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Naturelle Cosmetics Royal Coffee Scrub | First Impressions

Hi Lovelies 
I am so glad I got sent this royal coffee scrub from naturelle cosmetics because I have heard so many people go on about how great coffee scrubs are, I finally can tell you all my thoughts on coffee scrubs and if I will ever buy them again. 

I am a person who loves to have coffee mostly everyday and might have up to 2 cups a day so I actually love the smell of coffee, especially if its been freshly made. Walking past coffee shops when they roast coffee is just a dream for me and it actually makes me want to go inside and buy a coffee and relax, does that happen to any of my lovely followers?
naturelle cosmetics coffee scrub
The Packaging 
It has very simple packaging with all important info on it that you need, it was very awkward to open that I had to use scissors to actually open it. The product itself is 200 g so it has quite a lot of product especially for the money which costs £9.95.

This has a very strong coffee smell and its one of those smells in which I am not sure if I actually like the smell or not. This one is combined with ylang ylang, they have other scents in the range too.
naturelle cosmetics coffee scrub review
What are coffee scrubs for? 
Before I got this I had no idea what it was for either to be honest but with a little research I have found that they have ingredients in them such as fatty acids and other compounds to keep skin in better shape and also for adding moisture and reducing sagging. 

How to use coffee scrub? 
Well for me personally I used it in the shower because its very messy as you can imagine, I put over most of my body in circular motions. Its very easy to wash off if you are in the shower at the time too.
naturelle cosmetics royal coffee scrub
My thoughts 
Even though I love coffee I can't say I overly loved this product because for me the smell was very strong. Even though the smell  was rather strong it worked very well for me and moisturised my skin perfectly which makes me very happy. If you love coffee and want to try something different then I would defiantly recommend this product because it's a very reasonable price of £9.95.

For more info on natruelle cosmetics and their coffee scrubs and other products they have to offer click on the link below

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