Saturday, 30 January 2016

Hurraw! Vanilla Bean Lip Balm Review

hurraw lip balms review
 Lipbalms are an absolute lip lifesaver as you could say for me no matter the time of year  because in the winter my lips become dry and cracked with the cold weather and the same thing happens in the warmer months, I always wear a lipbalm to combat this and this one is a new one from Hurraw I have been trying for over a month now and I'm so glad I got in in my latest Vegan Kind Beauty subscription box.

Hurraw Lip Balms come in 25 different flavours such as orange, almond and vanilla bean which is the one I got in my vegan kind beauty box. Hurraw! lip balms are made from  organic, vegan and raw ingredients. They are cruelty free and are also fairtrade.
hurraw lip balms review
For me finding a more natural lipstick can be a bit of an uphill struggle but funnily enough finding a natural lipbalm is even harder then that! But luckily enough Hurraw do a lovely natural selection of cruelty free and vegan lip balms in a variety of different scents such as vanilla, almond and many more.
Hurraw are made in the USA and they have a large selection premium organic and raw lipbalms. The vanilla bean is made from organic vanilla beans and they have tiny bits on vanilla seed in it too that you see in it every now and again, the lip balm has a nice delicate scent of vanilla.

I just love the design of this and its so simple to use. The smoothness on the lips is dreamy and I have used it on its own and before applying a lipstick and both ways have worked wonderfully. The balm is non sticky and non greasy and it has a very natural smell which is lovely. This balm is handbag friendly so its easy to take with you anywhere.

Price: $3.79 each
Loved: The natural smell and how smooth it left my lips.
Hated: nothing
Design: Loved the design! plain and simple but also effective
Available at:
What is everyone's favourite lip balm? 
 Melissa x
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  1. Ooo they sound amazing! need to give them a go, Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)


  2. I REALLY like that you added a flamingo for color to the photo 😂

  3. I've seen these online a lot and have wondered what they are like, so I'm glad to hear that you love them! Next time I make an iHerb order I'll be sure to pick one up now - I love the sound of the sleep one! Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  4. Wow! I'm a vegetarian and always in lookout for any vegan or vegetarian brands. Thanks for introducing this to me! Sounds yummy!!!

  5. I'm so bad at having lip balm in my bag and applying! This one looks really good though and sounds like it would smell amazing :)

    Hana | ♥

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