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Lifestyle | 50 Annoying Phrases That We Must Stop Using At Work

I may only work part time but its true they is so many annoying phrases that I have heard while working. A lot  of them don't always make sense or can even be very confusing in some ways they are said, but with that being said I may of even said them myself without even thinking.

Citrix GoToMeeting recently put a list together of 50 annoying phrases you hear at work and I am sure we have all heard of them at least once while at work. One I find annoying which is on the list is 'Thanks in Advance' as I prefer thanks afterwards haha.

  Which annoying phrases have you heard at work?

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PR Collaboration Post

Urban Decay All Nighter Review

urban decay all nighter review

Urban Decay has been my favourite premium brand since I started wearing makeup, all the products I have tried have worked very well for me and have yet to be disappointed in anything I have bought and fingers crossed it stays that way.

I have heard so many positive things from many bloggers about how amazing the Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray is so I really wanted to see how well it worked for me. For its first challenge it was to keep my my makeup flawless all day of an engagement party which lasted nearly 9 hours on a hot day, keep reading to see if its preferred  a makeup staying miracle for me.

Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray 118ml | £22
Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray
In the item its described as weightless and help keep makeup in place for up to 16 hours without fading or settling in fine lines. It also says its formula is suitable for all skin  types which is a relief for me as I have combination skin. Another thing it says is that it has patented temperature control technology, so with that being said it should last in wind, rain and sun. 

Application and Staying Power
I must admit it took me ages to eventually spray myself in the face with this! haha I kept worrying I was going to spray my eyes and not only that also the cold feel on my face was a little off-putting. Once I sprayed my face with two spritz it wasn't bad at all and I am sure I would actually get used to it through time and actually getting used to it in my makeup routine.

I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well this makeup setting spray worked! As I said at the start of the post, I wore this too an engagement party on a very hot day with lots of makeup spray on and even long after we came home my makeup still looked fresh.

I can't find anything bad to say about this spray as it worked wonders at keeping my makeup looking its best all day. It left no nasty smells and seeing as it had no oil in it, it really was weightless on my skin and I felt like I wasn't wearing it once it dried. It may be a bit on the expensive side but its  a rather large bottle and looks like something that is long lasting. 

Have you tried Urban Decay All Nighter before?
what are your favourite makeup setting products?

Melissa x

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Butter London Macbeth Liquid Lipstick Review

Butter London Macbeth liquid lipstick
I just love the brand Butter London, it has some amazing makeup such as lipsticks and nail lacquers
and my favourite things about them is the lovely selection of shades they have to offer and of course the quirky product names like this one 'Macbeth'

I really love this brand but finding it in the shops isn't always that easy, intact it can be a littler tricky to get hold of. I think I seen a counter in boots in town in Glasgow before. I found this lipstick in TKMax nearly a year ago. On the plus side of not always being on the high street, its available on the Butter London website and amazon.

Butter London Liquid Lipstick Macbeth | £14 
butter london liquid lipstick macbeth review
butter london macbeth swatch
I love any lip product so trying this one just had to be done! This liquid lipstick is an opaque pink coral shade. Application is very similar to a lipgloss but looks like a glossy lipstick, the formula benefits of shea butter and Vitamin E which are both moisturising. I love the packaging on this lipstick as you can see the lipstick shade perfectly and the writing is also written very clearly which I also like to see. They is a decent amount of product too which is 7.2ml

Application and how long it lasts
Applying this was very similar to applying a lipgloss with the shape of the applicator brush but with this the formula being a little bit thicker it was a little bit on the sticky side. Macbeth looks very nice opaque coral pink on the lips and one thing I love about it was how glossy it looks. 

This looked very nice once on but it can be a little sticky, it didn't last as
long as a lipstick but still lasted a respectable 3 hours before needing another application.

I really love how glossy this lipstick is, its a little bit sticky but still workable. I love the design that I just want to display it in my lipstick makeup drawers. I am not sure if I would buy another on of these but I am sure it would depend on what the shade was. 

Have you tried Butter London Cosmetics before?
Melissa x
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NYX stay matte but not flat foundation Review

NYX stay matte not flat foundation
Ever since a NYX counter came to Glasgow I have been treating myself to a few of their cosmetics. The first thing I thing I wanted to try was the lipsticks but this caught my eye when I was there so bought it to give a try seeing as I ran of my Illamasqua foundation.

Over the past few years NYX has been very popular in the UK and I have noticed they have also opened more counters up and down the country 'woohoo'.  Nyx is a cosmetics brand with lots of makeup from lipsticks, foundations and blushers. The brand is also super affordable including this foundation which was a purse friendly £6.

NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation | £6 
NYX stay matte not flat foundation swatch
I love matte foundations so this sounded like the perfect product for me, it also comes in 10 different shades and I chose ivory. This foundation is described as being oil free and water based, all those things are a big tick in what I want because I have combination skin. The packaging may not be amazing or out of the box but for the price of the foundation I am not complaining.

Application and how long it lasts
It was almost like water, almost runny so I would recommend applying it to the back of the hand first and using small amounts at a time on a foundation brush. Applying it to the skin was simple as it was almost like a cream, so you imagine it didn't take much blending too to make it look evenly applied.

Once my foundation was applied it lasted very well teamed up with my primer and makeup setting spray. I have some dry skin on my nose and just above my eyebrow and it was a little drying their but nothing major to complain at. 

I love this foundation and I usually wear it on days I just want to wear  a natural makeup look with lipstick, foundation, mascara and eyeliner. I love the fact its almost a cream texture, it makes applying foundation that extra bit easier for me. 

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Barry M Blueberry

Hi Lovelies
I have so many nail paints but I have hardly showed you most of them unfortunately, hopefully I will get to share more of them on my blog eventually. The biggest reasons I don't always blog about them are if I haven't worn them yet or I forget to take pictures for my blog and once I do remember they look too chipped to show on my blog haha!.

Anyways on todays post which is about Barry M's nail paint which is called 'Blueberry' which is part the gelly collection, the gelly collection has to be one of my favourite collections because its so shiny and long lasting.

barry m blueberry
Some quick facts about Barry M 
  • Its a cruelty free Brand - All the cosmetics from Barry M is cruelty free.
  • Lots of Vegan options - quite a lot of the cosmetics from Barry M are vegan, including all of the nail paints, 'happy dance'
  • Most of the products are under £10 - This is one of the biggest reasons I love to shop with them.
  • Amazing quality - The quality of a lot of the products is fab
Barry M Blueberry is an affordable £3.99! but your like me, I wait for when they are on offer like 3-2 or 2 for £6 haha.

barry m blueberry review
My Thoughts
I really like the bottles of the Barry m nail paints because its very easy to see what your buying and of course its labelled easy to see which of the nail paints it actually is 

As with all the Barry M applicator brushes I just love this one! it makes it so much easier to apply the nail paint to the nail in 3 easy strokes of the brush. The nail colour looked quite opaque with the one application but I am so used to applying 2 that I applied another to make sure it was 100% opaque. As much as I love this nail paint the one slight hiccup I have with this is that the formula is very thick and can be quite a challenge to use. 

I have worn this one for 4 days now and its only started to chip, so its decent lasting nail paint and the fact I didn't actually add a top coat to it ( I know I should haha).

What are your favourite products from Barry M?

Melissa x
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Dairy Free Strawberry Smoothie /// Recipe

Dairy free smoothie recipe
Hi Lovelies
If you have followed my journey on Instagram and blog so far you will see that I am on a weight loss journey and I am changing my diet for the better but with that being said I am still eating fulfilling foods at the same time. The way I am doing that is swapping crisps and chocolate for fruits, smoothies and nuts. Another thing is keeping an eye on portion control.

Now this brings me onto this smoothie recipe, I have made this recipe a few times and I thought it was delicious so I thought I would share it with you all.

dairy free strawberry smoothie recipe
What you will need
~ Smoothie/Blender maker

~ 1 ripe banana // 89 calories*
~ 8 Strawberries // 32 calories*
~ half a cup unsweetened Almond Milk (any milk will do) // 30 calories*
~half a cup of water // 0 calories
~ 2  Generous tablespoons of Koko Coconut Yogurt  // 79 calories*
~ 1 Teaspoon of Agave nectar (honey works well too) // 30 calories*
~ 1 Tablespoon of Flaxseed // 55 calories*

*this is only a rough estimate of calories

1. Slice the banana and strawberries and put them in the smoothie maker. Pour the almond milk, water then add the yogurt, agave nectar and  flaxseed.
2. Blend until smooth. Pour into a glass and enjoy :D

Total calories: 315*

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Lush Lava Lamp Review

Hi Lovelies
Long time no post! At the moment its Ramadan so my posts wont be as many as usual but I will try my very best to keep posting as I just love blogging and showing you all things I love and my view on things so keep an eye out for future posts.

Todays post is about yet another Lush product and its a very new product to add to their range and its called Lava Lamp and its a bright orange with vibrant purple spots bath bomb priced  and is priced at £3.95.
lush lava lamp
lush lava lamp bath bomb
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Tangerine Oil
  • Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter
  • Orange Oil Absolut

As you can tell by the ingredients 'Lava Lamp' smells very citrusy which I happen to just love! so before I even used it I thought I was onto a winner. This bath bomb also has 3 bright purple circles that kinda remind me of a surprised face, so to me that made this look quite quirky and little bit on the fun side. Another thing about this 70s inspired bath product is that its also vegan and Lush are against animal testing.

lush lava lamp bath bomb
lush lava lamp review
As soon as I put 'Lava Lamp' into the lovely and warm bath water it just burst with the most beautiful orange I have ever seen before and as soon as I let go of it, it just swirled all over my bath until it finally disappeard after about 2 minutes of fizzing around. Once it was all gone I was wondering why it was called lava lamp? and I need not of asked because the purple parts on the bath bomb formed into little dopples of purple that swirled around and  it looked like the bath turned into a lava lamp which I found looked very fun and added the fun factor of having a bath and with that being said its one of the reasons I love lush so much is their products are unique and different.

The gorgeous smell of orange and tangerine was just divine and I can honestly say when I was in the bath I wanted a terrys chocolate orange. The scent was much more intense once it was in the bath compared to the scent when its in the packaging. I really didn't want to get out because the smell was so beautiful and relaxing.

The lava lamp purple bits were a bit of a nuisance to get rid of once I finished my bath but it cleaned quite easily thankfully with a little bit of bathroom cleaner.

  • Smells amazing ( orange and tangerine)
  • Looks fun in the bath with it lava lamp effect
  • Nice and bright orange
  • Leaves a little bit of a mess on the bath after use

What are your favourite Lush products at the moment?
Melissa x

Thanks for reading ♥
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My Tsum Tsum Collection /// Lifestyle

tsum tsum
Hi Lovelies
If you asked me why I like tsum tsums I would have to be 100% honest with you and say I haven't the foggiest really but I do like Disney and I wanted to add something to my dressing table and that's why I decided to get these 3 tsum tsums. I never bought them all at once it been a gradual thing over a couple a few months but so far I only have 3 but I do have a mini wish list of what I want to add to add to my tsum tsum collection.

My Tsum Tsum Collection so far are as follows

The Cheshire Cat - Alice and Wonderland

Minnie Mouse

Sally - The Nightmare before Christmas

My Wish list
Marie - The Aristocats

Simba - The Lion King

Ursula - The Little Mermaid


Eeyore - Winnie the Pooh

Do you have any Tsum Tsums?
If yes please send me a link to your blog post about them :D

Thanks for reading ♥
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Yankee Candles Reviews // Candle Review

Hi Lovelies
Lets get this post under way by saying... I just love Yankee Candles! I have used far too many over the years but I couldn't care less about the numbers because I love them dearly and that's for a number of reasons, firstly: they make the house smell amazing and secondly the amount of fragrances they have to offer, if you got to any Yankee Candle retailer you will know what I mean! the candles are displayed beautifully and the smells just make you want to buy them all.

Seeing as I use Yankee Candles so often I have decided to do a blog series of Yankee Candles I have tried and as you guessed it, this is the first post of the series!

Tried and Tested

yankee candle sage and white tea
Sage and White Tea
This was a very delicately scented wax melts and after it melted in the wax burner you really could smell the sage and I found it very refreshing and quite earthy. I couldn't really smell the white tea but it was a very nice wax melt and I would buy it again in the future. This wax melt lasted nearly a week and being used for about 3-4 hours at a time.

yankee candle sea paradise

Sea Paradise
This was quite a strong smelling wax melt and you could almost smell it as soon as you put it on the wax burner! the scent reminded me of midsummers night and Kilimanjaro stars as it was a spicy scent with a bit of freshness in their. I used this one for about 7 days as the scent was long lasting and as before I burned it for about 3-4 hours at a time.

yankee candle tangerine and vanilla

Tangerine & Vanilla
This one crumbled as soon as I opened it and I only managed to save about half of it because the rest of it fell on the floor unfortunately. I was very surprised at how strong smelling this wax melt was because when the wax all melted in the wax burner you could smell the very fruity tangerine and the subtle vanilla in my whole flat and the smell was very refreshing and matches the lovely weather we are having at the moment. Seeing as I only had about half I cant say how long the whole wax melt would of lasted.

I hope you enjoyed this post because I sure enjoyed writing it, I will be posting more Yankee Candles in the near future because I practically use them daily.

What are you favourite Yankee Candles?
Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥
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Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Review

makeup revolution fortune favours the brave
Hi Lovelies
In my makeup collection they is usually a lot of two products, one being lipsticks and the other being eyeshadow palettes, I really don't know why I like them so much but when I see one I like I just have to have it in my collection, especially when its affordable and looks fabulous.

I have had the Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave eyeshadow palette on my wish list  for a while now with the biggest reason for me not getting it sooner was it was always sold out, I am so glad that I finally have it in my eyeshadow palette collection. The fabulous thing about this palette also is the fact it was a collab with beauty blogger - British Beauty Blogger.

makeup revolution fortune favours the brave shades
makeup revolution fortune favours the brave
First things first, how gorgeous does this palette look? I think it looks amazing especially with it being so affordable at £9.99 for 30 eyeshadows! I love how different all the eyeshadows looks and also the ones that look like planets. I love the design and even the brush that's included with this palette, it almost reminds me of the urban decay eyeshadow palettes.

I love how different this palette looks compared to the other makeup revolution palettes as it comes in a nice gold packaging and the shadows are displayed nicely in the pans.

In this palette they is a mixture of shades from navy, browns and sparkly colours. They also come in different finishes which are matte, shimmer and sheen. I really think this palette would be brilliant for a variety of different looks including everyday looks and evening.

I found the shades go perfectly onto the skin and are very easy to blend even without using a primer which is fab, so I can only imagine how well they would look combined with a eyeshadow primer. I love that it has a better quality brush in this palette. I still prefer using my real techniques brushes, I will keeping this one unused.  

Makeup Look created with Fortune Favours the Brave Palette
makeup revoltion fortunes favour the brave look
NYX foundation in ivory
Makeup Revolution Blushing hearts Blusher
The Balm Mary Lou

Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake in Motto

Makeup Revolution Fortunes Favour the Brave palette
Soap and Glory Supercat Liner
Barry M Lash Vegas

Illamasqua Starkers

Final Thoughts
I just love this palette and its a very welcome addition to my collection! I think this palette is very versatile and can be worn any day of the week. The shadows are super easy to blend and stay on all day regardless if you wear a shadow primer.

Thanks for reading ♥
Melissa x
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Urban Decay Haul and Makeup Look Review

urban decay haul
 Hi Lovelies
I have always loved Urban Decay makeup for as long as I can remember but with that being said its not a brand I have bought from very often, the main reason being is that its a premium brand and I usually like to save the pennies as much as possible. I have been wanting to try makeup again from urban decay for a while but decided just to get a foundation and ended up buying four products haha.

The main reason I wanted to get urban decay makeup was because I was going to an engagement party and I wanted to make sure the makeup lasted the whole day. So why urban decay? well I just love the brand and of course its one of the few cruelty free premium brands so it was just the right choice for me.

urban decay haul and makeup look
I had no idea which foundation to choose so I decided to go to silverburn shopping centre to make sure I got the right foundation and concealer to match my skin tone! I am so glad I did because the makeup artist working was so helpful and helped me choose the right makeup I needed. 

What I bought
Naked Skin Foundation in shade 2 - When it comes to a foundation the main things that matter to me are: does it last and can it do full coverage even with combination skin and with this one I was told it can do that so that's a big reason I chose this.

Naked Skin Concealer in light medium - I was in real need of a decent concealer and I think I found it in this! I have dark circles and this just covered them in an instant.

Beached Bronzer - I used to love blushes but lately I seem to be only getting myself bronzers the main reasons being is you can contour with them  and I think they look so much nicer in the spring and summer months.

All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray - I have heard many amazing things about this makeup setting spray, I may of only used it once but it worked wonders during that engagement party.

urban decay makeup look
My Makeup Look for the engagement party I went too.

Urban decay naked foundation
Urban Decay naked concealer
Urban Decay Beached Bronzer
The Balm Mary Lou Highlighter

Soap and Glory Supercat Liner
Barry M Lash Vegas
Eyelure false lashes in 102
Kiko white liner

Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake in Motto
MUA eyebrow

MAC Flat Out Fabulous

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Lush Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb Review

Lush Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb Review
Hi Lovelies
Its been nearly a week since my last blog post! I love blogging so taking nearly a week off was a very weird thing for me because most evenings I am writing a new blog post for you all. The reason I have been off is because we went to an family engagement and it was a big day and it was just lovely meeting everyone and seeing the engagement, love was in the air aww.

Anyways onto this post, this is about Lush Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb. This bath bomb is smaller then most of the bath bombs Lush has to offer and is quite affordable too at £1.95. It comes in a rather fun robot shape and is a lovely shade of blue.

Lush Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb Review
Cruelty Free
This bath bomb is suitable for all the family and has a relaxing scent of lavender, camomile and sandalwood. As soon as I put this in the bath it started to fizz away and melted within a minute. It made the bath a simple but nice pale blue and you could really smell the lovely lavender aroma. Although this bath bomb isn't as exciting as the other bath bombs I have tried before such as the experimenter and Intergaltic  but with that being said it was still enjoyable because it smelled so nice and was very relaxing.

What are your favourite products from Lush?
Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥
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