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How to Relax and Sleep Better at Night

my nighttime regime
Hi Lovelies 
I have said a few times my skincare routine but I have never explained to you all my routine for most evenings and how I usually get a good nights sleep every night and the best ways to unwind and relax. I have had a few times in the past when sleeping can be not the easiest, I would just lie in bed counting sheep hoping I would sleep but it usually took an hour or 2. I have changed my routine a bit over the last few months and I think they have worked a treat for the nights I need to sleep by a certain time.

My tips for relaxing in the evenings

Put on pyjamas 
For me as soon as its 6pm I like to put my pyjamas on as they are very comfortable and its like a big relief when I put them on every evening. I love pyjamas so much that I have more pyjamas more than clothes ( I think I need to an Pyjamas of the day post rather than the usual outfit of the day LOL). I like to prepare my pyjamas every morning, so they are ready for the evenings.

Face Masques
GA FBVÛı◊I honestly love wearing face masques from time to time as they take a good 20 minutes of the skin to work and they are usually very cooling and relaxing for the skin. When its time to wash they off the skin can feel more smoother and also more radiant too.

Set a bedtime 
I know we all have alarms for the mornings but do you know they can be very helpful for also reminding us what time to go to bed so you can get the recommended amount of sleep. For me 7 hours is enough. If you have an iPhone you set a bedtime alarm on the Health app which is on the main page.

Read a book 
I always read in the evenings as during the day they can be super busy since I am full time mum and with other chores such as looking after the home and blogging whenever I get the chance. I am currently reading Jackie Collins Thrill which is a brilliant read, once I have finished it I will share a review on it on my blog. 

Avoid too much Caffeine 
I know this one sounds super obvious but I am very partial to a cup of sweet coffee or/and chocolate, as we all know caffeine can keep us awake at night which can be very annoying especially if we have a busy day ahead or need to be up early. 

Reduce Lighting before bed 
I used to have a very bright light in my bedroom and it honestly hurt my eyes especially when tired! I was kindly sent this beautiful table light by litecraft and honestly it has been sat on my bedside table for over a month now and it looks lovely. It's not too bright and is bright enough for me to read a book too. 

I know they will be a few of other things that will help too but these are the ones that personally stick out for me. if you want to more about similar lighting then I recommend looking at beside lamps on litecraft, they have so many amazing affordable lights too choose from.

Do you have any tips or advice for relaxing at night?

Melissa x
Snapchat: fruityflamingo1
*light sent for me review, opinions 100% my own*

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