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Urban Decay Haul and Makeup Look Review

urban decay haul
 Hi Lovelies
I have always loved Urban Decay makeup for as long as I can remember but with that being said its not a brand I have bought from very often, the main reason being is that its a premium brand and I usually like to save the pennies as much as possible. I have been wanting to try makeup again from urban decay for a while but decided just to get a foundation and ended up buying four products haha.

The main reason I wanted to get urban decay makeup was because I was going to an engagement party and I wanted to make sure the makeup lasted the whole day. So why urban decay? well I just love the brand and of course its one of the few cruelty free premium brands so it was just the right choice for me.

urban decay haul and makeup look
I had no idea which foundation to choose so I decided to go to silverburn shopping centre to make sure I got the right foundation and concealer to match my skin tone! I am so glad I did because the makeup artist working was so helpful and helped me choose the right makeup I needed. 

What I bought
Naked Skin Foundation in shade 2 - When it comes to a foundation the main things that matter to me are: does it last and can it do full coverage even with combination skin and with this one I was told it can do that so that's a big reason I chose this.

Naked Skin Concealer in light medium - I was in real need of a decent concealer and I think I found it in this! I have dark circles and this just covered them in an instant.

Beached Bronzer - I used to love blushes but lately I seem to be only getting myself bronzers the main reasons being is you can contour with them  and I think they look so much nicer in the spring and summer months.

All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray - I have heard many amazing things about this makeup setting spray, I may of only used it once but it worked wonders during that engagement party.

urban decay makeup look
My Makeup Look for the engagement party I went too.

Urban decay naked foundation
Urban Decay naked concealer
Urban Decay Beached Bronzer
The Balm Mary Lou Highlighter

Soap and Glory Supercat Liner
Barry M Lash Vegas
Eyelure false lashes in 102
Kiko white liner

Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake in Motto
MUA eyebrow

MAC Flat Out Fabulous

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  1. Looking good gal! That setting spray does work an absolute treat!

    1. Thank you :) Its amazing, I use it everyday now :)

  2. My wife is loving the Urban Decay range at the moment. I think i'll have to get her the Beached Bronzer she loves a good contour

    1. Urban Decay is a brilliant brand! Beached Bronzer is amazing, I love it already

  3. Urban decay is such an amazing brand, I went and bought loads of makeup from there before my prom including the all nighter spray because I knew it would help my makeup last!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  4. That bronzer looks so pretty :)

    Sophie x

  5. I've heard amazing things about the UD foundation and concealer, really want to try them but I have sooo many! Definitely need to pick up their new bronzer though, it's packaging is so so pretty x

    Tamz |

  6. I got the same setting spray and I have to say, you made a great choice, it is amazing and fully worth the money in my opinion. The concealer sounds great, too, I really want to try it! xx


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