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Top 10 Lush Products

Out of all of my most featured blog posts I would say Lush are number one! I have many reasons but I will say a few of them. Reason one - The smell of the shop just draws me in, every time I go shopping and walk near a lush I can't help but step inside. Reason two- The variety of products, they is so much to choose from and I have tried loads but still nowhere near tried anything. Another reason is that its cruelty free and the products are clearly labelled with vegan/vegetarian and their ingredients.

I have used Lush products for a few years now and they have been on my blog since I started nearly two years ago so I thought now would be the perfect time to share with you all my top 10 favourite lush products ever. Believe me choosing was not easy as I have loved most lush products I have tried.

  • The Experimenter - This bath bomb has to be the most brightest and most beautiful I have ever tried from lush! it bursts into the most beautiful display of pink, blue and yellow as soon as its hits the water. I have bought this one a few times now because it looks so nice and smells like sweet vanilla.
  • Luxury Lush Pud - This was from the Christmas collection way back in 2014 but I still remember it very well because this had a beautiful shade of pink with bursts of green, blue and yellow and I can see why they called it lush pud because it reminds me of Christmas pudding. The smell was perfect for just before bed because it smelt like calming lavender.
  • Fizzbanger - I loved how bright yellow this looked before putting it in the bath and once I did put it in the bath it made it a bright yellow before revealing inside the bath bomb which was a bright blue, once those two mixed together it made my bath a super gorgeous bright green. While all that was happening it was popping with popping candy.
  • Intergalactic - The name really does go so well with this product because it was a pretty bright blue with random dots of pink, yellow and white, which reminded me a lot of space. As well as looking amazing the smell was so nice it smelt like fresh mint.
  • Rose Bombshell - This smells like roses and has the most beautiful surprise of rose petals in the middle of it too! Rose Bombshell makes the whole bath a lovely pastel pink with bright yellow rose petals, for me the touch of the rose petals makes this a more of a luxury.
  • Rehab - My hair can be a bit of nightmare because its so thick and from time to time it needs a bit of TLC because I have it bright red at the moment. This helps keep my hair from getting too tangley and has reduced the number of tats and made it easier for me to style.
  • Bubblegum Lip Scrub - I don't know how I managed without this scrub before because its made such a difference to my lips! I apply this before applying my lipstick with my finger and then I rub my lips together then lick it off and the results of that is super soft lips! Hence being so much easier to apply lipstick too. 
  • Flying Fox - This was the first ever Lush shower gel I tried and I instantly fell in love with it because It had a very unique old spice smell which was lovely. Its shame they no longer make it anymore.
  • Space Girl Ballistic - Another one of my favourites from Lush that's been discontinued! I loved the fact it was shaped like Saturn, that made it so much like its name and more fun. It had a very nice smell which I think was like parma violets. It wasn't the most exciting when it went in the bath but it did have popping candy but that and the smell made it a winner for me.
  • Don't Look at me - This a fresh face mask and is a bright blue! Its a fresh product so needs to be kept in the fridge.  Applying this to skin was very soothing and made me feel relaxed. After washing off it left my skin feeling pampered and a lot softer. Its the perfect treat for every now and again.

What are your favourite Lush Products ?

Melissa x

Thanks for reading ♥
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  1. I love Lush - my favourite products are their bath bombs - can't have a bath without one! x

  2. I love Lush (who doesn't, right?) - I love there hand cream and bath bombs. xx

  3. Rose Bombshell is definitely one of my favourites too, it smells amazing!



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