Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Lush Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb Review

Lush Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb Review
Hi Lovelies
Its been nearly a week since my last blog post! I love blogging so taking nearly a week off was a very weird thing for me because most evenings I am writing a new blog post for you all. The reason I have been off is because we went to an family engagement and it was a big day and it was just lovely meeting everyone and seeing the engagement, love was in the air aww.

Anyways onto this post, this is about Lush Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb. This bath bomb is smaller then most of the bath bombs Lush has to offer and is quite affordable too at £1.95. It comes in a rather fun robot shape and is a lovely shade of blue.

Lush Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb Review
Cruelty Free
This bath bomb is suitable for all the family and has a relaxing scent of lavender, camomile and sandalwood. As soon as I put this in the bath it started to fizz away and melted within a minute. It made the bath a simple but nice pale blue and you could really smell the lovely lavender aroma. Although this bath bomb isn't as exciting as the other bath bombs I have tried before such as the experimenter and Intergaltic  but with that being said it was still enjoyable because it smelled so nice and was very relaxing.

What are your favourite products from Lush?
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