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Illamasqua Stagnate Nail Varnish Review

Illamasqua Stagnate
Hi Lovelies
I love blogging but at the moment I haven't blogged as much as I would like to as I have been sorting things out for Christmas with my family, so that has took so much of my time up as well as my usual mummy duties. I hopefully soon I would be able to find more time to post more as I just love it. Anyways lets get onto my nail polish that I am wearing this week which is illamasqua stagnate which is something that I have had in my makeup drawer for a while but just got round to using.
Stagnate Is a nail varnish I bought ages ago that I can't exactly remember when! I love the names of illamasqua nail varnishes and this name is just great as it matches its shade very well which is a grey mauve shade. I personally don't wearing wear dull nail varnishes as I like a bright nail varnish look but I decided for a nice subtle change this week.
Illamasqua Stagnate Review
Stagnate is a grey mauve shade in a glossy finish and this cost me £14.50 for a 15ml nail varnish. I know that the price is a little bit steep for a nail varnish but I fancied treating myself at the time and I really wanted to see what Illamasqua nail varnishes where like as I had never tried them ever before so I thought why not!
I really love the design of this bottle, I know it may looks super simple but for me simpler looking beauty items looks so much nice (unless its mac, jeffree star or limecrime :D) The brush is not much different from the Barry m nail varnish brushes so its a good size. It took 2 coats to get an even finish with this nail varnish to get an opaque look. It looks a little bit different from what it looks like on the Illamasqua website but I still love the way it looks and matches perfectly with the winter weather. I have worn stagnate for just under a week now and its only just started to chip so its a good long lasting nail varnish. The finish is just gorgeous and I was surprised how glossy it looked, the glossiness lasted just as long as the nail varnish and I didn't feel the need to add a top coat to this because it looked good enough without it.
 I really love Ilamasqua but I do think this product is a little overpriced seeing as Barry M nail paints are the same quality and cost so much less then this. Saying that I would buy more Illamasqua nail varnishes if they are on sale as the are fabulous.
Have your tried Illamasqua Nail Varnishes before?
Melissa x
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