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Lush Rehab Shampoo Review

Hi Lovelies
I love trying new products from Lush and for many years I have been shopping with them and believe it or not I have only started to use their shampoos and conditioners, I think it was about a month ago when I decided to get myself the Rehab shampoo and American cream conditioner to give a whirl and see how well they worked and seeing as me and my husband have being using them for over a month now we have a pretty good review for you all. My usual shampoo was not doing it for my poor scalp any more so giving this a whirl seemed the perfect idea.
lush rehab shampoo

I just love the packaging on this as its similar to all lush products. Lush has a plain but simple monochrome design which is on most lush products and that to me signifies lush. As well as a nice design they have everything you need to know written on the front and on the back of the label-Perfect! :D
One of my favourite things about lush is the smell of the products and this smells gorgeous with its blend of papaya, kiwi, mango and olive oil
Its a quite thin texture but very smooth. The texture is a lot thinner then any other shampoos I have tried but saying that it didn't put me off using it or believing in its power to work wonders on my hair.
£5.75 / 100ml - £31.50 / 1kg
lush rehab shampoo review

Application, washing and drying
I needed a lot less then I thought to get all of my hair lathered up and the smell was very pleasant and kind of reminded me of TGEL which is a nice strong shampoo that helps get rid of dandruff. This one is quite strong smelling but in a nice way and once its on the scalp its so soothing, I would go as far to say its relaxing, which is brilliant because in the shower I think its important to relax. Seeing as this product was quite thin I was wondering if it would lather much but my wonderings shouldn't of been their in the first place as it did quite an impressive lather and with that lather the smell of herbs and fruits intensified and wow it was wonderful.
I really wish I bought Rehab sooner as the smell is just divine and not only that it left my always irritated scalp feel so much nicer and no where as near as irritated as before, this shampoo has definitely became one of my favourites and will be a regular hair care product.

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  1. I love LUSH shampoos, but I've always gone for the shampoo bars in the past and have never branched out to their liquid ones. I now really really want to give this a whirl though - the scent sounds divine and my scalp could do with being less irritated too!

    Steph -

  2. this sounds really good, I'm looking for one to use after swimming and this might just do the job, thanks!


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