Saturday, 30 April 2016

Lush Sea Salt Spray Review

lush sea salt spray review
Hi Lovelies
If they is one thing I need help with it has to be my unruly hair! I love having bright hair but it can be quite damaging to hair so I like to use the most natural hair products as possible and for me personally Lush is the best place to go for natural products.

I usually style my hair with straighteners but after that I like to use a hair spray to give it some volume.  I have heard a lot about sea salt sprays so I thought I would give Lush Sea Salt spray a whirl.

lush sea salt spray
After drying my hair as usual, I spray my hair with two sprays of this spray (my hair is a short bob) and it gives my hair lots more volume and it gives a nice hold which kinda reminds me of beach waves. The smell is very pleasant citrus smell that can be smelt all day. I love the fact only a small amount makes such a difference to my hair.

I personally found that spraying on scalp gives it a bit heavy feeling and a touch greasy and for me that doesn't work so well for me as I have quite a sensitive scalp. I would recommend just spraying an inch or two away from the scalp and styling as usual. Brushing out is easy too and doesn't leave hair feeling much different.

( RRP £9.95)

Have you tried anything from the lush hair care range?
What are your favourites?

Melissa x
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  1. I've been stripping my hair recently and I've found that LUSH products are the best for treating it and keeping it manageable. As I type this I've got the H'Suan Wen Sua hair mask in and this is a product from LUSH that I always come back to because it does wonders to my damaged hair

    Steph -

  2. Hi there, yup this is another brilliant Lush hair product I need to use. Love lush. xx

  3. I just got a sea salt spray from BedHead for review, love it! I have to wash my hair after using it but it is brilliant.

  4. Sea salt sprays are my favourite for adding volume and texture to my hair! And Lush always do fab products x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink