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Yankee Candle Haul

Hi Lovelies
I may sound super boring but I always tend to buy Yankee Candle samplers or the small jars as I like having  a variety of scents in my home every daybut I do like like getting large jars on special occasions like Halloween or Christmas. I usually buy 6-8 candles a month and what scents I choose really depends on my mood and what season it is too, so at the moment I like summery scents and floral scents and that's why I chose the following candles.

Champaca Blossom - This candle has lightly fragranced floral scent and reminds me of blue skies and sitting in the garden with an iced tea. Its not over the top with a scent but has a refreshing smell which is delightful.

Pink Sands - I just love the name of this candles it sounds like a gorgeous exotic holiday abroad in the beautiful sun on the beach, I can dream right? haha. Pink sands is a beautiful mix of citrus,sweet florals and spicy vanilla

Fresh Cut Roses - I used to always do the gardening at my nana's house and she had so many roses so this candle reminds me of that. This candle is a very strong scent of beautiful English garden roses.

What is your favorite Yankee Candle ?

Thanks for reading ♥


  1. I haven't actually bought any yankee candles myself as they seem more pricey than my £1 ikea ones, which actually do smell gorgeous:p But I was given the passionfruit one which smelt so good, so I can imagine these smelling amazing :) x
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  2. I loooove the pink sands one it smells amazing! Deffo going to have to try the others now! I'm like you, I only buy the small ones as I like changing up the scents too much to justify buying the big jars! x

  3. I love a good yankee candle, I'm a sucker for the wax tarts they pop out nice and easily if I want to change scents! My fave is the cherry vanilla x

  4. I love Yankee Candles, although it's pricey but I reckon it's worth every penny!

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  5. oh i do love candles especially when its of the yankee variety

  6. I love yankee candles, my current favourite is a cranberry one at christmas. I always buy the smaller ones too but get the bigger jars for special occasions


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