Monday, 16 November 2015

Virgin Mary Cocktail Recipe

virgin mary mocktail recipe
 As Christmas the party season is coming I thought it would be a fab idea to start posting some fun and tasty alcohol-free options for people like myself or others who don't drink.

With so many cocktails out their a very popular one has to be the 'Bloody Mary', I have always wanted to try It so I decided to make my own version of it to make a 'Virgin Mary instead.  With so many variations online and in books I had some fun making my own variation up and I truly enjoyed it. 
virgin mary mocktail recipe
Makes 1 Mocktail
- 8 Ice Cubes
- Half a Glass of ice cold Appletiser
 -Half a glass V8 Vegetable Juice
 -Lime Juice
-A Pinch of Salt
-4 Drops of Tabasco sauce
 How to mix
-Squeeze half the lime in bottom on glass and put ice cubes on top of that
 -Pour V8 Vegetable juice to just under half way of the glass then add Appletiser to the top of the glass.
-Add a pinch of salt and the tabasco sauce and stir all the ingredients together with a straw or a teaspoon to make sure its all evenly mixed
 -To garnish put the other half of the lime into the glass and a celery stick onto the side of the glass or in the glass whichever you prefer

What is your favourite Cocktail/Mocktail?
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*Appletiser have gifted me a giftcard to make mocktails, all recipes are my own.

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