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Lush Boxing Day Haul

Lush Boxing Day Haul
Hello everyone! I hope everyone has had an amazing Christmas holidays and you all got what you wanted and I have seen so many of your present and boxing day haul posts. I don't usually get anything for Christmas so I decided to treat myself on boxing day as its much more exciting for me as I love saving money especially on my favourite products such as Lush.

For me as a beauty addict I love shopping in Lush as everything is cruelty free and everything is vegetarian and quite a lot of their products are vegan too so its a win, win for a person who likes to buy cruelty free and is also a vegan.

Old Father Time // Soap 
 ( Sale Price - £1.75 per 100g)
I just love the name of this soap and the design is just fabulous too. Old Father Time has a fresh and earthy scent and really does have a scent that would nice all year round. I

Candy Mountain // Bubble Bar
Sold Out
I have bought this bubble bar so often because I love it so much as it smells like snow fairy and it creates so many bubbles but its out online but it may be sold out online but you could try and see if its available in your local lush store.

Cinders // Bath Bomb
( Sale Price - £1.48)
Cinders just reminds me of Cinderella! I really wanted to buy this for a while but  I managed to get it in the sale and luckily its still online too. Cinders has a nice surprise of popping candy and has a blend of almond and orange oil for a lovely festive scent.

Snow Fairy // Shower Gel
( Sale price - £1.98 for 100g)
This time last year this was sold out but luckily this is still online in some of the gift boxes and also in the 100g bottles . I managed to get two bottles to last me and hopefully they last me until February. Snow fairy is a very sweet smelling shower gel and smells like candy floss - just gorgeous.

 Fairy Dust // Dusting Powder
Sold Out
I just love Lush deodorant powders as they are more natural then the usual deodorants you find in store and of course this is cruelty free. This has a smell exactly like snow fairy and contains sprinkles! how gorgeous is that? This may be sold out online but it could be in store

Santa Baby // Lip Tint
Sold Out
I just love trying new products and have never tried lush lip tints before so I thought I would give this one a whirl. This smells very sweet like cherry cola and has a very nice red tint too.

Intergalactic // Bath Bomb
Sold Out
I have tried this before so just had to get another to treat myself with! I just love the peppermint smell this has and the lovely colourful effect in the bath.

Pepping Santa // Bubble Bar
Sold Out
I think what made me buy this mostly is I wanted to try it last year but it was sold out then so just had to have it this boxing day. This has a scent of cocoa butter.

I am very pleased with my haul I got in the Lush Boxing Day Sale but as you all know the shop can be very busy and looking for what you want maybe a challenge but it can also be a big help as I got stuff I wouldn't of normally tried but I am glad I did because I love the smell of them and the reviews online seem very positive! so all in all a very happy customer over here.

I know a lot on this list maybe sold out but it could be instore.

Did you buy anything in the Lush Sales?

Melissa x

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  1. I wish so badly there was a Lush shop near where I live! Nearest one is an hour away, their products always so intrigue me

  2. I didn't buy anything in the Lush sales, but I wish I did! You got some great products :)

    Telina | Love, Telina

  3. I love the Lush sale, you managed to grab some real bargains this year.

  4. I've heard that Lush do incredible lip scrubs and everything I go in, I walk straight back out because I just can't stop sneezing. The Snow Fairy is every blogger's favourite and I'm still yet to try it.

    Lovely post.

    Emma Louise xx

    1. Thanks :)
      The lip scrubs are brilliant

  5. I missed out on the Boxing Day sale and I'm so gutted! Completely forgot it was on.
    I've been dying to try the Snow Fairy dusting powder too! Cinders is such a lovely bath bomb

    Sophie x

    1. That's such a shame, I hope they bring something similar out soon :)

  6. I went into store on Boxing Day and did a huge haul, it was definitely worth it though because now I've got enough products to last me for a while! :) xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. Boxing Day lush sales are the best! I'm glad you found what you wanted :)

  7. Great haul!
    I'm gutted I didn't get anything now seeing everyones collection of bargains, I filled my basket a few times but kept getting errors and when it finally worked I'd lost my buzz for getting a bargain x

  8. I love Lush products, but who doesn't?


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