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Life with PCOS

Hi Lovelies
This time last year I can honestly say I felt like utter SHITE and the reasons for that being were I was putting on so much weight, my clothes weren't fitting and my periods were haywire and to top everything off my hair was coming out far too much that it had me to the edge of tears. 

Not knowing what was wrong with me was horrible to say the least but I decided enough was enough and I went to the doctors and the first thing they said was I pregnant and I knew I wasn't as I had already took many tests. They took a blood test and they said the hormone levels were a  little high and they wanted me to wait until I was next on my period to test again.

Waiting for another period was awful because I had no idea when the next one was going to be. The next period I had wait 6 weeks after the first appointment and then I got tested again. I waited 3 weeks before I got my results which said my hormones were still high and that I had PCOS. 

Reality set it.
I know its nothing to celebrate but I was so glad that I was diagnosed because I just knew MY BODY and I knew I didn't feel right. It has been nearly 5 months since I found out and I can say I have accepted that I have PCOS and unfortunately there is no cure and only remedies to help reduce symptoms.

My Symptoms 
Thankfully I have managed to reduce my symptoms by eating better and exercising more, I may not of lost any weight yet but the main thing is that I haven't gained any. As for my hair loss its still here and their but I am sure it's not as much as it was before. I just try and avoid washing it as much and only dye with natural or semi permanent dyes.

Another thing I have got back on track from last year is my periods, last year they were all over the place usually between every 2-3 months and honestly it was so uncomfortable and it felt like my period was supposed to be starting well before that but no I felt hormonal from the day it was due till the day it started which could of been weeks. Now for the past 5 months *fingers crossed* I have had a monthly period (every 30 days) and I feel so much better for it too, I am hoping it stays that way and I am going to try my darn hardest for that to happen.

Things to change
Now I know I have changed a lot with what I am eating but I still have a few changes I need to do. At the moment I have stopped using white bread and swapped it for wholemeal, the same going with pasta and  stuff like that. But the thing I need to change is cutting down the carbs a little bit and also how much sugar I am eating too ( I am partial to a biscuit or two)

I know I have mentioned it a lot but its quite a main thing with PCOS, anyway with them I can honestly say they are PAINFUL and wow I mean painful! And not only are they painful they can be very heavy from started to finish and I know I can't change that very much but I like to keep a hot water bottle handy and my chocolate bars stocked up.

Coping with negative attitudes
Since my diagnoses of PCOS I have told a few people about it and honestly reactions can differ from person to person but sometimes people think I over exaggerate  my symptoms because seeing as they are invisible to the naked eye its harder for some to except.

  • Weight - I am a size 16-18 and honestly it's not 100% down to what I eat because I haven't changed my diet much for the past 10 years and not so long ago I was between a size 8-10. I have put 4 stone on over the course of over 2 years and the gains were a lot some months. I wish people would mind their own business about my weight or anybody else's for that matter because seriously it has nothing to do with them and it's not nice calling people names just because of a persons size. I am very healthy and I love to exercise, if you have nothing nice to say please don't say it because I am getting tired of the negative talk about my weight because I feel positive with my body no matter what the scales or my clothes size say and to me thats all that matters.

Sorry if this post was a little long winded but I really wanted to get this all off my chest because PCOS can suck but writing about it has actually made me feel so much better. I will be writing more about PCOS in the future

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  1. It was a great post. Its good to know that you know about your body, most of the girls are not aware of their bodies and till the time they realize it ,it gets very late. Take care


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