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Healthy Eating with Nairns

nairns oatcakes
Hi Lovelies
For me as a mum I find it very important to give my 3 children a healthy but varied diet and also trying new foods whenever possible and over the past few weeks I have introduced them to Nairns oat cakes, now I know you may think oat cakes are usually enjoyed with cheese and kids don't usually like oat cakes but Nairns kindly gave me a helpful recipe book to help make the most of healthy oatcakes.
A healthy choice for everyone
Oats are naturally a healthy choice as they are natural and are full of a combination of soluble and insoluble fibre to help digestion. Oats are also a brilliant start to the day as they are slow releasing carbohydrates which will help kids happier for a bit longer till snack and then lunch time.
I also got a box of Astro bites which is full of natural goodness of oats. These are a perfect snack option as they are wholegrain and are low in sugar. I gave these to my children for after lunch and they ate them happily and they are now waiting for me to buy another box.
The recipe book that nairns gave me had a nice variety of recipes such as healthy breakfast to simple lunches such as oat cakes with soup which my children loved and scrambled eggs and oat cakes which was a nice change for them at breakfast time. My son Dante really enjoys oatcakes with peanut butter and jam, they are now his favourite snack .
My favourite Oatcake Combinations and Ideas 
-Peanut or Almond butter 
- Chocolate spread
- Tomato Soup
- Scrambled egg
-Cheese spread
- Base of cheesecake
Why I Love Oatcakes
I am a big fan of oatcakes as I think they go perfectly with tomato soup especially in the colder months so they can be a brilliant alternative to bread and the good thing about nairns they have a big variety of different oatcakes to choose from including gluten free! and a big bonus is they are all suitable for vegetarians ( I think vegan too, check labels)
Do you like oats cakes? what is your favourite combination?
Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥


  1. I love the Nairns out-cakes, especially with peanut butter or cream cheese, they're just so moreish! - Tasha

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  3. I love the Narins chocolate chip biscuits, the ones wrapped in packets of 4. They're wheat-free, so a great option with my allergy. They're also completely addictive! I have to be very restrained to only eat one packet a day! Xx

    Tania |


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