Saturday, 1 July 2017

Photo Memories with Printiki

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well? 
I have always enjoyed taking photos whether they be for my blog, my family or for just the fun of it! For me photography is very therapeutic for me and it is a hobby I have improved over the years and my enjoyment for it has grown too. 

Over the years I have kept photo memories in many different forms from scrapbooks to diaries, each was personal and they are brilliant too look back on especially a few years later, it brings back so many memories and me think of all the happy memories I have had then and also since that time too. When I was a teen to now I have enjoyed making diaries and at random points of the year I like to add photos for special moments. I also made scrapbooks for each of my children to keep my photos memories of them getting to each milestone too and they are all possible to taking photos and printing them and keeping memories in picture form. 
Seeing as I have a Nikon I tend to use that more than my iPhone for my photos but I can use a combination of the 2 of them, it's not always easy carrying a big camera everywhere I go but with my iPhone its very convenient. With both of these I could upload my photos with ease to the Printiki website and it didn't take longer with my Nikon pictures and it was same load time as my iPhone photos. They are lots of different options to choose from on the website including  prints, photo books and posters.
The motto of Printiki is 'you are worth printing' which I think is the perfect motto because making memories is so very important.
I chose 30 retro square photos in the size (4x4) which are great for adding words to and also adding them to photo books or (4x4) frame. The photos are very good quality and are nice and glossy too. 

The website is very use and can be used on many different devices including your phone or laptop. You can also upload photos off your favourite social media including Facebook and Instagram and they also deliver to a range of counties which can found on the printiki shipping page.

For free shipping use code 
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