Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Swarm

Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Swarm
 Now I know the name on this sounds a bit scary side as we all know what come in swarms - wasps and bees or even worse flies especially when we are having an ice cream during the summer!! But thankfully I am not talking about wasps or any other flying bugs I am talking about a fabulous nail varnish that I treated myself too on my birthday which happens to be called swarm.

Illamaqua Swarm is a black glitter nail polish in a clear gloss finish, I bought this as I have hardly any glitter or sparkly nail varnishes and you know you can't have to much sprinkles and glitter in your life. I applied this on top of my silver OPI nail varnish which is called 'turn on the haute light' which I got last year in my birchbox. This took only one coat and the glitter applied quite evenly across my nails and each nail looked like different design which I just love. Another thing that makes me super happy about swarm in that the glitter doesn't feel like grit on my nails, my nails are very smooth now with this on my nails.

This nail paint would suit any nail varnish in my opinion, I am very tempted to try it again with gold or red which I will update this post with. Swarm is available online or at illamasqua counters up and down the country.

Illamasqua Swarm (RRP £14.50)
Cruelty Free
What is your favourite sparkly nail varnish?
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  1. I haven't tried sparkly nail varnish yet, but this has definitely given me a push in the glittery direction. Will be on the look out for this! Thanks for the rec!

  2. oo don't think ive seen black glitter polish before? this is lovely and love illamasqua