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July Beauty Favourites

July Beauty Favourites
I can't believe its going to be August tomorrow, this year has truly gone so quickly its unbelievable really how fast its going. I am going to be 25 in under 2 weeks and I have a few ideas to do for my birthday, so some serious planning to do for my birthday but apart from that .. seriously the years go so quickly don't they. This months favourites are perfect choice for me and they are just right for the summer as they are very fruity.
Barry M Loudmouth in Tease ( Vegan / Cruelty Free )
I just love red lipsticks and don't they just look so classic? Most of my lipsticks are red and give me such a confidence boost. This lipstick is very glossy and perfect for the summer, its easy for carry in your handbag and applies effortlessly.
Soap & Glory Hand Food ( Vegan / Cruelty Free )
I just love soap and glory products I was tempted to put my top 5 products as all of the brand! they are just so gorgeous and tip top quality. Hand food is hand moisturiser I use all year round and it leaves my hands super soft and smelling like heaven, well maybe not heaven but gorgeous marshmallows! can't get better than that. 
Lush Vanilla Puff ( Vegan / Cruelty Free )
I am a big fan of lush vanilla puff as its a brilliant deodorant and natural. I use this as a skincare and a also as a deodorant. Lush dusting powders last me for ages and the last one I owned last me 11 months and that was with regular usage with me and my husband, they are the perfect deodorant and so affordable too.
The Body Shop Grapefruit Body Mist ( Vegetarian / Cruelty Free )
For me I just light and fresh fragrances and this body mist is perfect for that as its no over powering but its summery and long lasting. I use body mist to smell nice and I also use it on my cushions and on my duvet cover its perfect for multi tasking.
Batiste Dry Shampoo Oriental ( Vegan / Cruelty Free )
This has been a game changer for me this summer, I usually was my hair every other day and I use this between days and it keeps my hair looking amazing and smelling fresh like its been washed! so the perfect hair product for the summer months.
What are your July Favourites?
Thanks for reading ♥
Melissa x


  1. I like the sound of the lush vanilla head, I am a fan of lush.

  2. I would like to try that vanila puff but it think i read in your other post that it is discontinued :(
    The Color Palette

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Did you pick these because they are all a nice matchy matchy tone? ;) I need to try Vanilla Puff!
    Liquid Grain

  5. I didn't know batiste was vegan/cruelty free?! Wow!! I am deffo gonne have to get the pink grapefruit spray, and I've never tried much Barry M make up, but that looks good, and not too big a size! Might give it a go :) xo
    amber love

  6. If you like hand food, I really recommend you try out hand dream by soap and glory! Its a little bit more expensive but I think it works a ton better x

  7. Great selections! Love each bit! Batiste is my number one! Did you know they started a hairspray as well?

  8. I love that you've listed products that are vegan/vegetarian and cruelty free! Surprised that Batiste is both but good to know seeing as I'm addicted to the stuff.

  9. I love how you've shared products that are vegan/vegetarian! I will definitely have to try some of them out! x


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