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Alrpo Go On Yogurts

alpro go on yogurts
Hi Lovelies
Eating healthier can be an uphill struggle with me sometimes but for some reason I find it relatively easier with Alpro because they have so many products available that are on healthier side such as the plant based milks and yogurts. These yogurts are new from Alpro and I only recently seen them while shopping in Tesco two weeks back.

In supermarkets finding plant based/ dairy free / vegan yogurts can be a bit on the boring side as the selection is relatively small compared to the dairy selection! I am so glad that I can now find an alternative in the shops now to add to my weekly shopping list.

Alpro go on yogurts contain calcium just like strained dairy yogurts and  also contain vitamin B12 and D. They are also high in protein and contain 5g of protein to 100g of yogurt which is quite impressive for a plant based yogurt! Like all the products I know from Alrpo they are 100% Vegan.

alrpo go on yogurts review

This yogurt has to be my most favourite yogurt I have ever tasted as it tastes just delicious! the yogurt is very thick and has a generous amount of fruit with bits of mango in it on the bottom. I really hope they do a multipack of this one as its just so nice!

Passion Fruit 
Just have to start with saying wow about this yogurt as with the mango it had a thick tasty yogurt and the fruit layer that tasted heavenly with tropical passion fruit!

Unfortunately even though I loved the texture and flavour of this yogurt I found the fruit layer a bit on the gritty side so I didn't enjoy It very much, which is a shame.

Even though I wasn't keen on the blackcurrant yogurt I am very happy I bought these yogurts and would recommend them. I have already bought 4 more of the mango flavour as honestly they are too good and its hard to believe they are healthy haha! I have my fingers crossed that Alpro will make a strawberry and a pineapple version of this yogurt.

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Melissa x
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  1. These sound really nice, especially the passion fruit! I'll keep an eye out for them in the Supermarket

  2. These sound lovely, I love mango - makes me feel summery! I'll add these to my 'healthy treats' list.


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