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Lush Halloween Collection

Lush halloween collection
Hi Lovelies
The Halloween collection has finally landed at Lush and they have so many spooky products to choose from (most are bath bombs) In this post I will list them all and also tell you all about the products I chose. As you can tell by the above picture that I pretty much bought everything from the collection because I couldn't resist because it all looked amazing and seeing as Halloween is only next month this collection may not last too long, so I wanted to try the ones I liked the look of incase they don't become permanent. 

Little fact before I start the post .... this is the first time I've tried anything from the Halloween range even though I love Halloween and Lush.

What I bought 
  • Boo Bath Melt - £3.50 - This is shaped like a cute little ghost and the four key ingredients in this are cocoa butter, ginger oil, geranium oil and mimosa absolute. 
  • Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb - £4.25 - Love the name and love of this! its so darn adorable isn't it, I really don't want to use this haha. The four key ingredients in this are lime oil, neroli oil, olibanum oil and fair trade cocoa butter. 
  • Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb - £3.75 - I really love the look of this because it has all the colours of autumn in this leaf, Im sure this will make an amazing display in the bath. The 4 key ingredients in this are neroli oil, sandalwood oil, Japanese maple sap and bergamot oil.
  • Pumpkin Bath Bomb £3.95 - When I usually think of pumpkins during halloween they are usually scary but this one has a little smiley face which looks nice. The 2 ingredients in this one are pimento oil and vanilla absolute.
  • Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar £3.95 - Another pumpkin but this one is sparkly and in a bubble bar form. The lady at lush suggested I try it because its amazing so I thought I'd give it a whirl. The 3 key ingredients in this are juniper berry oil, lime oil and grapefruit oil.
Other products in the lush Halloween Collection 
  • Goth fairy shimmer bar 
  • Lord of the misrule bath bomb 
  • Fireside soap 
  • Magic wand soap 
  • Little Monster gift set 
  • Pumpkin Gift set 
  • It's Magic Gift set 
  • Moon phases knot-wrap
  • Eyeballs knot-wrap
  • Calarvera knot-wrap 

 I hope you all enjoyed this post, I am a big fan of Halloween and pretty much anything spooky so this collection in my eyes is perfect anyways just to let you all know that the Lush Christmas collection will be out this Saturday the 1st  of October! So excited to see whats out this year. 

 Have you bought anything in the Lush Halloween Collection?

Thanks for reading ♥
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Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb Review

Hi Lovelies
I know I post about Lush products products way to much but I can't help it, I just love everything about the shop since I first went in their a few years ago. I am sure Blackberry has been around for a while now but me and my partner have only just got round to using it last week. I have no idea why we didn't use it before because its such a gorgeous purple colour.

I got this in my last Lush haul with Green Bubbleroon and only used it a few days after that, I usually use one once a week but last week I felt like treat myself. 

On the website on Lush on where it describes this product it says Frankincense says relax and now I have that song stuck in my head!! 

lush blackberry review
First Impressions
Not impressed but also not disappointed, I know i sound like a right picky person but Lush do insist on making some amazing bath products like intergalic and sex bomb Im  just going to have those high expectations! I love how purple it is as purple is one of my favourite colours.

Bath Time 
I like to make sure my bath water is nice and warm before I ever put anything in the bath because Ive made the mistake before of putting it before hand and jumping into the bath only to be FREEZING! I jumped and was a little upset that I wasted a lush product haha. Any doodle onto this one, this fizzled away in the warm water and it looked like a ombre of purple which looked pretty cool I must admit.

It was melted in the water in under 5 minutes and it had a piece of paper inside it which said Boom! which is a bit of quirky little add to this. It kinda remind me of Looney Tunes episode. This has one of the amazing smells which are frankincense oil and bergamot oil.  

My Thoughts 
Honestly I don't know why I haven't tried this soon! its just lovely in so many ways, the smell is just gorgeous and it made my bath a gorgeous bright purple. My partner also enjoyed it a lot and described it as being unique. He also stayed in the bath an extra 10 minutes longer then me because he enjoyed it so much. 

Blackberry has 9 ingredients  that can all be found on the Lush website. 

~Smells gorgeous
~Sensitive skin
~Cruelty Free


Thanks for reading ♥ 

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Primark Candles Review

primark candle review
Hi Lovelies
I must admit I love candles but I usually only buy Yankee Candles because they have very rarely let me down. When I go to Primark  I am always tempted to get some of their candles but I was always a bit dubious of actually buying one because I love having my living room feeling warm and having a nice strong fragrance and I always had that thought in the back in my head that it wouldn't be as good, I know that sounds daft but for me an evening in with a nice smelling candle relax me so much. I went back to primark a few weeks ago and thought to myself why not just give it a go? you never bloody know you might just like them and you can try more brands rather then the same old same old.

Primark has a fair few candles to choose from and the prices start off at about £1 and I didn't see anything more then £5, correct me if I'm wrong on this. I got this jar candle for £3 and its called 'Road to Marrakesh' and its in a turquoise blue jar with a gorgeous gold pattern on it. I already have plans to reuse this jar once the candle has finished because  it looks gorgeous.
At the moment this candle is on my mantle piece and on the opposite side of it I have my simply sweet pea candle which is from the yankee candle home range. I have alternated on which I have used over the past few weeks because I like different scents everyday. This candle has a screw lid which reminds me of a candy jar, the wick is quite thick and the candle is white and has a sweet yet spicy scent when unlit 

I lit this candle once my children are asleep and I start blogging which is usually about 8.30, I did this every other day and it lit very easily. While blogging it was very nice to see this jar sitting on my mantle piece as it was glowing beautifully and after about 30 minutes I could really smell the candle and I can't tell you the exact fragrance but it was a little sweet with a bit of spice scent to me which was lovely and it surprised me how nice it smelled because it was on the same levels as my simply sweet pea candle which is from the home range made by Yankee Candle from ASDA.

Primark candles review

  • Affordable 
  • Lots of different fragrances 
  • They have nice designs
  • Pleasant scents
  • You can reuse the jars
  • Not as strong as the premium yankee candle but just as good as the home range of yankee candles.

Final Thoughts
I really wish I bought these candles sooner because they have so many designs and fragrances to choose from! They may not be as good as the premium yankee candles but they are still flipping brilliant all the same. I have used this candle about 5 times now and its just past the top part of the label which is great. I can't wait to try more of the candles especially as the jars look so nice too to make something else out of too.

Have you ever tried Primark Candles before? if so what is your favourite?

Thanks for reading ♥
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Lush Green Bubbleroon Review

Lush Green Bubbleroon review
Hi Lovelies 
As we enter Autumn I can't help but remember how amazing summer they was this year; I absolutely loved the sunny weather and the long lasting days with ice cream too cool down. As you all might know by now especially if you have seen my blog directory you will see how much lush products I have used over the years, they are one of my most used products. 

Green Bubbleroon was from my latest Lush haul a few weeks back and the reason I bought it was because I think it looks like a very nice shade of green and it had a nice citrusy smell to it too. I have recently found out that this will be discontinued soon so I'm glad I gave it a whirl before that,. I have looked on their website they do still have it at the moment. 

I don't know why this bubble bar kinda reminds me of the Grinch! what do you think?

Lush Green Review
First Impressions 
I love the way this looks, it almost reminds me of a ice cream sandwich but a green version! Its a nice bright shade of green with a little bit of  green lustre on top of it to give it a nice shimmer. Seeing as its stuck together like an in cream sandwich I have split it into two bits so I can use it for more then one bath, I have done this with so many bubble bars before because its much more money saving if you love lush products.

Bath Time 
With bubble bars I like to crush them under warm running water as I think they work better that way and create more bubbles so thats what I did with this one, this bubble bar is very soft and crumbled in the water easily and wasn't hard to do at all.

It melted in the water in under 5 minutes and it had a delicate smell of lime, the bubbles were not amazing and I was expecting a bit more seeing as it was a bubble bar and bubble bars I have tried before had way more bubbles than this one did.  It also made my bath into a light green shade. The citrus smell was ok and I stayed in the bath for 10 minutes. It was fine on my sensitive skin and left my skin soft after I dried myself after the bath

My Thoughts 
I usually have a bath with my partner but this time I had it on my own so todays thoughts are just by me. As much as I want to love this bubble bar I can't say I actually do unfortunately, it wasn't the strongest scented bubble bar I have tried and it didn't make my bath anywhere as green  as the actual bubble bar was, so slight disappointed with it to be honest. I think seeing as I have tried so many products now I have high expectations of each product seeing as they aren't cheap to buy.

This bubble bar contains lime oil, Juniperberry oil, extra virgin coconut oil and fair trade shea butter. It has 23 ingredients which can be found on the Lush website.

~Delicate scent if you don't like overpowering smells
~ Can be used more then once
~ Soft on skin
~ Vegetarian
~ Cruelty Free

~ Personally I think its a little expensive

Green Bubbleroon - £3.95

What are you favourite Bath Products? Have you been to Lush lately?
Thanks for reading ♥ 
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Book Haul #1

Hi Lovelies
Lately I've been a big charity shop fan and one of biggest reasons I love to shop in them apart from the clothes is the choice of books they have. Most of the time when I buy books in charity shops they have been unread and those books cost like between £10-£20 brand new, its a massive saving for me because most of the time they are priced between £1 and £2.99  

These are some of the books I have got over the past month or so, I also go the game of thrones first book. Most of the books in my haul is Jackie Collins books because I do love a good romance novel.
book haul uk blog
Jackie Collins - The Power Trip
Described as being a sexy sun-drenched thriller set  on a state of the art yacht off the coast of Cabo San Lucas. Things turn sour when a cast of power hungry elites find out they may not be as powerful as they thought. A review on this book said bin the 50 shades of grey- there are no better bedroom scenes then a Jackie collins book. I am looking forward to reading this as its one of Jackie Collins latest books and the reviews sound very promising.

Jackie Collins - Thrill
I have recently started to read this book and I'm addicted to it already! This a book is high suspense with deadly obsessions and relentless desires of a film actress. I must admit seeing as I've read a bit of it already its quite saucy but has some twists in it too. I love the way this book is designed with leopard print and little cats on every page.

Jackie Collins - Deadly Embrace
This books is a prequel and sequel of another book she wrote which is one of her best sellers called Lethal Seduction ( I have yet to find that one so I will read this book after I find that and read that first which I hope will be soon) This book is about passion and suspense which sounds like a very good read indeed

Jackie Collins Hollywood Kids
Jackie brings us back to hollywood hills in another hard to put down book of sex, ambition and revenge, after thrill then this is going to be the next book I am going to read. I just love the design of this book as its bright pink with glossy blue writing on it.

Michael Jackson Life of a Legend 
I have been a Michael Jackson fan for as long as I can remember and I like to collect Michael Jackson memorabilia. This book has lots of life of him and has some pretty impressive pictures in it too, I can't believe it only cost me £1!

What books have you bought/read lately?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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Fitness Journal Week Three

Hi Lovelies
I can't believe I am on week three of my fitness journal, I am super proud of myself for keeping it up and doing better every week. I think I did well for the goals I set myself in my week twos fitness journal post and hopefully this trend will continue with in the future too. 

Like I said last week I went on the scales to see where I am and from the last time I checked I lost 1 pound I know its nothing major but its still something. The scales will be hidden now until after New Year as to me numbers on a scale mean nothing. As you can tell by my top photo my weight goes to my thighs, butt and arms. I am fine with that I just want to tone my body up more and would be happy to stay the same clothes size but just toning my body up. My waist is small and always has been but I am very happy with the way it looks.
healthy eating
Food Diary 
Ive had some days when I ate some junk food but most of the days I ate more healthy choices but the main thing I am learning is moderation. I have not eaten chocolate for 3 weeks now and usually sub it for a cereal bar, but I will eat chocolate once a month as a treat because I just love chocolate.

I am also using nutribuddy as a protein snack for when I come back from the gym ( I shall write more about it in a future blog post) I have tried it with milk and water and think it tastes best with water. 

Fitness Diary 
I have went to the gym 4 days this week which is fab and most days I have hit my target of 10,000 steps! I did no weights this week as I have a small problem I need checking out with the doctors so I am waiting for the outcome of that. Instead of the weights I did cardio and burnt around 200 calories.

I know 1 pound weight loss isn't massive but it doesn't mean I don't work hard at fitness, when I am at the gym I put 100% in and make sure I sweat. I am getting better at cardio then I was nearly a month ago and to me thats an achievement in itself.
Favourite gym songs this week
Michael Jackson - Don't stop till you get enough
Lipps Inc - Funky Town
Amid Stewart - Knock on wood
LMFAO - Sexy and I know it

Goals for this week

  • Keep going and keep motivated
  • Eat less junk and try keep it to one day of the week
  • go to the gym at least 3 times
  • do 10,000 steps daily  

Thanks for reading ♥
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Lush Razzle Dazzle Review

Lush Razzle Dazzle bath oil Review
Hi Lovelies
I hope you have all had a wonderful week and are now enjoying the weekend, for this week has been brilliant, I have been walking the kids to school, going to the gym and treated myself to a few bits in the body shop for an Eid gift. I have tried so many lush things lately but I haven't had the time to post about them as fast as I would like but over the next few days fingers crossed they will be all the posts about the products from lush I have used over the past 2 weeks.

Lush Razzle Dazzle is a tiny hot pink shade bath ball, its so much smaller then other bath bombs in the range but saying that its a completely different product altogether. Its priced at £2 which I know sounds a bit steep seeing as its only a small product.

Anyone else keep breaking out in song and dance with the name of this product? 
'Give 'em the old razzle dazzle
Razzle Dazzle 'em 
Give 'em an act with lots of flash in it 
and the reaction will be passionate 
Give 'em the old Hocus Pocus 
Bead and feather 'em 
How can they see with sequins in their eyes'

lush dazzle dazzle in the bath
First impressions 
Sometimes first impressions mean everything, I must admit I nearly didn't buy this because as soon as I picked it up it was melting a little bit in my fingers which was a little off putting but I could smell how beautiful it smelt and it had glitter on it too which made me decide to buy it.

Bath Time 
Lush wrapped this in tissue paper to keep it from melting anymore and it worked a charm. I put this in a bath of hot-ish water and as soon as it was in the water it started to melt and make my bath into a nice dusky pink shade. 
After about 5 minutes the whole thing melted and left a rather cool lava lamp effect in my bath which I now know why its called a bath oil. I really didn't want to spoil the design so I waited till I got in the bath to mix it all up and once I did that it blended into the water beautifully. 
The smell of this was very nice and was a bergamot oil and violet leaf, the violet leaf was the most strongest smell in this which was nice as violet is one of my favourite scents.

Our Thoughts 
Every time I have a Lush bath I usually go in with my husband as its a great way to relax and then my he can enjoy lush products too because he likes them too. I just loved the scent of this bath and how nice and pink it made the bath. Even though its only a small product I think it was worth the money because it was soothing on my skin and left my skin soft after a bath.

My partners thoughts: I am the one who recommend this to Melissa as its something we hadn't tried before and I am so glad we bought it. I found this to be very nostalgic and reminded me of the 90s and lava lamps which I think is cool.

~Looks cool with its design in the bath
~Makes the water pink
~Smells gorgeous like violet 
~Leaves skin feeling soft
~Cruelty Free

~Melts a little bit as soon as its touched 
~Little on the expensive side 
Lush Razzle Dazzle
Lush Razzle Dazzle Bath Oil 20g - £2.00

I just love Lush products and I think I must shop in there at least once or twice a month, the list of products I have used keeps growing that being said I am so excited for the Halloween and Christmas collections to come in-store and online as one things for sure I will be getting my favourites from them very soon.

What are your favourite products from Lush?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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The Body Shop Haul

The Body Shop Haul
Hi Lovelies 
Its been ages since I last went to The Body Shop and I thought it was about time I treated myself to a few things and that opportunity to treat myself came around when it was Eid the other day. My lovely partner told me I could go to The Body Shop and choose what I wanted and I honestly was so excited and we ended up going that afternoon and thats when I chose these five products.

I've loved The Body Shop for as long as I can remember I can remember going uptown with my nana and we used to always go in and I used to love buying the strawberry soap. The Body Shop makes a variety of products such as skincare, beauty and home scents such as candles. Another great thing about The body shop is that they are cruelty free. 

The Body shop haul uk
Following on from how much I loved hemp hand protector I really wanted to try this to give a try. This is described as being a heavy duty lip care and I thought it would be a good thing to try seeing as its nearly autumn and before we know it winter will be here, so I want to prepare my lips for the cold and hopefully this will do the trick.

I bought this as they was a 3 for 2 offer on and I really liked the scent of Black musk so thought I would give this a whirl.

I have never tried perfume oils before but after looking at most of the perfumes in the shop I thought this one smelt the nicest and bought this one. I very rarely buy perfumes so this will go into my little collection very nicely.

the body shop haul
 I can't remember the last time I used a cleanser in my skincare regime so I thought it was about time I included one in my routine. This one is formulated for everyday use and to be gentle on blemished skin which is great for me so hopefully it works.

I have some blackheads on my lip that are a pain to get rid of and also some on my nose  so hopefully this will do the trick

Keep an eye out for future updates on these items on my blog and also on my social media which can be found at the bottom of this post and on my right hand side bar.  

What are your favourite The Body Shop products?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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Early Autumn Lush Haul

Hi Lovelies 
I know it seems like five minutes ago from my last lush haul, but I just couldn't resist going into Lush again and I think the biggest thing that draws me and my partner to lush is the smell of the shop and the way they display the products. This will be my last haul unil the new Halloween and Christmas collections come into the store.

Every time we go to lush we always like to try different products hoping to find some new favourite products and most of the time when we try something we end up loving it and try it again in the future but this time when we went we actually tried some different products and here they are.
early autumn lush haul
 Razzle Dazzle - Bath Oil (£2.00)
This is one of the smallest bath products I have seen in lush and I've never tried a lush bath oil yet so I thought I would give this a whirl. This is a bright hot pink shade with little bits of sparkle on it and as soon as I picked it up a little bit of oil went on my fingers and you can see it on the lush tissue too.

This has a nice sweet smell and contains organic shea butter, violet leaf absolute, bergamot oil and one of my favourites organic cocoa butter.

Blackberry - Bath Bomb (£3.35)
Compared to razzle dazzle this one is massive! Blackberry is one of the very few bath products I haven't tried yet and thought why the heck now and put it in my basket to give a try. It has a simple design and is a light blue with bits of pink in it from what I can see.

This has a lovely smell of frankincense oil and bergamot oil.

Green - Bubbleroon (£3.95)
I just love the way this looks like a ice cream sandwich that I just had to buy it and try it for myself. I am going to be this twice seeing as it will be split in two pieces. Lush describe this as bringing back the summer as it smells like citrus.

Green is a gorgeous bright green and contains coconut oil, shea butter, junipberry and refreshing lime oil.
lush haul

What are your favourites from Lush 

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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My Fitness Journal Week Two

Hi Lovelies 
I am now on week two on my fitness journal and I have learnt so many things this week and I have so many plans for the upcoming week and from then on too. I have had a busy week and I must say now that I had way to many treats last week, I went out for food and maybe ate a little bit to much and some days Ive had way to many biscuits with my tea so I have wrote a meal plan for the upcoming week and hopefully fingers crossed it will help me out a bit to stay motivated.

I know I said I was hiding the scales last week but I think its important to weigh myself now and then again when I am 100% happy with my goals, I won't be going on them weekly as such just more like an every now and after kinda thing.

fitness journal week two
Food Diary
I have started to use sweet potatoes and including more fruit and veg in my diet and reduced the amount of carbs I have been eating. I also get the graze box for treats instead of buying chocolate and other snacks like that.

I love baking so I made some dairy free vegan chocolate orange cupcakes for my partners brothers birthday. I didn't have a full one but I shared one with my lovely partner.

Fitness Diary 
I went to the gym four times this week which I am super proud of! I am aiming to go around five times a week soon. I am lucky as my partner works afternoons and evenings so we like to go to the gym in the morning once we have taken the kids to school. My partner also is training to be a personal trainer so he's motivating me a lot in the gym to push myself and make myself sweat and wow its worked lots, I think its made such a difference.

I loved doing squats this week and it was a lot easier to carry this week and I even managed to put a little bit of weight on the 20 kg bar which I am super proud of.

dairy free cupcakes
Favourite Gym songs this week 
Ricky Martin - La Mordidita     
Sia - Cheap Thrills
Duck Sauce - NRG              
David Guetta - Hey Mama
Maroon 5 - Moves like jagger  
Jennifer Lopez - Papi

 Goals for the coming week 
  • I have made a meal plan for the upcoming week so fingers crossed that it goes well and most of all that I keep up with it and keep motivated.
  • Go to the gym at least three times this week
  • Go on a very long walk

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I have enjoyed posting and I will be keeping regular updates on my other social media so don't forget to follow me on them too. 

Thanks for reading ♥ 

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My Favourite Autumn Lipsticks

Hi Lovelies
I know they is still a week or two of summer left but with the weather the way it is at the moment with all the wind and rain it defiantly feels like Autumn and thats whats inspired me to do my favourite autumn lipsticks. For me autumn shades are like the leaves that fall from the tree and also warming like a toasty fire place after coming in from the rain.

For me autumn is one of my one of my favourite seasons because I love it when it gets cooler and putting the kettle on for making a large cup of coffee and putting my feet up reading a book with the heating on after a long day. 
In my autumn lipstick favourites I have chosen 6 gorgeous lipsticks and they are all cruelty free. I have a selection of mostly budget lipsticks and one premium.
autumn lipstick favourites
favourite autumn lipsticks names

Illamasqua Glamor Lipstick - Vampette (RRP £19.50)
This lipstick was a favourite of mine last year during the autumn and winter months  as its a beautiful deep berry shade in a smooth satin finish. I love the way this looks and in my opinion it looks very vampy a look which I just love. This lipstick has a nice delicate fragrance and lasts a good 3 hours before needing another application.

Kiko Milano - Plum 931 (RRP £3.90)
Kiko Milano is a brand I recently discovered in the early spring time and  ever since then I have bought a few products from the brand including this lovely purple lipstick. For me purple lipsticks look lovely all year round but I think this one looks amazing during autumn as it goes so well with autumn fashion. This lipstick has a delicate vanilla scent and lasted me 6 hours before needing another application.

autumn lipsticks swatch

Barry M Super Slick Lip Paint - Wine Not (RRP £4.99)
This lipstick is red wine shade and is formulated with vitamin E and shea butter and the combination of them both gives this lipstick a gorgeous satin shiny finish which is just gorgeous. I just love the packaging as its metallic and stands out nicely in my makeup drawer. The shade is very intense and looked amazing for me for a good 3 hours before needing another application. 

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick - Matte Coral (RRP £6.99)
As you can tell by the name this lipstick is a coral shade and looks like a nice mixture of pink and orange. Matte coral is matte and has a very intense colour. This lipstick being a matte I would recommend using a moisturiser on the lips first to help make the lipstick last longer. The lipstick packaging is nice and simple with the gosh name around the lipstick tube.Matte coral has very little scent and lasted me 5 hours before needing another application. 
favourite autumn lipsticks uk
Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick - Somewhere Out There (RRP £2.49)
This lipstick is from the iconic pro collection and I love them because they are so smooth and glide on the lips without leaving them feeling dry and also come in some beautiful bright shades too. This lipstick is a mixture of a bright red and orange and is the first lipstick I have tried that is orange and I just love it because it goes well with my autumn themed clothes. This lipstick has a delicate smell and lasted 4 hours before needing another application.

Sleek VIP Lipstick - Reserved ( RRP £5.50)
I just had to add this lipstick because I just think any favourites list needs a nude kinda shade and this delicate pink shade is my favourite at the moment.  This lipstick is a semi matte with a velvety finish and contains vitamin E, Shea butter and coconut oil which are all brilliant at moisturising the lips, so thats especially during the winter months when lips can become dry and cracked. This lipstick lasted me 4 hours before needing another application and doesn't have much of a scent at all

What are your favourite Autumn lipsticks?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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Yankee Candle Simply Sweet Pea Review

Hi Lovelies
When it comes to candles they are pretty much everywhere in my flat, I love displaying them even though I don't always use them all apart from the ones that are in my living room on my fire place. Candles are just fab all year round but I love them even more during the Autumn and Winter months because candles just warm up my living room and also make the place smell lovely too.  

I have my eyes open for Halloween themed and scented candles but until then I've been using this lovely bright pink home inspiration candle by yankee candle. They sell this range in ASDA and come in a few different fragrance such as this one which is called 'simply sweet pea'.

yankee candle sweet pea
These candles look a little bit different to other Yankee Candles but they are very well made. This candle is in a medium size and cost me an affordable £9, so its a little bit cheaper then the usual Yankee candle which costs around £18.99, so they is big savings to be had their.

Home Inspirations Yankee candle 
40-80 Hours burn time
Available  in Tesco and Asda ( could be more places too)

Original Yankee Candle
      65 - 90 Hours burn time 
original yankee candles they an be found in many more places such as online and shops up and down the country such as clintons and candle shops.

*Prices vary from place to place
Yankee Candle sweet pea review
 My Thoughts
I love the design of this jar and I think it looks very nice placed on top of my fire place, its a nice vibrant pink and has nice labelling thats designed just right as its not over the top, just enough info with a nice picture of sweet peas just like most Yankee Candles you see on the market.

As soon as I opened the lid of the candle the scent just flowed out beautifully and it had a nice delicate scent even before I lit the candle itself. The wick is very thick so I found it nice and simple to light quickly without a fuss.

Once lit it smells gorgeous and after about 20 minutes my whole living room smelt like sweet peas, the scent was very similar to the real sweet peas just a little  sweeter then the actual flowers ( my nana used to grow sweet peas and I remember going in her garden smelling them). I have my candles on for roughly 3 hours every night and the smell in the background while blogging or watching TV is very nice and for me makes my flat more homely.  I have used this candle for well over 20 hours in total now and the wax is just above the top of the label, so I think its great value for money and I am tempted to actually try more of the home inspiration yankee candles in the future.

yankee candle simply home sweet pea
I really like this candle and super happy that I bought it and I just love how sweet it smells and how much it made my flat smell like sweet peas. I think its very affordable and to be honest its made me think twice about buying the more expensive candles but with that being said I still like the original Yankee candles because they have more scents to choose from and I love it when  they have candles out for different holidays like Halloween and my personal favourite Christmas.

I hope you all enjoyed my post on this gorgeous candle, I have lots of other reviews on my Directory about other candles that I have tried over the past two years. I am on lots of social media so don't forget to follow me, the links are below and also on my right hand side bar.

Thanks for reading ♥ 

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My Fitness Journal Week One

Hi Lovelies
When it comes to health and fitness I would say I am pretty happy at how well I am doing so far this year and I will continue as always with my goals for the rest of 2016 and beyond! I am a curvy size 16 and I feel very fit and healthy and always try and do as much exercise as possible that fits well with my routine of being a mum and also writing on my blog.

I started 2016 with big weight loss goals but seeing as times gone on my goals have changed and I have realised numbers on the scale don't matter and being fit in other ways is more important. I have hidden my scales and now just have a fitness journal instead. I have a food diary to make sure I am getting what I need in my diet. I'm not going to lie I do have a the odd bit of junk food every now and again like some cake when I visit my mum or something.

plus size running
Food diary 
When it comes to food I have swapped a few foods to healthier alternatives such as rice, pasta and bread to the wholemeal versions as they have more fibre which  helps with foods digestion. 

I have also included more fruit and veg in my diet to help me keep fuller for longer and of course they have lots of health benefits too. My favourite fruits at the moment have to be spotty bananas and apples! they are so tasty :)

Fitness Diary 
Since the start of spring I have been jogging at least one a week (very soon I will be doing this 2-3 times a week because I enjoy it so much) Since I started jogging to now I have improved so much and can now jog for up to 20 minutes with some intervals of running too. Another thing I like to do when I jog is go for long walks, its great for cooling down and also for getting me 10,000 steps goals for the day .

Since the start of September I have joined the Gym and I am so glad I did because I have started weight training, at the moment my favourite thing to do is squats! they are hard to do at first but once you get your form right its fun, hopefully soon I will be able to squat with weights and when I do I am sure they will be photos on my blog about it.

healthy snacks
Goal of being a wrestler 
Ever since I was a child I have loved wrestling and have always admired the wrestlers because its hard work with so many shows a week and lots of travelling. Some of  my favourites of all time have to be The Rock, Roman Reigns and Eddie Guerrero.  But one that stuck out  the most for me had to be Chyna, I just loved the way she wrestled and it didn't matter if her opponents were male or female she was brilliant and was very professional. She has inspired me in a way to actually try and do my dream of being a wrestler myself.

I have always wanted to train to be a wrestler and I know I might not be the best in the world but I just want to try it because I know its something I would enjoy. I just need the confidence to do it and fingers crossed I will be training very soon.

fitness goals squats

I hope you all enjoyed this post, next Sunday they will be an update and so and so forth for the weeks, months ahead. I post a lot of updates on my my social media so follow below or on my right hand side panel for updates.

Melissa x

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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