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Skinny Dip Angel Caticorn Case

Hi Lovelies
If they is a brand I always wanted to try it was defiantly skinny dip! Skinny Dip has a unique and fabulously designed phone cases, bags and other nice things too. I have to say I was always oohing and arghing whether or not to get anything because I am always trying to save the pennies and ending up getting a cheaper phone cover and that's when the story of my new caticorn phone cover comes in play...

skinny dip angel caticorn case
Well... that all changed until recently when I accidently dropped my phone on my floor, shattering the screen! argh my phone was unusable for over a week ( hence why I hardly had a chance to blog unfortunately as I use my phone a lot to keep up with everything).

Seeing as my phone case broke as well I decided to also get myself a new phone cover and I decided to get this fab Skinny Dip Angel Caticorn phone case as it reminds me of my cat Salem! I am a cat lady so this phone cover fits perfectly for me :D This case cost me £15 and has little googly eyes and came with a screen protector (hopefully no more broken phones again)

Hope you all loved this post and if you did I would appreciate if you followed me on my social media below. I love my new phone cover and I am tempted to get more skinny dip products so keep any eye out for future posts
Till next time
Melissa x
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  1. The cover looks great. I will check the brand out. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks :) it's a great brand, I like the bags they have too

  2. I literally just went to SkinnyDip to check out their phone cases, I had a phase where I really wanted one but forgot about it. They're just all so cute, I like the name caticorn haha!

    Sally - DiagonSally

    1. Haha I know, I do like the brand they are so unique :)

  3. This case is so cute! I really want to buy one of the Skinny Dip ones, they all look so pretty


  4. Such a lovely case! I love the googly eyes, they are very cute! :)

  5. £15 is so worth it, I need this case in my life so bad. I mean cat unicorns? I LOVE skinny dip! :) Love the blog too, now following you on BL too :)

  6. This case is so cool! I really should buy myself a cover, I drop my phone atleast once a day, so surprised I haven't smashed it yet.

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer


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