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My Everyday Makeup Look

Now first things first when it comes to makeup I don't wear it religiously everyday, I wear it when I feel like it and sometimes thats everyday or even not wearing it all for a few days. With makeup I have a few different products I love to wear and I like change up the routine a bit every time but decided to make this post/youtube anyway because it just a basic of what I love to wear.

With makeup it can depend when I put it on but when it comes to everyday makeup I usually put it on first thing in the morning. All this is part of my everyday beauty routine, I try to schedule it as much as I possibly can because I like to have enough time to put my makeup on which is roughly about 20-30 minutes every morning.

My all time favourite foundation is my urban decay naked skin foundation, the reason I love this foundation so much is that it's weightless on skin and I also use the naked concealer too which also lasts all day combined with my urban decay all nighter spray, honestly they are a match made in heaven these products.

I have currently run out of the urban decay foundation so I need to get myself a new foundation but I have my eyes set on the new urban decay all nighter foundation too see how it compares.

For me I just neutral shades for an everyday look as they can be spiced up if you are going out at night time. My favourite shades to choose from are champagne, gold and bronze, they go beautifully together especially if they are combined with a nice eyeliner and water line eyeliner too. My favourite eyeliner at the moment is MUA gel liner and the Barry M white liner. White liner is great for me as it makes my eyes look more brighter and sparkly. 

My brows a few years ago weren't to great to be honest because I tended to over plucked them and my knowledge of brow makeup was very limited. I have learned a lot since then as use a brow pomade with a brow gel. I also have tried different techniques to find the right brow style for me. 

I only ever pluck my brows once a month compared to the once every few days which I used to do a few years ago. I am so glad my brows are on fleek now. 

Now I barely ever wear the same lipstick two days in a row because I like to mix it up a little bit but I do like to go for the same shades when it comes to my everyday makeup and its either between nudes, pinks or berry shades. Before I put any lipstick on I always put on a lip scrub and honestly my lips feel alot smoother and with that it makes putting lipstick on so much easier. 

Do you have any makeup favourites?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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  1. I love your look! I don't really wear that much make up, but want to start experimenting more with it.

  2. you have some good stuff in there, urban decay and too faced, i'm quite curious with that brands


  3. I love the too faced chocolate bar palette so much!!!

  4. I want to get my hands on either of the UD foundations .. I've heard amazing things about the All Nigter one .. although Naked Skin might be better for the upcoming spring months! Also .. I am in the process of growing out my brows too as I think they have been getting wayyy too thin ... thanks to my trips every 2 weeks to get them threaded ! Loved this post lovely xxx

  5. Never knew so much went in to a makeup routine... Shows what us guys know.

  6. Love the look of that chocolate bar palette! Where can i get it?

  7. The to faced chocolate palette is a huge favourite of mine! I just love it!!!

  8. Bubblegum lip scrub is a necessity for me as I wear so much mattee lipstick and it's so drying!

  9. I need to give that lip scrub a try! I try to not wear makeup everyday too- I feel like it gives my skin time to breathe.

  10. Love your everyday makeup look. It is natural and fresh.

  11. I really want to try the chocolate palette I keep hearing good things about them.

  12. Your so pretty hun! I love bronze hues for a daytime look, as you said they can be vamped for nightwear quite easily!

  13. You look lovely, I really love the eyes, I seriously need to get that palette!

  14. I don't wear much make up at all. My must have is a really good waterproof mascara. Kaz x

  15. This is such a beautiful makeup look <3 I'll definitely have to check out some of the products I've never used before!

    Louise x

  16. Brows are SO important, aren't they? Get them wrong, and it can really affect the whole shape of your face. Yours look great! x


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