Monday, 11 April 2016

Graze Box Review

One thing I love is snacks and I really can't deny that so deciding to get the Graze box  sounded  like the perfect choice as its a subscription snack box containing 4 different snacks, each delivery being different. The reason being for me to get these boxes is to snack healthier and to also to trying new foods too.
On the Graze website they is a few boxes to choose from such as the variety box which I have and some of the others are flapjack and bakery box.  The reason I chose the variety box is I thought it suited me best as they is over 100 snacks to choose from cakes, nuts and so much more - YUM!
A great thing I have to point out about these boxes is most of the snacks are vegetarian and quite a few of them are vegan too, choosing the option to get one of the two of these is so easy! I love how easy the website is to use, even I can use it and I am rubbish at working things out on websites - true story :D
graze box review


I could honestly say I have loved most I have tried so far! they mostly taste amazing and I defiantly have some favourites already, one being the lemon drizzle flapjack- omg its heaven! I am not saying all things in the box were brilliant, some of them I didn't like at all but that doesn't matter because you can bin them on the website which you don't want to try again.


This box is letter box friendly, so even if your not in this box can still be delivered. One thing I recognise now is the sound of this box being delivered! I run to the door haha


These boxes are £3.99 each and I think its an ok price to pay for 4 different snacks! when you subscribe for your first box they is usually a discount.
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  1. My first Graze box is due to arrive on Wednesday and I'm rather excited about it. I've always wanted to try a box but I never really got round to it. Quite glad to hear that the size of the boxes means it can be put through the letterbox as I always seem to miss deliveries!

    Raise The Waves

  2. HHeelllooo!! New reader/commentor here!!

    Love this review! I've had Graze in the past and loved them!! It's great finding new snacks to taste! I agree with you about the lemon drizzle flapjack that does sound incredible!! =)

    I look forward to more of these posts hun!!
    Love it!