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Pure Chimp Matcha Green Tea Review

Pure Chimp Matcha green tea review
 Hi Lovelies 
When it comes to green tea, I really have to be in the mood to drink it because I have a love/hate relationship with the taste of it even though I know they are many health benefits of drinking it. I have heard of Matcha Tea over the years and how its like having 10 cups of green in one go, so I have always wanted to see how it tastes and to see if it's actually a better taste than green tea.

Pure Chimp is a Matcha Tea shop and they sell lots of matcha tea products such as Tea, matcha whisk, gift sets and also skincare items too. All the Matcha is 100% natural and the brand itself is vegan society certified. An added bonus with shopping at pure chimp is they have loyalty points so you can save money in the long run.

Pure chimp also donate 5% of there profits to charity and the they also have free delivery on there products too!
pure chimp matcha green tea
How I Enjoy Matcha
There are many ways to enjoy matcha, including baking with it but I enjoyed mine as a warm milky soya matcha tea drink. Firstly I put half a teaspoon of matcha tea in my cup followed by half a cup hot water, I then mix in a teaspoon of honey and once thats melted in I fill the rest of the cup with soya milk and once again I mix it to make sure the matcha tea is dissolved. 

It tastes amazing and I can honestly say it tastes a lot more delicate than green tea bags taste. Matcha tea is very similar to green tea but  specially grown/processed green tea, so instead of being in a tea bag form its in a fine powdered form instead, so you get the full benefit of the matcha when you will only be getting part from the green tea, tea bags.

Benefits of Matcha Tea
  • Skin friendly antioxidants ( 100 times more than green tea)
  • Affordable at only 20p per serving ( half a tea spoon a cup)
  • Low caffeine at 35mg per serving 
  • Can be used in baking
  • Can be stored for up to 18 months

You can see what they have to offer here, they also have a sale on at the moment because its there 3rd birthday.

Have you tried Matcha Tea before? if so how do you like it?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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*Product sent for review, all thoughts are my own*

The Weekly Update #1

Hi Lovelies 
I have decided instead of having a weekly update on my fitness journal update I will be replacing it with a weekly update post instead. The reasons I decided that is because my blog is about everything that matters to me not just fitness, so Il be writing all about my week and my plans for the upcoming weeks and so on! Any ways you get the idea of what the weekly post will be about. 

Happenings during the week
  1. The kids went back to school again after being on October holidays. We had a little break at my mums house which is 100 miles away, so it was nice for us all to see my family that we don't always get the chance to see as often as we would like. 
  2. I went back to the gym after not being there for almost 2 months. I know its such a long break but I was visiting my mum and it slipped my mind. Fingers crossed I keep myself motivated.
  3. I went shopping with my partner and treat myself to some new lingerie! My old lingerie is getting a bit worn out now so treated myself. I also got myself an amazing low cut top in River Island, honestly it was nice to have some time to treat myself 
  4. I had Autumn Leaf bath bomb with my partner and honestly it was just divine! Its the perfect reflection of autumn in a bath product. 
  5. I Used a colour remover on my hair to get the dark hair dye out of my hair, remarkably it worked very well and I will have a post all about it in the upcoming week fingers crossed.

Plans for next week 
  1. Ive been invited to a Body Shop event on Wednesday! Me and my partner are very excited to go to this, I can't wait to update you all on how this will go.
  2. Me and my partner are hoping to go back to Steak, Cattle and Roll which is situated on Sauchiehall street in Glasgow! This place has the most amazing burgers and milkshakes I have ever seen. I went for my birthday and I've been wanting to go back ever since.
  3. You may not know it by my blog lately but I just love baking! I have plans to make a nut and chocolate cake! I have planned it out so fingers crossed it goes well so I can put it on my blog.
  4. I will hopefully have another blood test to see if my hormones are still on the high side, I haven't been feeling myself in ages and sorry for this *TMI* my monthlies are always 2-5 weeks late which can be uncomfortable.

The Super Duper Good News

  1. Me and my partner have been together for 6 years! The years have go past so quickly and we still love each other more and more, I know it sounds cheesy but we do.

The Darn Right Bad News

  1. Honestly this week has been super tough week because we found out the dog I grew up with, my mums Airedale Terrier Ben (he's 13) has got cancer. Unfortunately they isn't anything that can be done, so my mum and us are going to enjoy him along as possible.

What have you been up to this week?

Thanks for reading ♥

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Lush Autumn Leaf Review

lush autumn leaf
 Hi Lovelies
With into full swing and my lush Halloween haul getting less and less and that only means it won't be long before I get some things in the Lush Christmas collection( my favourite lush products of all)I decided to use Autumn Leaf to warm me up on one cold evening with my lovely partner. 

Autumn Leaf is a very recent bath bomb from Lush and I recently got this with a few other Halloween bath products. I have heard that its a slow melter and has a beautiful display, so I was so excited to see what it looked like in the bath. I kept this for a while because I was relulcant to use it because it looks so lovely displayed in my bathroom lush product see through jar. 
Lush Autumn Leaf
First Impressions
When I went to Lush my goal was to just go into the shop and just get the halloween looking products, you know the products that looked spooky but I totally changed my mind when I seen 
this because of the way it stood out! Firstly its shaped like a leaf, perfect timing for autumn and secondly it the colours of autumn leaves and thats what made me want to put it in my basket and to take it home to try.

My Thoughts
After putting enough warm water in the bath I placed this gently into the bath and as soon as I put it into the bath it started to fizz slower and started to release the yellow, greens and orange in different directions in the bath. Its true what they say about it being a slow melter, it took this a good 10 minutes for it to fully melt in the bath and by that time me and my partner were in the bath and we both were just admiring how gorgeous the display Autumn Leaf was giving.
Once this finally melted in the bath it went into a dark green colour and honestly.. the smell was very woody and it was just divine, me and my partner just loved the smell. The smell was Neroli oil, Japanese Maple Sap, Bergamot Oil and Sandlewood Oil. 

As with most bath products from Lush I was very reluctant to leave the bath because it smelled lovely and also it was a little chilly getting out haha! Anyways I did finally get out after 30 minutes of bliss! I might just get this again because the smell reminds me of long autumn winter walks with leave on the ground. I would recommend this to anyone who likes woody smells and likes bath products which has a lot of show.

lush autumn leaf review
Rating - 10/10

Lovely autumn leaf shape 
Smells lovely ( woody scent )
Slow melter
Fabulous bath display
Cruelty Free 


Available online and in lush stores.

Have you bought anything in Lush lately?

Thanks for reading ♥
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Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails Review

Hi Lovelies 
I am on the wall when it comes to false nails, at one stage in my life I used to wear false nails all the time but once I had my daughters I stopped wearing them altogether for a few years. In August it was my 26th birthday and my partner was planning to take me out for dinner so I wanted to dress up as much as possible and make myself feel good and thats when the thought of wearing false nails again came in. I used to get them done in a nail salon but I didn't have much time to get them done so decided to get some false ones instead and picked these up during a little shopping trip to superdrug.

Kiss nails are available in boots and superdrug online and in-store and are quite reasonably priced. They have lots of different types of designs to choose from. They have the motto 'bring the salon home'

kiss gel fantasy nails
24 Nails 
24 Adhesive tabs
Pink Gel Glue
Mini file and Manicure stick

First Impressions
The first thing that made me want to buy these was the sparkles, I am a big fan of anything with sparkles. The sparkles looked very nice  with the combination of peach pink shade on the nails. They look very good quality for the price.

The packaging is nice, also very easy to read, it also shows the product inside with a bigger picture on the actual nail design which I think looks great and in my opinion drew me more to the product.

My Thoughts 
Applying these was simple enough it was getting them to stay on that was the problem, some fell off within an hour or two of putting them on with the self adhesive so I decided to apply them with the nail glue instead and that actually did the trick to make all the nails stay on. The nails themselves were a lot longer then I thought they would be and on the packet it said medium length so I was expecting a bit less length. I struggled a lot using my phone because of the length.

The nails stayed on for the whole of my birthday evening up until the next day, when the 2 of them started to come off. Enough was enough for me so I decided to take them all off because they just didn't stay on for me unfortunately. They were easy enough to take off thankfully and did no damage to my original nail which I am very happy about. 

I wouldn't say I dislike these nails or anything like that its just that I personally didn't get along with them unfortunately. It hasn't put me off buying false nails again from this brand and I am actually looking forward to trying more false nails for occasions in the future. 

kiss gel fantasy nail review
Rating: 7 out of 10 

Nice design
Easy to put on

Little to long for me
Came off after a few hours on some nails

Link to them on superdrug 

Do your wear false nails? What are your favourites?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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Tantrum Doughnuts | Glasgow

Tantrum Doughnuts review
Hi Lovelies 
When it comes to doughnuts I am very much like  Homer Simpson! Ever since I can remember I have went to Tesco and bought the pink doughnuts with the sprinkles on them. Since then I have discovered more types of doughnuts than the usual ones I like such a krispy kreme which have many different flavours to choose from, my favourite at the moment is the nutella doughnut which is just delicous. I recently discovered another gem for  my doughnut book and its a doughnut shop in Glasgow called Tantrum Doughnuts.

I first spotted Tantrum doughnuts on trip advisor on the top 10 bakeries in Glasgow and the name of the place just drew me in. I honestly feel like the cookie monster when he sees cookies except its doughnuts with me. The shop was first opened in late 2015 and is like a small coffee shop with hot drinks, smoothies and lots of different types of doughnuts to choose from. 

Tantrum Doughnuts review
The coffee shop is placed on a side street on old Dumbarton road.  
35 Dumbarton Road
G3 8RD  

The Shop 
Its a very small coffee shop but it does have seating inside if you are looking to visit with a friend or someone ;). They are also dog friendly so its nice place to go for coffee and to bring your dog along after a walk. 

I bought 4 doughnuts and a slush. The doughnuts are fresh and made in small batches and are hand crafted not made by machines, so once they run out for the day thats it.

The Food 
They had an impressive choice of hot drinks, milkshakes,slushies and doughnuts. They are displayed so its a little bit easier to choose which ones you would like. They have the names next to them and the prices for eating in or taking away and of course the prices of the doughnuts. On the wall is the drinks menu and also the price list alongside. 

Doughnut choices 
  • Blueberry old fashioned, Lemon glaze with crystallised basil
  • Raspberry Jam Filled
  • Pistachio and Hibiscus Ring
  • Almond Old Fashioned
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly 
  • Chocolate and Hazelnut filled with cinnamon sugar
  • Orange and Vanilla Ring
  • Maple Candied Bacon and Puffed Pork Crackling 
  • Black Forest Gateau 
  • Vanilla Creme Brûlée 

Tantrum Doughnuts Glasgow
What I bought
  • Morello Cherry Slushie - This was made out of ice and cherries and it had 4 large soft morello cherries in it, it also had a bit of mint on it as a garnish. This was very refreshing compared to other slushies I have tried before because usually they are just artificial. This one tasted lovely and 100% like cherry, the mint complimented this very well.
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Doughnut - This was filled with raspberry jam and topped off with swirled peanut butter and chopped peanuts. I loved the taste of this but it was a little rich for me on myself so I shared this with my partner. My partner loved this doughnut the most because one of his favourite sandwiches is peanut butter and jelly.
  • Chocolate and Hazelnut filled cinnamon sugar Doughnut - This doughnut was covered in cinnamon sugar and the centre was filled with delicious hazelnut chocolate. This honestly gave nutella a run for its money, it was simply heavenly as the cinnamon and chocolate went together perfectly. 
  • Blueberry Cheesecake Crumble (not available anymore :( ) - This was topped with a lovely soft crumble and inside was a blueberry filling which was just gorgeous. This was one of my favourites and I hope they bring it back one day because it was lovely.
  • Pistachio and Hibiscus Ring - This one was my absolute favourite! I would never of thought of the combination like this would be nice but it was way better then nice it was just so yummy! The combination of the sweet hibiscus and the nutty pistachio was one of my favourite doughnut combinations ever.

Tantrum Doughnut

Things I loved
  • The selection of doughnuts on offer and not just that also the combinations of flavours they have are just yummy. 
  • Mostly vegetarian - the only things not vegetarian are the marshmallows, the maple candied bacon and pork crackling doughnut. 
  • They are made fresh everyday by hand, not machines
  • Dog friendly :)

Have you been to Tantrum Doughnuts before?

Thanks for reading ♥
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Autumn TV Favourites

Hi Lovelies 
I have so many reasons why I absolutely love Autumn! One being Halloween inspired yankee candles, The christmas collection at Lush, but, it also reminds me of my favourite TV programme which is coming back on in the Spring and if you read my blog or have seen my social media regularly then you would of noticed that I just love Game of Thrones! I have managed to watch all six seasons within 4 months; I really don't know how I managed that haha!! I Think this always happens when I start watching a new series that i enjoy and I end up watching more than one episode a night.

I am not the biggest tv addict but I do love watching it more during the colder months because to me, it feels very warming especially with yankee candles lit in the background. My night usually consists of me putting the children to bed then putting on the kettle for some matcha tea and grabbing some popcorn to watch something on Netflix! I love Netflix as there is so many great shows on their such as American Horror Story,  Mr Selfridges and its budget friendly for me at £5.99 for the basic :D  I am a bit upset at the moment because my 50 inch telly that my mum bought me no longer works so I am on the look out for a new tv! I have had a look at some amazing ones such as 4K TV Panasonic which is an ultra HD TV and you can find out more about it here. I did think at one stage 4KTV weren't worth getting but i am reconsidering after looking at a few :)

What do you like watching on TV at the moment?

Thanks for reading ♥

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Lush Pumpkin| Review

lush pumpkin review
Hi Lovelies
Its really starting to feel really like Autumn now with the days getting shorter, the weather getting colder and the leaves starting to turning orange and falling. As soon as it turn Autumn Lush brings out the best things in my opinion and thats the Halloween and the Christmas Collections.  My most recent haul was the Halloween Haul in which I got myself 5 different products including this one which is called Pumpkin.

In the Lush Halloween collection they is a range of different products including knot wraps which you can use to wrap presents in an eco way in which use again and again. They is also gift sets and of course they have my favourites: soaps and bath products such as monster's ball and this cute one who has a smile called Pumpkin :)
lush pumpkin
Pumpkin Bath Bomb - £3.95 / each
Cruelty Free 

First Impressions
The first thing I noticed about this bath bomb was its cute wee smile! Every time I have normally seen a pumpkin whether it be on tv or what you usually see in shops they usually have scary faces. I am glad it has a smiley face because it makes me think of halloween as being a mixture of fun and also spooky on halloween rather then just the usual scary stuff.

The smell is almost like home baking during the winter months, like the fruit cakes you get, you know which ones I mean? It also has a maple syrup essence to it.

My Thoughts
I filled my bath up with lovely warm water and once it had enough water in it I put in Pumpkin, once it was in the water it fizzed around a bit and melted very quickly. It made the bath water bright orange and the aroma of pimento berry oil and vanilla was very prominent. Even thought the smell was prominent  it was a relaxing smell that made me want to stay in the bath longer, the smell was very warming and the was like maple syrup: I really wanted to have pancakes with maple syrup on after my bath haha!

I was almost expecting something in the middle of this seeing as it was halloween themed bath bomb but it was just a simple orange which was little bit disappointing I must say. The good part of this bath bomb is it felt very nice on the skin and I am sure the smell was enough to make this a good product. Pumpkin kept my partner in the bath 15 minutes more than me and I was in myself a good 15 minutes myself, so it must of been good for him too haha.
Lush pumpkin review

Rating  8.5 / 10 

Great pumpkin design
Very warming smell
Makes Bath Orange

Was expecting a little more display when put in bath. 

Have you tried anything from the Lush Halloween Lush Collection?

Thanks for reading ♥
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Fitness at Home

Hi Lovelies 
As most of my readers know I am on a fitness journey and I like to keep fit in as many ways as possible. Apart from going to the gym and going for runs and long walks I like to exercise at home. The main reason being is that its simpler for me especially when my partner is at work and being a full time mum to 3 children. 

At home I have tried many things including watching youtube videos, dvds and also following exercises in fitness magazines from the comfort of my home. There is one thing I have always wanted to try and that is yoga but I find it a little bit on the expensive side to join classes,  so... I have decided to learn a bit more about it in books and also get some dvds.

Yoga is a 5000 year old practice that millions from all over the world love. It has many benefits including helping to improve posture and also reduce back pain. It has also been seen as a treatment for stress.

I recently came across a great campaign called Office Yoga - for anyone interested in yoga but haven't got the time to go to classes due to other commitments like family or like i said, lack of time but would like to keep fit whilst at work. All you need is an office chair and I found some brilliant ones on furniture work for cheap office chairs. Basically its yoga you can do at work or home if you work from there, with the help of office chair !

Here is a very helpful video on how to do office yoga using a chair. They start from beginners all the way to advanced techniques. 

Have you tried Yoga before? Would you do this at work?

Thanks for reading ♥
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Fitness Journal Week Seven

Hi Lovelies 
I know its been a few weeks since I last posted but I am back on track with my weekly fitness journal  updates. I don't want to make excuses for myself but I haven't been feeling right the past couple of weeks because my hormones have been a little on the high side so Ive had a couple of trips to the doctors and blood tests which hasn't been pleasant to put into words. I still need to go again for another blood test, so fingers crossed Il have more answers then.

I haven't been giving my goals a 100% as I should of but I did still go to the gym as much as possible and go for long walks. I am still feeling motivated to get to my goals, the journey make take longer but I'm looking forward to the journey.
fitness journal week seven

Food Diary 
In the mornings I have usually had porridge with soy milk or toast if I am in a rush, I know toast isn't always the healthiest option but I do tend to buy wholemeal bread plus I usually have a banana with it. 

For lunch I usually make my own vegetable soup and at the moment my favourite potato and leek soup, its delicious and also warming which is a bonus in this cold and wet weather. For dinner I usually have lots of vegetables with either veggie sausages or a homemade curry. 

Snacks have been a little on the junk food side, I think I've eaten way to many crisps and stuff but il try and reduce that for next week. 

Fitness Diary 
I am actually happy with the amount I have been walking the past few week, I can improve on it but you know I am on a journey not a race.  I haven't been to the gym as much as I would like but the times I have went I have been improving my cardio and planks ( I can do it longer than my partner now haha)

Favourite Motivation Songs
  • Antidote - Swedish House Mafia 
  • We will rock you - Queen
  • Perfect Illusion - Lady Gaga

Goals for next week
  • Keep myself motivated 
  • Go to the gym more 
  • Eat better 

Until next week 

Thanks for reading ♥

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Superdrug Hair Therapy Oil with Macadamia Review

superdrug hair oil vegan
Hi Lovelies
If you have been following my blog over the past few months you may of noticed I took the plunge to dye my hair back to my original hair colour blonde. I must say  it was a mighty big job for the hairdressers and suprisingly after one trip to the hairdressers my hair is almost completely blonde now but I have paid the price from dying my hair from midnight blue to blonde highlights. My hair now needs a lot more care and attention and my hairdresser recommend to me to use a good deep conditioner and a hair oil to help keep the hair soft and not to dry out too much seeing as its been through a lot. 

Over the years I have tried many hair oils including Aveda, john frieda and TIGI. Most I have used before haven't made much of a difference apart from the Aveda one but for me its a little bit on the expensive side so I went out of my way to find something similar that was also budget friendly and thats when I found this macadamia oil in super drug. It was a decent price and I couldn't wait to give it a whirl on my hair.
superdrug hair therapy oil with macadamia review
Superdrug Hair Therapy Oil with Macadamia  - £3.99
Available online and in store 
Suitable for dry/damaged hair
Cruelty Free 

What superdrug says
They say this oil has been specially made for people with dry hair and the features of this are that its supposed to help improve and repair hair with benefits of naturally leaving hair strengthen and repaired.

First Impressions 
This was in the hair care section in superdrug, next to lots of other hair care products. It didn't stick out to me at first but it was one of the only cruelty free choices and also an affordable choice which is always a winning choice for me.

The bottle is nice and simple with a typical pump on top which is good. The design is simple enough with all the information on the product you need to know.

My Thoughts
My haircare routine consists of me using a blonde hair shampoo and conditioner, then towel drying it before putting on a heat protection spray then I style as usual which it usually just blow drying my hair then straightening my hair,  after that I use a hair oil and obviously this time I used this oil. This oil has a nice pleasant smell which actually reminded me of the aveda hair oil. I used about 3-4 pumps on my hair and it soaked into my hair very quickly without leaving it greasy or any left over on my hands.

I wouldn't go as far to say its the best hair oil in the world but it does the trick keeping my hair tamed and softer for longer. I applied this twice a day because I think it works better that way maintaining my hair. I would buy it again because it works really well for my hair especially with the fact my hair has been dyed many times.


  • Budget friendly
  • Can be used on wet or dry hair
  • Can be used anytime when needed
  • Has a  pleasant macadamia smell
  • Helps dry and damaged hair
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan/Vegetarian 
  • None, just wish the was a bigger bottle because my partner loves it too.

What are your favourite haircare products?

Thanks for reading ♥

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Lush Charity Pot Review

lush charity pot review
 Hi Lovelies 
Its sure starting to feel like autumn here in the uk at the moment, long gone are the nice sunny and warm days, they have now been replaced with rain, shorter days and cold weather. All year round I like to take care of my skin but even more so when the colder weather comes to the UK because when the colder weather comes here its not an it takes time thing it comes practically over night. My skincare routine changes a little bit once autumn/winter comes and I make sure I take care of my skin daily.

Lush has many skincare products to choose from and I love many skincare products from lush because lush is grantanted to be cruelty free and vegetarian or vegan. They have such a range to choose from that you can be in the shop for up to 30 minutes deciding what you want.

lush charity pot vegan
Also available in different sizes.
Cruelty Free

First Impressions 
First thing I noticed about this product was the name and the name basically means what this product is all about, a charity item. The charity pots donate all the money (minus taxes) to charity and the charities they donate to are different on different pots, the pot I got is for the international tibet network who are campaigning to end the human rights violations in tibet. I love lush for involved they are with charities they are a company that other companies should take note on.

I love the design on the tub and its easy to open and shut which is always a bonus for me. They have different sizes of this to choose from so they can be easy to travel with when on holiday. 

My thoughts 
This cream is very creamy and you don't need much product for you hands. It goes into the skin nicely and soaks in without feeling greasy. This cream is also a body cream and I have used this on my areas on my body that need the extra love and thats my knees, elbows and my feet and I can say they worked just as well on those areas as it did on my hands.

The smell was very nice and the scent is shea butter, rosewood oil, moringa oil and ylang ylang oil. The smell stays on your skin all day long and not only that it keeps your skin feeling soft too. 

I have nothing bad to say about this cream and it literally does what it says on the tin. Another bonus of this cream is that its self preserving seeing as its a mostly natural product.

lush charity pot review
Rating 10/10

All money goes to charity (minus tax)
Can be used on hands and body
Pleasant long lasting smell
Helps keep skin soft


What are your favourites from Lush?

Thanks for reading ♥ 

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The Body Shop Heavy-Duty Lip Care Review

Hi Lovelies 
'Winter is coming' as Ned Stark said in Game of Thrones! It really does feel like it now in the UK. sas its now autumn. In Autumn I like to change my skincare products to more heavy duty products because the colder weather does not do my skin any favours at all. When I was in my late teens I used no skincare products at all and my skin used to go red with the cold and my lips used to crack which was honestly horrible and sometimes quite painful too. My skincare regime has changed vastly over the years thankfully and I have found products that work well for me and the problems I had before are so much less now.

The Body Shop is one of my favourite shops at the moments because it has some amazing skincare products including the hemp hand protector cream which I just love and use most days. The hand cream was very thick and creamy and it honestly worked wonders on my hands, it keeps them soft and smelling gorgeous all day long. The hand cream is the main reason I wanted to try this Hemp lip balm.

the body shop heavy duty lip care review
Cruelty free 
Heavy duty hemp oil for dry skin
Gives natural looking sheen 

About the lip balm
It has a very simple design like any other lip balm that you might see on the market with a design that you would expect to see from the body shop. The design is very similar to the other hemp products in the body shop so it should be easy to find when shopping for it. 

This balm is made from community trade hemp seed oil from France and as you can tell by the name of the product its heavy duty and its especially for dry lips especially during the colder weather or for whenever you need it really. Hemp oil is infused with fatty acids.

My thoughts
I have used this product for most days which is usually at the start of the day and also at the end and I can say I love this lip balm. I was worried that it was going to have a horrible scent but I was wrong it is very pleasant and very mild and, the good thing about this too is that even if you get it in your mouth by accident it won't leave a horrible taste in your mouth.

I love the sheen it leaves on my lips after applying, its a great base for a lipstick or lipgloss. I am not sure if it makes a lipstick last longer but it helps apply it a lot more smoother then it would on bare lips. I have had no issues with dry lips and any sensitivity with this which is brilliant because my skin can be a bit sensitive at times. 

My partner likes to use this too and he agrees it has a nice pleasant scent which isn't over the top and leaves his lips feeling soft ( he gets dry lips  easily and this balm has helped so much).

the body shop heavy duty lip care review
I would have to give this lip balm 10/10 because its such a good product and I am sure my partner would agree with me about that too. This balm is non sticky and glides onto lips like a dream and soaks into the lips without feeling greasy but leaving a nice sheen.  I would recommend this to anyone looking for a heavy-duty lip balm for the autumn/winter months. 

What is you're favourite lip balm for the autumn/winter months?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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Lush Monsters' Ball Review

Lush Monsters' Ball Review
Hi Lovelies
I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I seriously can't believe it Monday again tomorrow 'boo!' Anyways forget about Monday Il tell you all a little bit about what happens on the weekend in my flat. On a weekend I love quiet nights in with a nice movie with popcorn and a nice hot cup of cocoa followed up by a Lush bath and thats exactly what I did this weekend with Lush Monsters' Ball. 

I got Monsters' Ball in my recent Halloween Haul! The Lush Halloween collection is absolutely amazing and it was hard to choose what products I wanted because they looked spooky and fun. Monsters' Ball was a very easy choice because I just think it looks so adorable with its one eye and its bright blue ears.
lush monster ball review
First Impressions
I just love how adorable this looks! it fits into the halloween collection perfectly seeing as its a little monster.  Its a light purple with bright blue ears with an eye in the middle which to me looks really cute. The smell before putting in the bath is very unique but quite a pleasant citrus smell. I had very high hopes before using this because of how bright it is and how pleasantly nice is smelt.

Bath Time 
Before I have a Lush bath bomb I always  make sure the bath is very warm because me and my partner like to stay in the bath quite a long time with it because they are usually very relaxing and its a great time to actually just talk to each other. Once the bath was to our liking we popped in Monsters' Ball and it started to fizz all over the bath and you could really smell the aromas from it which I can honestly say was gorgeous but I had no idea what it was, but never the less it was lovely. 

The bath was a mixture of blue and pink until it melted away which took around 5 minutes for it to completely melt and once it did it made the bath a nice dark purple which looked like space, it has to be one of the best looking bath products I have used from Lush and my partner agrees with me. 

lush monsters' ball in bath
My Thoughts 
We just loved Monsters' Ball and I am hoping it stays in the permanent range because the smell is nice and I looked on the Lush website and it said it is Lime Oil, Neroli Oil, Olibanum Oil and cocoa butter. It was very soothing on the skin and I could smell it on my skin till the next morning. 

I had big expectations for this and I can honestly say this was worth every penny and I would buy it again and even recommend it.


  • Its Halloween Themed (one of my favourite holidays)
  • Colourful design in the bath ( bright blue and pink)
  • Cruelty Free ( all things in Lush are)
  • Vegan 
    • Soothing and relaxing
  • Little bit on the expensive side at £4.25 but for me its nice treat.

Have you got anything from the Lush Halloween Range?

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The Handmade Burger Co | Glasgow

Hi Lovelies
This is a very long overdue post but I've finally got round to posting about my experience going to The Handmade Burger Co. I have heard lots of positive things about this place so its  been on my list of restaurants I have wanted to visit. When me and my partner we look for two things one being a place that offers a decent variety of vegetarian food and a place my partner will like too and he's a not vegetarian so he likes a lot of choices and as we are both muslim it has to have options too. 

The handmade burger co has many restaurants up and down the UK including the one I went too which was in Silverburn Glasgow. UK. They have a decent size menu including vegetarian and vegan options. They also have a kids menu which has 2 halal option and 1 vegan option. 

The Restaurant 
Me and my partner loved the design and the seating was comfortable with a decent amount of leg room too. The table was sturdy which is fab because Ive been to places before and the table keeps moving. The menus were very big and simple to read and I found what I wanted to order easily and so did my partner.

The service 
We didn't wait long for a table, the waiter took us over to our chairs with a friendly smile on his face handing us our menus. When we were ready to order my partner went to the till to pay and order the food and drinks and they came within him sitting down which I think is brilliant

The Food 
Me and my partner ordered the veg-mex burger because we both have a love of spicy food. We also ordered the sweet potato fries and rosemary salt seasoned chips. We waited for the food not longer then 15 minutes and as you can see by the pictures the food is displayed very nicely

As much as I want to say its the best burger I have had I can't, it was a nice burger but for the price it wasn't what I expected and it fell to bits far to easily and it could of done with a spicy burger sauce in it as it was a little bit too dry. The fries and the chips tasted lovely and overall we both enjoyed our meals and most likely would visit here again but would try something different next time.

Things I love

  • Lots of different burgers to choose from 
  • Many vegan, vegetarian options including desserts 
  • Friendly staff
  • Nice atmosphere 
  • Kids menu 

Have you been to The Handmade Burger Co? 

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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