Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box

The Vegan Kind Beauty box
Hi Lovelies
As you all know my blog is based on everything cruelty free with mostly vegan products and I used to love getting beauty boxes but I had to stop ordering beauty boxes as most stuff in the boxes were not cruelty free never mind vegan. I was so glad when the vegan kind introduced a beauty box as I really love trying new beauty products as that way I find some amazing products that I normally wouldn't of tried .
As much as I love coconut oil I must admit I have so much of it already but this will be used eventually! I usually use coconut oil on my husbands and my hair as a  weekly treat and I think it works wonders on keeping my hair softer and the smell of coconuts is so gorgeous. Coconut oil can used for many things such as cooking and as a moisturiser.
2 years ago I don't think I had any makeup brushes at all and now I have about 20 and I can honestly say I want more brushes so I am happy to add this gorgeous vibrant brush to my collection. I just love the design of this brush with its pink handle and its blend of blue and purple brush. I am looking forward to using this.
I don't normally wear lipgloss but I do on occasions on top of my lipsticks to make them stand out more such as Christmas time or birthdays but apart from that they stay in my makeup drawer. I love the packaging and bottle design of this lip shine and its a lot bigger then other lip glosses so its good value for money.
Now you can never have too much hand cream and I am firm believer of that as I have quite a collection of them so getting this made me happy and I now carry with me everywhere I go. This hand cream smells gorgeous and very natural and the fact its a 3 in 1 cream makes a big winner in my books.
I really don't like complain but I can't help it when I get samples of shampoo I kind of expect the conditioner to try with it so I can see if I like the combination otherwise it kind of puts me off buying the product. The good thing about this though is that it smells nice and they have many cruelty free  hair products in their range.
Vegan Button Mirror
One of my favourite things in the box is the cute mirror! I love the design and it can fit easily in my handbag so while I am out and about I can share a positive vegan message.
This box has to be my favourite beauty box I have ever bought as everything is fabulous and everything will be used including the sample shampoo (My husband loves it) so its money well spent so I defiantly continue buying this box for cruelty free and vegan makeup. This months charity is Dr Hadwen Trust which is a non-animal medical research charity.
 The beauty box is £15 not including P&P for every 3 months so every year they is 4 boxes to try.
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What are your thoughts on November Beauty Box?
Thanks for reading ♥
Melissa x
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  1. What a lovely box, and it is always great to try new products. I think that every three months is so much more sensible than every month, as otherwise you just accumulate products and never finish them. I too adore coconut oil - usually used in smoothies and for frying onions!

  2. Great idea. I love that you were able to use everything in the box, and that it supports a charity too.