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Nip + Fab Kale Fix

nip and fab kale fix
I have been so excited to try nip + fab for ages as so many people have been raving about them. I am so lucky to have actually won the new Nip + Fab kale fix set . I just love looking after my skin and finding new products to try and hopefully love is one of my favourite tasks to do in my beauty book.
The Nip + Fab Kale fix set is a new collection which came out not so long ago and has 3 products in the range which are the kale fix moisturiser, Kale fix makeup remover pads and the kale fix clay mask and this collection comes to £35.00 altogether on  their website. I found out from the Nip + Fab website that their products are cruelty free and most products including these ones are actually vegan which is just fabulous.
My View on the products
Kale Fix Makeup Remover pads 
Where have these been all my life! these make such a difference to my makeup removal and I can honestly say they made taking my makeup off a breeze and that's saying something because I do tend to wear a lot of makeup and eyeliner. I love the smell of these as they has a nice refreshing smell and removing makeup is almost like a mini pamper session as its so soothing at removing. I wish these pads where a little larger then they would be perfect.
Kale Fix Moisturiser
The pump on my moisturiser wasn't working so after I opened it, the problem seemed to solve itself on this thankfully. Me and my husband use this every even  before bed as we both love the smell of this product and yes you have guessed it, it smells like the makeup remover pads. A little bit goes a long with this cream and I needed 3 pea sized amounts for full face coverage and neck and once on the skin it just sinks into the skin easily without any greasy feeling.
Kale Fix Clay Mask
I just love a clay mask as a weekly treat for me and my husband and we actually couldn't wait to use this mask.This mask is a lot thinner then other masks you would find on the market but I had high hopes and I am glad I did. We left it on our faces for 15 minutes ( the recommended time) and washed it off with warm water and I did notice my skin felt a little bit softer and had boosted my complexion which I loved too.
Would I repurchase ?
I just love all 3 of the products and I am super duper happy to have discovered this brilliant brand, I am looking forward to try more of their products from their skincare range.
Thanks for reading ♥
Melissa x
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  1. I like the idea of the make up remover, i wear a lot of eye makeup so I am always looking for new things to try x

  2. As soon as I read this I remembered how much I'd been wanting to try Nip + Fab out.. Totally adding things to my Christmas list as we speak!

    Steph -

  3. These Nip + Fab products sounds incredible! The clay mask is right up my street!!

  4. These sound fantastic!! Definitely going straight to the top of my shopping list - I need to try these out ASAP. I've been on the search of new skincare and these sound perfect. Great post x


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