went on me and my partner decided to get another cat and we called him Salem, yes he was named after the cat on Sabrina. Kitty was unsure of Salem at first because he was so small but he grew very quickly and eventually through time she got used to him. Salem actually had a lot of respect for her and always let her eat first and he used to sleep near her on blankers which were cute. One thing for sure though she was boss, whatever way she wanted Salem didn't hesitate aha, I am sure he looked up to her as a mummy figure as she was 4 years older than him.

Even though Kitty loved kids she would rather have her own space during the day and she would usually sleep on top of sofa or wardrobe. At night time when the kids went to bed she was a more lively cat, she would lie on your knee and want her tummy tickled or she would love to play with feathers or other cat toys, jeez I never knew this post would be this hard because its bringing tears to my eyes writing it because honestly I couldnt asked for a nicer natured cat, I feel like the time we had with her was far too short and she will be missed so much by me as she was good company for me when my partner worked the long night shifts and she also knew when I was upset and she would purr and want cuddles to cheer me up. Life can be so cruel sometimes :(
Kitty's illness came out of nowhere as she was a perky cat until 3 days before we lost her. She was living with my mum for a couple of weeks as she loved my mum too. She didn't want to eat and would struggle to drink and that's when my mum took her to the vets. The vet told her that she had kidney failure and they needed to do a test to see if she could be saved but unfortunately, her kidneys were very badly damaged and she was on dialysis. The vet told her that the best option was to put her down as she was in pain and honestly it was an awful day.

I came down from Glasgow to the vets and picked up kitty who had a bandage on her paw from the dialysis and she didn't look well at all, but she looked happy to see me. She wouldn't let anyone else pick her up but she let me and as soon as I picked her up she purred a little bit. I was heartbroken. She passed away in my arms and it was an awful experience.  

Thanks for reading.
Melissa x
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