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Yankee Candles Reviews // Candle Review

Hi Lovelies
Lets get this post under way by saying... I just love Yankee Candles! I have used far too many over the years but I couldn't care less about the numbers because I love them dearly and that's for a number of reasons, firstly: they make the house smell amazing and secondly the amount of fragrances they have to offer, if you got to any Yankee Candle retailer you will know what I mean! the candles are displayed beautifully and the smells just make you want to buy them all.

Seeing as I use Yankee Candles so often I have decided to do a blog series of Yankee Candles I have tried and as you guessed it, this is the first post of the series!

Tried and Tested

yankee candle sage and white tea
Sage and White Tea
This was a very delicately scented wax melts and after it melted in the wax burner you really could smell the sage and I found it very refreshing and quite earthy. I couldn't really smell the white tea but it was a very nice wax melt and I would buy it again in the future. This wax melt lasted nearly a week and being used for about 3-4 hours at a time.

yankee candle sea paradise

Sea Paradise
This was quite a strong smelling wax melt and you could almost smell it as soon as you put it on the wax burner! the scent reminded me of midsummers night and Kilimanjaro stars as it was a spicy scent with a bit of freshness in their. I used this one for about 7 days as the scent was long lasting and as before I burned it for about 3-4 hours at a time.

yankee candle tangerine and vanilla

Tangerine & Vanilla
This one crumbled as soon as I opened it and I only managed to save about half of it because the rest of it fell on the floor unfortunately. I was very surprised at how strong smelling this wax melt was because when the wax all melted in the wax burner you could smell the very fruity tangerine and the subtle vanilla in my whole flat and the smell was very refreshing and matches the lovely weather we are having at the moment. Seeing as I only had about half I cant say how long the whole wax melt would of lasted.

I hope you enjoyed this post because I sure enjoyed writing it, I will be posting more Yankee Candles in the near future because I practically use them daily.

What are you favourite Yankee Candles?
Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥
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  1. Oh I love Kilimanjaro Stars so I will definitely have to check out Sea Paradise as well. I love the different scents that all of the Yankee Candles have. Great review, will have to check out these other scents. I can imagine the tangerine and vanilla one was lovely too! - Tasha

  2. I really want to try that sage and white tea one! Great review lovely!

    Ella xx


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