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Tangle Angel Review

For me a good brush makes a big difference in my morning routine as my hair isn't the easiest to tame with just regular brushes at times as my hair is very thick and wavy and not just that my hair is quite long now too. I find quite a lot of brushes I have tried to tug and pull my hair to much so I decided to try something else to help tame my out of control hair and help me have gorgeous locks and that's where this brush comes in.
I decided to look for a new brush as I like to have a different variety of brushes and I do have the Tangle teezer who is a lot of beauty bloggers favourites but for me it did have a few downfalls which is a big reason I got this brush. I decided I needed a good strong and long lasting everyday brush so I decided to look in good old Glasgow town and after looking through superdrug and boots I decided to go to TK MAXX to see what choices they had in their and low and behold they was this beauty of a brush called the Tangle Angel. I am so glad I bought this brush because its been on my wish list for a while since I seen it on QVC.
tangle angel review
tangle angel classic
Tangle Angel Review
First things first! how gorgeous does this brush look? I think it looks fabulous and the great thing it comes in a variety of colours too but I chose black as I look gothic looking stuff.
I have had this brush since August now and its became one of my most used brushes now as the handle is easy to hold and its easy to brush my frizzy and wavy hair without much effort at all, the bristle's don't pull on my hair which is fabulous as I want as little damage on my hair as possible. This brush can also be used while styling hair while blow drying as the bristles are heat resistant. Another thing I love about this brush is that it has antibacterial additives which helps reduce the number of bacteria on your brush.
What I love about this brush
- This brush can stand up on a dressing table = I keep mine on my dressing table and I think it looks just gorgeous
- Its easy to clean = its easy to clean compared to so many brushes I have this I just grab and all hair on brush comes out.
- Its antibacterial = I am a super clean person so knowing my brush has the same mind set as me makes me happy.
- Easy to brush tangled hair =  I have had many a hairbrush disaster with brushes getting stuck in my hair but this one is brilliant gliding thankfully.
What is your favourite brush?
Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥
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  1. I love my tangle teezer. My hair gets really tangled and other brushes i can't use on it. I won't let any other brush near my hair now x

  2. This actually sounds amazing. I've never tried the tangle teezer and desperately need something like this. i love the fact that it's antibacterial, so pretty AND stands up on its own!

    Steph -

  3. I seen this brush (or one like this) years ago on ebay and was so taken by it then. I hate my tangle teezer as its a pain to hold onto with my super thick hair. Might have to add this to my wishlist for xmas :D

    Much Love,
    Umber of

  4. I love this brush! My hair always feels great when I have used it, I also have the tangle teezer Aqua splash one and it's fantastic! Really great brushes for what they do. Great post!


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