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The Importance of Cervical Screening - My experience

 Hi Lovelies
A few months ago I got a letter in the post from the NHS and it was a few months before my 25th birthday, the time when a woman usually gets a cervical screening. The idea of having a cervical screening did scare me a little bit even though I have had 3 children by c section the cervical screening was something I was not the most comfortable about having, even though I knew the importance of having one.

I have wrote this post to help others in my situation that I was in before and to not worry about having a cervical screening as they are there for a reason and you are not wasting anyone's time. I think a lot of people are worried about the cervical screening as they don't feel comfortable about the idea about it, I know it sounds a bit much to believe but it really isn't that bad.

I am no doctor and I am writing this post to help anyone who needs a little advice and to see my own personal experience on my cervical screening and its important to talk to your own GP if your worried or have questions about cervical screening

When should you get a cervical screening?
The cervical screening is for women 25-49 years every 3 years and for women 50-64 every 5 years. Your GP sends a letter out when your Cervical screening is due. If you think you need to see a GP before this time just tell them.
What does the Cervical screening look for?
The test looks for the HPV virus which can cause abnormal changes to the cervix. Most HPV is harmless but getting the test is their to spot any abnormal changes.

My Experience.
I decided to go to my appointment on my own as I thought it would be best that way and it was advice my own mum gave me as she did it on her own too. My husband dropped me off at our local doctors surgery and walking to the surgery I must admit I was a little bit on the nervous side but I plodded along to reception and sat down waiting for name to be called.
I didn't wait long for the nurse to call my name and went to the room where she asked me about my periods and if I bled in between periods in which I answered yes but I personally think its because I have the contraception implant and have done for 3 years in April.
I got asked to get changed and go onto the examination table behind a closed curtain for privacy and at this point I felt really nervous and a little bit silly at this point but the nurse was very assuring and it helped me relax and I got myself into a breathing rhythm for the actual cervical screening and to be honest it wasn't as bad as I thought and most of all it was NOT PAINFUL, a little bit uncomfortable but it wasn't something to be worried about .
The nurse said the first cervical screening is always the most hardest for a few people but once you actually have it you realise its not that bad at all, and the after that they are so much easier and I really think it will be easier for me in the future.
When I went back to my seat I asked the nurse a few questions about the test and she was very happy to answer them and assured me a lot. I got told my results would be back in 2-4 weeks time.

2 weeks after the cervical screening my results said my cervix was normal which fab news.

 My Advice
  • When your cervical screening letter comes though in the post make an appointment.
  • If you need support take a friend or family member.
  • Have questions ready for your nurse or doctor.
  • Don't be embarrassed they Is so many women all over the world having cervical screenings and they save lives.
 For more Information on Cervical Screening.
Thanks for reading ♥
Melissa x


  1. A great blog! I think its so important to encourage others to get screened!

  2. I've never gotten it yet! I'm too scared to do something like that and wait for the possible results,

  3. So great of you to write about this, I know some young woman are so scared of smears but it's better being safe :)
    Gillian xx EyelinerFlicks


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