Friday, 18 September 2015

Lush The Experimenter

The Experimenter Bath Bomb Review

Hi Lovelies!
Is it me or lush keep bringing out the most amazing products? every month Lush keep brining out the most lovely products and its no wonder that I am so addicted to lush that I get hauls in their most weeks now and come out with a different product. The smell of Lush just draws me in and it doesn't take me long to choose what I want because everything is always  displayed beautifully.
In my most recent Lush Haul I bought The Experimenter which is a fabulously bright and wonderful looking bath bomb! The look of it kind of reminds me of the gob stopper in classic film from  the 70s 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' but without the worry about turning into a blueberry haha.
The Experiementer Bath Bomb Review
  Cruelty Free
The experimenter is a very nice but quite strong scented bath bomb and I can imagine it might not be to everyone's taste but for me its a very nice smell and its scent is a blend of vanilla absolute, Tonka absolute and Vetivert oil and for me the work wonderfully together.
Dropping this into a warm bath it went crazy in a burst of gorgeous colours and it fizzed with poppy candy to give the most amazing show for a good 5 minute's! it was like a mini film in a way as it went in many directions and the water changed colour all the time, after it fizzed away it left my bath in a bit of murky purple/dark grey shade which was a little disappointed compared to the pictures above and below but on the plus side of things it left the bath with loads of sparkles - my favourite.
The good thing about this is that it has the most amazing scent and its just as strong as it was when it was before the bath and left me and my husband smelling like the experimenter well into the next day. Another great thing is it left my skin nice and soft and left my bathroom smelling beautiful too.

The Experimenter bath bomb
Overall me and my husband loved this bath bomb and we really hope it stays in the range as it smells gorgeous and not only that it looks fantastic and gives an amazing rainbow effect in the bath too. I am sure I will be buying this again in future.
What is your favourite purchase from Lush?
Melissa x
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  1. It sounds (and looks!) like a lovely bath bomb. And I agree - Lush is the best! X

  2. LOVE LUSH!! this looks amazing! i love how it looks in the bath!

  3. I've had this multiple times before and I love it so much!! xxx

  4. I was in Lush yesterday but it was choice between the Experimeneter and Twilight. I wish I got them both now.Great images! xoxo

  5. I've been eye-ing this up everytime I go in! Looks so good.

    Kelly | Day Dreams & Daisy Chains ♥

  6. I have seen this bath bomb literally everywhere at the moment, I definitely need to give it a try and see what the hype is all about - the bath is so colourful and pretty hehe!

    Toni x