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Lush Fizzbanger Review

Lush Fizzbanger
Hi Lovelies
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I know I sure did as I went to a live WWE event in Glasgow for the first time ever and I just loved it and got to see one of my favourite wrestlers ROMAN REIGNS! Anyways I will soon be posting more about that on a later date on a future blog post so do keep an eye out for that post.
Lush Fizzbanger has been hidden well in my room for just over two weeks, I know it seems like such a long time to keep a lush bath bomb but I couldn't bring myself to use it straight away because it made my room smell gorgeous for that amount of time I had it. 

Lush Fizzbanger bath bomb
Fizzbanger is a bath bomb from Lush and it is a gorgeous bright yellow colour and has a plain design which my son says 'mummy it looks like Saturn' and I think he is very right it does. This cost me £3.50 and more info that's worth knowing is that its vegan and cruelty free.

Looking on the Lush website it describes Fizzbanger like being like a fireworks as its contains popping candy. I would very much agree its like fireworks because as soon as I put it in the bath it started to fizz away and it wasn't a fast melter, it took its time and gave a beautiful display of bright yellow and once the yellow went underneath was a bright blue which mixed with the yellow to create a gorgeous bright green shade. As all that was going on the fizzing was continuing and watching my bath fill up was very fascinating. Once the bath was filled and the bath bomb melting my bath was a super bright but exciting green and it reminded me of a witches brew.

The scent is just heaven with a combination of petitgrain oil, ylang ylang and cinnamon and for me it smells likeitrus and apples. On the Lush site it says it smells like apple pie and I totally agree as the sweet, citrus and not forgetting the cinnamon makes up similar smells. After my bath I smelt like the lovely citrus smell until the next morning which was fab.

This bath was very relaxing and I could of stayed in there for an hour if the water didn't go cold. Fizzbanger has ingriednts in it to help you relax and I couldn't agree more with that.

lush fizzbanger review

My Thoughts
I would 1 million percent buy this again in the future ( please lush don't discontinue this pretty please) smell was just gorgeous like the mix of citrus like sherbet dip and apple pie. The effect it made in the bath too was just fabulous, I am a sucker for nice design in the bath by lush products.

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Melissa x

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  1. I am obsessed with anything that has a citrus scent to it, so this beauty will be heading into my basket during my next Lush visit!

    Hilary | The Beauty Collective

    1. It's brilliant it's worth trying :) It's the perfect citrus scent

  2. Fizz banger is gorgeous! I love the lemon sherbet scent and the colour the bath turns after it's fizzed :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  3. Oooh I love Fizzbanger, it's been a while since I've picked it up. Thanks for reminding me:)

    corrie | corriearnold.co.uk

  4. I used to love bath bombs, this sounds so tempting !

    Rachael | www.simplyrayy.blogspot.com