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Getting My Hair Red With Manic Panic Vampire Red

manic panic vampire red
Hi Lovelies 
You know something, I have actually lost count on how many times I have dyed my hair over the years it has literally been the colour of the rainbow pretty much. I  can honestly say to you all I really enjoy having bright hair and it has to be the biggest reason I wanted to dye it again. My all time favourite hair colour is red and the reason for that is a mixture of a few things and il tell you all what those reasons are; first being I love the way it looks especially with the way I put my makeup on. Secondly red is my favourite colour, I know that may sound like a silly reason but I just love it.

Anyway I did my research well before I took the plunge to dye my hair red. I looked online for ages choosing the right brand and the right red for my hair. I also looked at  the best way to look after red hair because red hair is one of the most difficult hair colours to look after. I also got everything prepared such as the dye, old towel vaseline and so on.

manic panic vampire red

  • Manic Panic Vampire Red x1 ( 2 if you have very long hair)
  • Old Towel
  • Vaseline 
  • Plastic Gloves
  • Tinting Bowl and gloves 
As you can see in my before picture my hair isn't bleached to a light blonde like the manic panic tub suggests. I didn't mind because usually red hair dyes have worked well before in the past on my dark blonde hair, so I wasn't worried that it wouldn't work. The tub suggests washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo before dying your hair to make sure your hair is clean before putting this hair dye on so I did that beforehand. 

manic panic vampire red on dark blonde hair
*As with any hair dye, do a skin patch test*

My partner applied this hair dye on my hair and I would personally suggest to anyone wanting to dye their hair at home to get someone to help them with it because it can be awkward doing it on yourself unless you know what you are doing. My partner applied it to all of my hair evenly with a tinting brush and bowl, they is still about a quarter of a tub left after applying to my hair. Once it was all in my hair I used a big toothed comb to distrubrute the hair dye evenly through all of my hair from my roots to the tips of my hair.

I kept it in my hair for about 45 minutes even though it suggested only 30, the reason I kept it in my hair for longer is because my hair can be a bit resilient sometimes. The hair dye wasn't runny and not much went on the towel. Once it came to washing it out I washed it out  with cool water, the reason for that is that it helps to lock in more of the colour in the hair. Honestly the amount of red that came out in the shower was shocking but to be fair that was to be expected.

I styled my hair as usual once I got all the hair dye out of my hair. I was so happy with the result that I nearly got a tear in my eye because I just loved the way it looked. I style my hair oil, heat proaction spray followed by blow drying and straightening my hair.

manic vampire vampire red

My overall Thoughts 
I'm involve with it! I am so happy with the results, I am very shocked it worked so well on unbleached or light blonde hair. Manic Panic is a brand I will be buying of in the future because its a very good quality hair dye. I'm hoping it washes well and I will be using products to make sure my hair stays as bright red as possible. 

Another thing I love about Manic panic vampire red is that it has no scent and after washing my hair it was very easy to style my hair. My hair was actually noticeably softer too. 

Things I love about Manic Panic
  • Lots of hair colours to choose from
  • The hair dyes are semi permanent 
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free
  • They make other things like shampoos and conditioners 
  • I love the motto 'live fast dye your hair'

Check out Manic Panic hair products on their website 

Have you ever had bright hair before?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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  1. Oh wow that is such a change and what a gorgeous shade of red. I totally want to try it myself now!

  2. I love the tone of the red. Sometimes it comes out too pink - that's the wonderful rich color.

  3. It came out amazingly, red suits you. I use to love have a more Autumnal tone in my hair. I've never tried Manic Panic but I've tried Directions before x

    1. Thanks very much, manic panic is brilliant

  4. The colour looks great! I had every colour hair possible when I was younger, and I do miss it. Red was always my favourite.

  5. That colour really suits you. I also have had pretty much every hair colour going. I'm currently red but thinking of going a light brown next x

  6. What a gorgeous colour on you! The change is so different!

  7. I love trying hair colours. My hair missed the vibrancy of having red. I love the red! Looks so lovely 😊

  8. What a lovely color it really suits u I wish I could get away with this color.

  9. Your hair looks incredible this colour - I have never used Manic Panic before x

  10. I've never heard of this brand before! I love how well the colour came out on your hair and it suits you so well

  11. I love dying my hair red but I never bleach my hair so the colour is never too vibrant. I'll definitely be checking out this brand for the next time I dye my hair x

  12. Now that is an amazing shade of red and if I could get away with it, I totally would x

  13. A.Mazing! What a great shade of red. We love Manic Panic glitter pots and shadows but their hair dye looks equally good!

  14. Your hair colour looks amazing and really suits. Looks like a great product that worked well.

  15. That hair colour looks really vibrant and suits you! Excellent that they are vegan and cruelty free as well

  16. Such a great result - this vibrant red really suits you!

  17. Now that shade of red looks absolutely amazing on you, I have never actually dyed my hair before so clueless about dyeing products

  18. That looks like a really gorgeous colour, it looks great on you!

  19. I used to dye my hair all the time when I was a teenager. Every colour of the rainbow too! I would have loved this hair dye back then!

  20. I really love this colour and it really suits you. I will have to look out for this brand, they sound great

  21. I used to have red hair and loved it, but hated the maintenance! x

  22. Oh wow it did come out well didn't it, you look fantastic the red really suits you.

  23. Oh well, it really suit you. Such great coverage too.

  24. I love manic panic colours, and that one is just gorgeous!

  25. I love red hair dye, naturally strawberry blonde. It really suits you and the colour is just amazing! :)

  26. I love bright hair colours - this really does suit you. I dyed my hair bright copper red once (back in the 90's) but it completely washed out within a couple of weeks. #HairFail


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