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Barry M Pink Punch

Barry M Pink Punch Review
Hi Lovelies
For me Barry M nail polishes are second to none as the quality of them is just gorgeous and the range to choose from is literally just fabulous but not only them points this brand is cruelty free and offers a lot of vegan products too.
Pink Punch has a brilliant gelly effect formula and is very easy to apply as it has a decent size brush for applying the nail paint. It took me two applications to get 100% coverage but it did look good even with just one, the finish is just as the it says on the bottle, like a gelly effect which is very shiny and I would go as far to say it looks very professional.
The Gelly nail range is very good range of nail paints and very durable and long lasting and last a good 3 days without chipping.
The Barry M Gelly range is around £3.99 and are available online and in shops like boots and superdrug.
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Silent Sunday

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Lush Lust Perfume Review

Lush Lust Gorilla Perfume Review
Hi Lovelies!
I just love perfumes but I really have a hard finding perfumes that are cruelty free and ones that actually smell nice but recently I discovered Lush sell perfumes and they are called gorilla perfumes and they are all cruelty free and all are vegetarian or vegan.
Gorilla Perfumes have many fragrances in the range and they come in many different sizes as well and if you look in  a Lush shop the perfumes are displayed beautifully. They is solid perfumes to perfume sprays in various sizes and I eventually chose Lust in a small spray bottle which looks fab and it came with a very nice gorilla perfume box. The perfume was a decent price of £12.
Lush  Lust Perfume Review
After smelling most of the Gorilla perfumes in Lush I decided to choose Lust which is £12 for 10ml of perfume. This perfume is very beautiful and powerful floral perfume with notes of Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Vanilla and sandlewood and the mixture of all these beautiful scents is a very beautiful perfume which is long lasting, I put it on in the morning and I can still smell it on myself after a long day in the evening which is great as I have had perfumes that don't last nowhere near as long as this perfume.
I love the design of this perfume as its a bit of retro art in a glass bottle with a very nice and classic golden spray top and lid to give this perfume a professional look.
Lush Lust Vegan
Lush Gorilla Lust Ingredient's
DRF Alcohol, Perfume, Jasmine Absolute,Ylang Ylang Oil, Rose Absolute
Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, Sandalwood Oil, *Benzyl Alcohol,*Benzyl Salicylate
*Citral*Eugenol*Geraniol*Benzyl Benzoate*Citronellol*Farnesol
*Limonene*LinaloolFair Trade Vanilla Absolute
Lush Gorilla Lust Perfume is Vegan
Lush is Against Animal Testing
What is your favourite Perfume?
Melissa x
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Barry M Nail Paint Mustard

barry m nail paint mustard
Hi Lovelies
I hope you have all had a fabulous weekend! My husband had a rare day off on Saturday so we took the kids out to the park and went to silverburn to choose what my son wants for his birthday, seeing as he is 8 next week.
I just love Barry M products as they are a cruelty free brand and they aren't afraid to show that! not only that so many products in the Barry M range are Vegan and its easy to find out on their website which Is fabulous. In my collection of nail polishes I would say a good 80% are Barry M as I just love the quality and they have so much to choose from and not forgetting they are so affordable.
barry m mustard review
I have no idea why I actually choose Barry M Mustard as its not something I would usually wear as I am more into bright nails but I think its really the name that sold it to me as I love mustard, silly reason I know but hey I am sure we all have random buys at one point.
Barry M Mustard is from the gelly range and is a nice autumn yellow colour like the leaves when they fall in the Autumn. Applying this was like a dream and didn't take much effort and didn't make a mess either and I actually got a nice opaque look with only two coats. I didn't add a topcoat to this as I love the shine of it already and I find that Barry M nail Gelly's don't need a topcoat.
(RRP £3.99)
Cruelty Free
What is your favourite Autumn nail paint?
Melissa x
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Lush The Experimenter

The Experimenter Bath Bomb Review

Hi Lovelies!
Is it me or lush keep bringing out the most amazing products? every month Lush keep brining out the most lovely products and its no wonder that I am so addicted to lush that I get hauls in their most weeks now and come out with a different product. The smell of Lush just draws me in and it doesn't take me long to choose what I want because everything is always  displayed beautifully.
In my most recent Lush Haul I bought The Experimenter which is a fabulously bright and wonderful looking bath bomb! The look of it kind of reminds me of the gob stopper in classic film from  the 70s 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' but without the worry about turning into a blueberry haha.
The Experiementer Bath Bomb Review
  Cruelty Free
The experimenter is a very nice but quite strong scented bath bomb and I can imagine it might not be to everyone's taste but for me its a very nice smell and its scent is a blend of vanilla absolute, Tonka absolute and Vetivert oil and for me the work wonderfully together.
Dropping this into a warm bath it went crazy in a burst of gorgeous colours and it fizzed with poppy candy to give the most amazing show for a good 5 minute's! it was like a mini film in a way as it went in many directions and the water changed colour all the time, after it fizzed away it left my bath in a bit of murky purple/dark grey shade which was a little disappointed compared to the pictures above and below but on the plus side of things it left the bath with loads of sparkles - my favourite.
The good thing about this is that it has the most amazing scent and its just as strong as it was when it was before the bath and left me and my husband smelling like the experimenter well into the next day. Another great thing is it left my skin nice and soft and left my bathroom smelling beautiful too.

The Experimenter bath bomb
Overall me and my husband loved this bath bomb and we really hope it stays in the range as it smells gorgeous and not only that it looks fantastic and gives an amazing rainbow effect in the bath too. I am sure I will be buying this again in future.
What is your favourite purchase from Lush?
Melissa x
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Healthy Eating with Nairns

nairns oatcakes
Hi Lovelies
For me as a mum I find it very important to give my 3 children a healthy but varied diet and also trying new foods whenever possible and over the past few weeks I have introduced them to Nairns oat cakes, now I know you may think oat cakes are usually enjoyed with cheese and kids don't usually like oat cakes but Nairns kindly gave me a helpful recipe book to help make the most of healthy oatcakes.
A healthy choice for everyone
Oats are naturally a healthy choice as they are natural and are full of a combination of soluble and insoluble fibre to help digestion. Oats are also a brilliant start to the day as they are slow releasing carbohydrates which will help kids happier for a bit longer till snack and then lunch time.
I also got a box of Astro bites which is full of natural goodness of oats. These are a perfect snack option as they are wholegrain and are low in sugar. I gave these to my children for after lunch and they ate them happily and they are now waiting for me to buy another box.
The recipe book that nairns gave me had a nice variety of recipes such as healthy breakfast to simple lunches such as oat cakes with soup which my children loved and scrambled eggs and oat cakes which was a nice change for them at breakfast time. My son Dante really enjoys oatcakes with peanut butter and jam, they are now his favourite snack .
My favourite Oatcake Combinations and Ideas 
-Peanut or Almond butter 
- Chocolate spread
- Tomato Soup
- Scrambled egg
-Cheese spread
- Base of cheesecake
Why I Love Oatcakes
I am a big fan of oatcakes as I think they go perfectly with tomato soup especially in the colder months so they can be a brilliant alternative to bread and the good thing about nairns they have a big variety of different oatcakes to choose from including gluten free! and a big bonus is they are all suitable for vegetarians ( I think vegan too, check labels)
Do you like oats cakes? what is your favourite combination?
Melissa x
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Soap and Glory Hand Food

 Hi Lovelies!
Now that the summer is over I like to take that little bit of extra care with skincare regime and that means my hands too. I like to make sure that I have my hand creams to hand because if I don't use hand creams my hands end up really dry and even sore sometimes so I really like keeping my hands soft and smelling nice.
I have used Soap & Glory Hand Food for over 5 years now and it has never let me down in any season especially the winter. Hand Food comes in a large size and also a travel size which is perfect to carry around in your handbag at work or on holidays.
Soap & Glory Hand Food
RRP £5
 Cruelty Free
 Soap and Glory hand food has the most gorgeous fragrance of soap and glory's pink fragrance with marshmallow and macadamia oil and when applied to the skin it makes the skin feel instantly soft without any greasy feeling as it dries very quickly. I think this works wonderfully well if used in the morning and just before you go to bed at night as I don't if its this cream but my hands are very soft and I know it sounds silly but I get complimented on my hands from time to time.

My husband goes to the gym almost daily and does a lot of weight lifting and before using this his hands where very dry from the bar and lifting heavy weights but after using this its made such a difference to his hands, they are now a lot softer then before and I think over time will make a difference to his hands as he likes to take care of his skin too.

You can find Soap & Glory in stores for £5 at Boots online or in store.

What is your favourite Soap and Glory Product?
Melissa x
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The Vegan Kind September #23

 Hi Lovelies
I always look forward to receiving my monthly subscription box from the vegan kind and this month was no different. This months box has a brilliant mixture of hair, healthy foods and of course a nice and cheeky but healthy treat.

The vegan kind had some brilliant news and they were nominated for an  Vegfest award as the Best Vegan Service, I have already voted for them but you can vote for them over at and it will only take a few minutes and you can also vote for other vegan places too.
This months featured campaign of the month is TEEN VGN and 10p from every box sold in September will go to this charity. Teen VGN is a support network and support group for young people (aged 12-19) You can find out more about TEEN VGN on their website at
 Inside Septembers The Vegan Kind
Iced Tg Green Tea 330ml (RRP £1.39-£1.69)
We all know the benefits of green tea and how its very healthy and this drink is a blend of green tea, mandarin and Ginseng which is a very refreshing flavour especially when its been in the fridge for a little while. This drink is perfect for on the go and only contains 30 calories
Nom Salted Maple Popcorn 25g (RRP £1.49)
I am a big fan of popcorn no matter the flavour so I was super excited to see this in my box, this popcorn is salted maple flavour a  flavour I haven' tried before but I was pleasantly surprised how tasty it was. These popcorn are a bit different from other traditional popcorns as it has a key ingredient of coconut oil. They is three flavours to choose from Simply Salted, Salted Maple and Cinnamon maple.
Designed2Eat Fudge Brownie 100g (RRP £2.25)
I love brownies so I was very excited to see this in this months box, the difference between this and other brownies is that this is  Vegan and this is made with 100% natural ingredients and is healthy for you, what is better than that?  I found these taste very nice and the taste and texture of this reminds me a bit of nakd bars which are also vegan.
Faith in Nature Coconut Shampoo 400ml (RRP £5.50)
I am a big fan of faith in nature products and have used their shampoos for nearly a year now and they have the most amazing scents. This shampoo is coconut and it has a very nice natural scent and keeps hair moisture as well as keeping hair smelling like a beach holiday, which reminds me I need to go on holiday soon!
Creative Nature Heavenly Cacao 38g (RRP £1)
I just love creative nature bars as they taste gorgeous and make eating healthy so easy. This bar is a cold pressed raw flapjack with a tasty mix of dark chocolate and the fruity and very healthy goji berries and cranberries. Healthier snacking just got that much easier with these bars.
Nothing But Strawberry and Banana 10g (RRP £1.25)
These are just simply banana and strawberry that has been freeze dried so they are crispy and is equivalent to one of your 5 a day. I added these to my porridge and it tasted absolutely amazing and I am looking forward to trying more soon.
inSpiral Smokin' Coconut Pecks 25g (RRP 0.99p)
Unfortunately I am not a big fan of coconut products apart from coconut milk so I give these to my husband to try and he ate them as a snack while at work and he thought they tasted quite nice. These are coated in paprika sauce with a twist of lime.

The Vegan Kind is a monthly subscription box and is available on the website at for £10 plus P&P. They is a also a quarterly beauty box on the site too which has vegan and cruelty free beauty products.
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Melissa x

The Importance of Cervical Screening - My experience

 Hi Lovelies
A few months ago I got a letter in the post from the NHS and it was a few months before my 25th birthday, the time when a woman usually gets a cervical screening. The idea of having a cervical screening did scare me a little bit even though I have had 3 children by c section the cervical screening was something I was not the most comfortable about having, even though I knew the importance of having one.

I have wrote this post to help others in my situation that I was in before and to not worry about having a cervical screening as they are there for a reason and you are not wasting anyone's time. I think a lot of people are worried about the cervical screening as they don't feel comfortable about the idea about it, I know it sounds a bit much to believe but it really isn't that bad.

I am no doctor and I am writing this post to help anyone who needs a little advice and to see my own personal experience on my cervical screening and its important to talk to your own GP if your worried or have questions about cervical screening

When should you get a cervical screening?
The cervical screening is for women 25-49 years every 3 years and for women 50-64 every 5 years. Your GP sends a letter out when your Cervical screening is due. If you think you need to see a GP before this time just tell them.
What does the Cervical screening look for?
The test looks for the HPV virus which can cause abnormal changes to the cervix. Most HPV is harmless but getting the test is their to spot any abnormal changes.

My Experience.
I decided to go to my appointment on my own as I thought it would be best that way and it was advice my own mum gave me as she did it on her own too. My husband dropped me off at our local doctors surgery and walking to the surgery I must admit I was a little bit on the nervous side but I plodded along to reception and sat down waiting for name to be called.
I didn't wait long for the nurse to call my name and went to the room where she asked me about my periods and if I bled in between periods in which I answered yes but I personally think its because I have the contraception implant and have done for 3 years in April.
I got asked to get changed and go onto the examination table behind a closed curtain for privacy and at this point I felt really nervous and a little bit silly at this point but the nurse was very assuring and it helped me relax and I got myself into a breathing rhythm for the actual cervical screening and to be honest it wasn't as bad as I thought and most of all it was NOT PAINFUL, a little bit uncomfortable but it wasn't something to be worried about .
The nurse said the first cervical screening is always the most hardest for a few people but once you actually have it you realise its not that bad at all, and the after that they are so much easier and I really think it will be easier for me in the future.
When I went back to my seat I asked the nurse a few questions about the test and she was very happy to answer them and assured me a lot. I got told my results would be back in 2-4 weeks time.

2 weeks after the cervical screening my results said my cervix was normal which fab news.

 My Advice
  • When your cervical screening letter comes though in the post make an appointment.
  • If you need support take a friend or family member.
  • Have questions ready for your nurse or doctor.
  • Don't be embarrassed they Is so many women all over the world having cervical screenings and they save lives.
 For more Information on Cervical Screening.
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Melissa x

Lush Haul #2

lush haul
Hi Lovelies!
It may have not been that long ago since my last Lush haul but I just couldn't help myself going into lush and treating myself to a few products. I just love lush bath products as they are so relaxing and they smell amazing and the scent is so long lasting. I also wanted a cruelty free perfume so decided to try a Gorilla perfume.
I know lush can be a little bit on the expensive side but I do love their products and I share most of the products with my husband too so its money well spent if we both love the products.

I have also decided to give my Lush Hauls numbers now as its easier to see when I last bought and tried products :)
So what did I get this time you ask?
Here is what I bought :)
lush haul
Granny takes a dip - Bubble Bar (£3.65)
I just love the colour of this bubble bar its just like a neon rainbow its just perfect. I love bubble bars as they create so many bubbles and you can usually use them more then once if you break them in half. Granny takes a dip is a blend of Lemon oil, Black Pepper oil and Ginger oil.
The Experimenter  - Bath Bomb (£3.95)
I bought this just recently but decided to give it to someone for a birthday present but I decided I really wanted to try it so decided to buy it again for myself as it really does look amazing.
Gorilla Perfume Lust (£12.00)
I have never tried Gorilla Lush perfumes before so I am glad to have one in my collection finally. I just love collecting perfumes so I think I might eventually get them all as they looks gorgeous and as far as I know they smell lovely too. Lust is a blend of Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Rose and Vanilla. They is various sizes of this perfume.
Have you bought anything in Lush lately?
Melissa x
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Outfit | Plaid top

plus size plaid top
plus size plaid top
 ( Top Primark , leggings George Asda, Unicorn Socks Asda and heals are from Matalan)
Hi Flamingos
I don't get new clothes very often as I can't always find things I like and I only buy stuff that I 100% like before I buy. Lately I decided to wear what I want and not care about my what size I am, I realised size is only a label and it really doesn't matter. I am 100% healthy and eat very well, I maybe larger then I was 3 years ago but as long as I feel good I know I look good too.
The outfit I chose was a new top I got from Primark recently with some old stuff I already had. It was my husbands brothers birthday as well and all the family where coming over so I wanted to be comfy and look smart at the same time and I really felt amazing and was nice having all the family over. I have been baking all weekend and making a birthday cake and just over 30 cupcakes.
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August Beauty Favourites

Hi Lovelies
I know it sounds like I say this every month on every beauty favourites blog post but I really can't believe its September already, before we know it will be Christmas .. YAY!. For me August just flew by as it was the summer holidays for the kids and of course it was my 25th Birthday which was just amazing and loved every minute of it. I don't know about you all but August has been the fastest month of the year so far.
This months favourites are a bit different from the usual as I usually go for bright makeup eye shadow palettes and lipsticks but over august I went most of the month with more natural looks which surprised me a lot, but at the time it was easier and a little less time consuming seeing as it was the summer holidays.
So lets get to my August Beauty Favourites.....
This lipstick is from illamasqua's Glamore lipstick collection which a collection of nude lipsticks. Cherub is a gorgeous warm coral shade in a perfect for the summer weather satin finish. This lipstick has been used for most of August as its non drying and looks perfect with any look.
B. Flawless Foundation - (Cruelty Free & Vegan)
I am always looking for the perfect foundation but I do think they can vary from season to season and I think this one is perfect for the warmer months as its stays on the skin all day and doesn't look like its going to melt during a hot day too.
Bourjois Blusher Rose - Cruelty Free
This blusher is very nice light pink and isn't over dramatic. Its very easy to apply with a blush brush and didn't leave any fall out. Its long lasting and of course perfect for those more natural makeup look days. 
Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter - (Cruelty Free & Vegan)
No matter the time of year I always use a moisturiser, in the summer my skin needs more treats as the weather can be drying to the skin and using this body butter really helped keep my skin soft and smell amazing too. I love using this after a shower and it keeps my skin moisturisers for at least 24 hours.
Sleek Eye shadow Palette in Storm - ( Cruelty Free & Vegan)
I usually go for my too faced chocolate palette when I wear eye shadows but I rediscovered my old favourite my sleek eye shadow palette. Its similar to the too faced chocolate palette but a little bit more shimmery. I love how long these shadows last and they last all day too.
What is your August Beauty Favourites?
Melissa x
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Lush Intergalatic Review

Lush Intergalatic
Hi Lovelies
Its been a while since my last post as I had a mini blog break but I am now back again with loads of fresh blog posts planned for the upcoming days and weeks.
I have been a Lush addict for a few years now and I could honestly say I never walk past a Lush shop without buying something as you tell from my latest Lush Haul. Intergalactic caught my eye as its a gorgeous bright blue with a mixture of pink, green and white with a bit of sparkles too. 
Cruelty Free
The Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb is a very bright and beautiful bath bomb, it has the most gorgeous fragrance of peppermint oil with a blend of grapefruit oil, cedar wood oil and vetivert oil. I personally could only smell the peppermint oil but the smell is so amazing it didn't matter.
Putting this into the bath of running water, Intergalactic burst into a bright and spectacular scene as colours from the bath bomb went into every corner of the bath and I can see why they called it intergalactic as its like something you would expect to see in space with the bright array of colours and the sparkles and this also has a surprise as when the bath bomb is about to end popping candy starts to pop. I found this bath bomb the most fun yet  from lush yet as it was a brilliant 3 minutes watching it change from all those changes into a gorgeous bright blue bath, like something you would expect on a tropical sea on a beautiful holiday.
My skin felt super soft after the bath and I didn't feel the need to apply a moisturiser. I did notice I was so sparkly from the bath that I looked like a vampire from the twilight movie and so did my husband, its not ideal to have the sparkles left on skin but they aren't irrigating or anything like that.
My overall view
Overall I just love Intergalactic and I would love to buy it again because it looks amazing and smells so gorgeous, I really hope this stays in lush shops for a good while yet. I have no cons really with this but I would recommend after you have used this to wait until all the water has gone down the drain and rinse your bath afterwards as they will be sparkles left behind.
What is your favourite product/s from Lush?
Melissa x
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