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Outfit | Plaid top

plus size plaid top
plus size plaid top
 ( Top Primark , leggings George Asda, Unicorn Socks Asda and heals are from Matalan)
Hi Flamingos
I don't get new clothes very often as I can't always find things I like and I only buy stuff that I 100% like before I buy. Lately I decided to wear what I want and not care about my what size I am, I realised size is only a label and it really doesn't matter. I am 100% healthy and eat very well, I maybe larger then I was 3 years ago but as long as I feel good I know I look good too.
The outfit I chose was a new top I got from Primark recently with some old stuff I already had. It was my husbands brothers birthday as well and all the family where coming over so I wanted to be comfy and look smart at the same time and I really felt amazing and was nice having all the family over. I have been baking all weekend and making a birthday cake and just over 30 cupcakes.
Thanks for reading ♥

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  1. Oh wow, 30 cupcakes! Well done! I really like this outfit, it's stylish but comfortable. You're right not to worry about your size too, I think you look great :)


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